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  1. With healey hitting would be ok to sit clark until we need magic offense
  2. Will brown is in love with this hutcheson kid- kids not a forty minute night player damn
  3. Wish clark would PASS the damn ball and stop dribbling / forcing action. He also does it too quick which creates turnovers and easy baskets
  4. Great adjustment keeping clark off the ball, that should keep his energy high and hopefully his decision making
  5. Gotta watch clarks minutes if hes not hitting lets switch to team basketball! Hopefully he is hitting and they can let him go, if not, get em outta there!
  6. Were playing well both teams making mistakes, wish we would just run offense and ball reversals, this years team has nobody that should take more then a few dribbles
  7. Officiating suprisingly very generous for us so far, thats what they call “tenure” and brown has it!
  8. Clark drives me nuts but he also makes good plays, hard for guys to get in rytyhm playing off his unpredictability
  9. Playing like we did before skid which is solid, helps when stony brook cant hit a shot
  10. Does clark have a bball iq? Good shot bad shot? Make extra pass? Come on man he throws games away!
  11. Stony brook is 7.5 pt favorites, whoever made that line hasnt watched ua the past six games. Anyone close to rivers casino today?
  12. Im right there with ya, i think clark is a nice player but he ruined the ball movement and cost us more then three games with turnovers. I understand why he got so much freedom as the sophmore class absolutely regressed and we had no other options. I think he will be like david nichols was where hes a nice player but not necessarily the reason they win. Looking forward to the ball movement returning!
  13. Looking forward to more ball movement less turnovers next year. Ahmad had to run and gun it this year but looking forward to a cleaner product next year
  14. Anyone know if lulka is back? If he goes for 2pts 1 rebound four turnovers in 25 minutes we wont need him but man I miss the 8 and 6 guy!
  15. Agree on pounding juco- hope season ends so they can get out there. Program needs athleticism and scoring, jojo and amica will help. YES ! If they won three they would go to ncaas lol that would be amazing, but wont happen. Id rather have titles then regular season personally. I think this season is lost team is limited and figured out, on the road too, cant wait to see new faces next year!
  16. Its a low level freezing winter division one school. Horrible and i mean horrible facilities. Went to three games this year and had to park literally a mile away. Brown set the bar high by winning five titles!
  17. Lost 50-43 in bid to sweet 16 but my point was the fall off, i would take five trips to ncaas over one trip any day — its a one bid league who cares about regular season? NOBODY
  18. Umbc lost to binghamton then maine after besting us and vermont- you prolly think odom should be canned and team gutted right? What a fall out from the sweet 16 days of umbc, i think outside of injuries ua will have it figured out by conference play next year. I personally will not miss clark- wayyy too sporatic and turnover prone, this year with injuries and underperforming returners we needed him.
  19. Haha i hear you, bottom line big off season. Browns delivered before, can he do it again- also , will he get a one year legacy offer? I personally think he deserves as a legacy to have one more year tabbed on . If goes four bad years your out, no way next coach has been to five ncaas as a head man!
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