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  1. If healey was healthy maybe, but fast and clark equal turnover nightmares. Leaves the roster at: healey rizzuto jojo amica hutcheson run out or come back mandatory better hank lulka desousa out or graduated clark lauderdale hansen french shafer per brown they will add two veteran guards so that means they must be adding at least two more bigs to fill vacancies.
  2. Brown on radio today states they will sign another veteran point guard and maybe even another one, interesting. Def need two more bigs too. Also states the three and gun play will be no more, going back to rebounding and driving.
  3. All low level division ones are now dealing with grad transfer rule. As for keeping sophomores i am ok with it as long as desousa, hank and lulka are recruited over and have to prove themselves next year. They all seem like nice kids.
  4. I would definitely offer Brown one more year at least. Like i said, depending on his agent, hey other low level division one schools i have a coach whose 50 who has been to five ncaas as a head coach, no violations, anyone interested?
  5. We have four players who should be brought back, rizzuto, healey, hutch and jojo, throw in amica, the rest they can either improve or be over recruited. Desousa? Come on.. did you watch the games?
  6. Desousa, hank and lulka should all be ran out or forced to train on their games. They all regressed and seemed like they had other concerns besides basketball this year. The only players back next year should Be healey, rizzuto, hutcheson and jojo plus amica new, the others should have to prove they will work on basketball during off season or go play d3.
  7. We hope Just cause we already have many at that position, looks like a spot up unatheltic shooter who cannot dribble, to your point, didnt get much of a chance but we have enough. Looking for as many scholarships as they can get as only five guys next year will have an impact. Anyone know if lulka still plays basketball? Will lulka work on basketball at all from now until next year? Desousa? I say over recruit them.
  8. Consistent? At what? Missing? Hutcheson was atoricous from the floor, hank probably isnt a division one player and healey like i said before will be a stud by next year. Just had injuries but was far from consitent. Hutch and hank had endless opportunities and did next to nothing. Somehow hutch made all rookie, perhaps for his helpside defense.
  9. Rizzuto is inconsistent, would love to see him be an 7-9 option and not a third to fourth option, he does play hard . Division one seems to be a tough adjustment for him but he is young. DEFINITELY a guy we all want back, but we wont be good if hes a feature player. Hes a role guy.
  10. Cant knock his hustle or desire to make flashy plays and get himself some buckets! Looking forward to going back to team basketball, ball movement, less turnovers. Hes a talented player and seems like nice kid. Has basketball iq of someone whose never played in their life.
  11. To me lulka and hank both looked like theyd rather be in the band then in a basketbaall court this year, talk about a sophomore slump, malachi somehow got worse too. Just need to be recruited over. I spent fifteen dollars on parking for three games this year, dont waste my fifteen and ticket money Lol!
  12. You would be suprised, he wouldnt leave if things were good as evident by turning down st bonny and fordham and many others, but he just may seeing how disappointing the sophomores were. If he has the right agent- five ncaa trips at Albany, clean program, many programs may offer an interview and you never know- especially since he doesnt have a contract. Not saying I expect this but putting it out there. Hes no slouch he can coach games.
  13. Another thing is Brown could bolt- has had many opportunities in the past and you would be suprised , a lot of schools would interview a five time conference champ who runs clean programs . He could see a better opportunity. Never know.
  14. As bad a rizzuto can be hes also good at times and has settled into a role player role. Think hes overrated on defense however we would be a good team if he was the 8th or 9th guy. Jucos weve had suerro, sanders, black, charles, levine, singletary , was jamar a juco i cant remember that far back? I think juco is only route as they have to win next year or theyl be coaching at binghamton , stony brook or somewhere in the nec and not Albany. I think brown prefers the state retirement system hence why i think he gets five to six jucos. Also like i said with the five keepers, everyone else is out. So they need older players regardless as three sophomores looked like they could care less about basketball this season IMO. Its win now for Browns team.
  15. Served a purpose at times but way to turnover prone and just inability to make simple play. I respect his love for the game , his effort, and his excellent scoring season. Reminds me a lot of david nichols.
  16. Healey jojo anderson rizzuto hutcheson amica may be back but would be good ok all around if not: lulka desousa Hank transfer: french shafer gives us room to sign five to six hungry athletic juco kids. Stop with the australian recruitng and have program get back to the nyc metro kids. Bring in six flat out athletic kids and lets get the ball movement back.
  17. Brown has to be thrilled seasons over need to get rid of at least four players- get Us some jucos who are hungry
  18. Rizzuto had a great look as did lauderdale, what else can we ask for dont deserve to win
  19. To be fair to clark he is good but only vs unh and the unathletic teams when his sthleticism is matched his iq sticks out like a sore thumb— ahmad.. pass and cut make sure healey touches every time down, stop!
  20. Clark is a momentum killer, he puts up big numbers vs bum teams he is david nichols only worse
  21. You cant go under on foreman hes one of best shooters in northeast
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