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  1. Right the additions of kelly, champion and horton are big. The latest 6’5 center from duquesne is atheltic but most likely very raw and rusty. This is the new way college basketball works. They do desparately need a good center. Good players transfer up to mid major sometimes high major levels, players not getting minutes transfer down to the low level. This is how the landscape will be moving forward. Yes SBU got crushed on transfers, just the way it is going to be here on out.

  2. Its the new way of low division one basketball. Anyone who is decent looks to leave with a few exceptions, anyone at the mid major or high major level looking for more minutes moves down. I absolutely love what albany did so far taking advantage of the transfer rules. Definitely need at least one more big man though! Vermont will be down without anthony lamb too.

  3. Pretty sure Albany stopped recruitng the odell from schalmont hs when they realized he was a 4-5. As for Shafer, didnt show much and didnt get much of an opportunity, with the stacked backcourt he is low man on the poll coming in and would think he may look to move out just like desousa. If he left it would allow ua to get two more bigs. They need two more but with the amazing guards if we had to settle for one it is what it is at the low level division one schools. Not judging shafer but question how much playing time there will be at the 2-3 when you consider champion, healy, horton, kelly, rizzuto and hutch may slide over from the four.

  4. Lineup as it stands today, obviously lots to be decided and per Eli hanks will be back so hes on here along with shafer

    anderson,Horton, amica(could start if good preseason)

    Healey,  rizzuto, shafer

    Champion, kelly, 

    hutcheson, gates, transfer tba, lulka

    transfer tba ,  maybe lulka slides down, hanks


    I definitely think hutcheson will start no matter what, coaches have their favorites and browns is hutcheson. Was a nice get but had a very long leash last year, probably banking in him hitting more consistently this next year. Rizzuto will have stiff competition from kelly, champion, horton, anderson and amica for minutes- competitions a good problem for teams to have.





  5. So if its confirmed that shaffer and hanks are both playing basketball next year for albany that leaves the major need of at least one more athletic if possible big man, preferably two of them. The guard rotation is full and even hutcheson can play the stretch four in the low division one league games.  It will be good to have competition for playing time at the 1-4 spots first time in years.  Heres to hoping they land an athletic big!

  6. Seems like a good get for ua, need a few more bigs. Any update on if hanks is giving it another whirl this coming season?  


    Anderson, amica

    cj, healey rizzuto

    champion, hutcheson, shaffer

    hutcheson, lulka

    gates, then need two more centers



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  7. The reality is we shutdown to not overwhelm hospitals, its not a permanent solution and was never intended to be one. Life is not meant to be shutdown. If everyone was actually tested the death rate would be lower then 1% of contracted regardless of age etc. I personally think once it hits the public sectors livelihood and not just the private (which will take another month) then we will all realize that yes you cannot tell a human you cannot work and make an income. Regardless of what is going in war, death, etc you need to work and produce. The public sector employees mostly democratic will feel this on the tail end as there pensions are cut, jobs are cut, and pay is frozen as there will be no revenue to pay nys employees, teachers, unions and cops. Unlike the feds nys cannot produce there own income and it doesnt look like trump will be sending nys more anytime soon. Unfortunately we need to move forward smartly and wisely and do best we can to limit the spread, good news is we have to open back up it is simply not sustainable. There is risk in everything and hunkering down and living off government stimulus is far from an answer.

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  8. Lets be honest.. elephant in the room. 

    no expected vaccine, no mlb maybe no nfl, only solution for pro leagues is to quarantine players in say Lasvegas and have them play it out for a few months under strict quarantine. Any else think there will be no reason for college sports this year? Without vaccine no reason to risk lives on amatuer sports. The higher levels may be exposed as there is no way high major sports are “amatuer” as schools heavily get rich off them. With no vaccine I cant see college sports period. Still love the three new players UA has so far!

  9. Just read on verbal commits that cj kelley committed to albany, beat iona, rider, stony brook, canisus and niagara to name a few. This signals:


    Pg anderson, amica

    sg healey, rizzuto

    Sf cj kelley , jamel horton

    Stretch four - chuck champion, trey hutcheson

    center lulka, hank  DESPARATELY need two more athletic bigs, even if all they can do is rebound and make a layup. Love the depth of guard and stretch four spot. Champion- hutch will be undersized but outside of stony beook who lost half their team everyone plays small.








  10. I personally would rather see us get three more bigs then one more guard, that being said kelly was unbelievable in high school on long island, ultra talented, all meac rookie team as a frosh . Have to wonder if Brown would play either kelly , champion, or bulk up hutch at the four, go four guards one big. They desparately need an athletic big. Champion will be matchup nightmare for most america east teams, i think kelley has not committed yet and has character/grade questions? The guard depth is insane for low division one. Clearly over recruiting a lot of guys which we needed.

  11. I think wb will let horton and chuck champion go from the get go based on there talent and there is no reason to show loyalty to last years group. Any idea if sam shaffer is staying? He isnt in the top 3 at any position. Agreed team desparately needs two athletic bigs even if like vermonts all they can do is dunk and rebound, hank and lulka cannot play major minutes.

  12. For those who dont know much about champion hes a philly kid, was a lethal player at lasalle hs in philly, high expectations , averaged 11ppg as a soph and looks like around 10 as a junior. Hurt last year. Initial projection at loyola was hed be a star, while never making that he did have solid numbers soph and junior year. My guess is he will play the three, not a great shooter but hell of an athlete. Backcourt is loaded.

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