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  1. I dont know man i can understand your frustration and respect your opinion but he can shoot and score it, going through a rough patch but long term i love him. Hes a sophomore. I think any team at the low level division one would tale him if he transferred. Once clark leaves and the ball movement comes back who knows, i dont think hes bad at all i think hes on track to be a star despite the recent struggles. He will never be a good defender but can really score it when in rhythm. Desousa , hank and lulka i will say have completely disappointed this year. Not even sure if the big guy stays next year who knows
  2. I agree. I also do agree with some of the negativity we had three losses during this stretch that the team seemed down and just beat up, like they didnt care or just were not playing hard and focused. We almost beat stony i liked that effort, i suprisingly liked the effort tonight vermont is just a level above until lamb and giddens graduate, mainly lamb who is nasty. I am looking forward to seeing what transfers and jucos we can add to the sophomore group, also will hank and lulka be back? Who knows but I like the core of rizzuto healy desousa and hutchesen now we need jojo amica and a bunch of jucos or transfers, can see them going 10-6 next year if healthy and they hit on two jucos or transfers... long ways away but i expected to go 9-7, 7-9 is bad to expectations when 7-4 but sky is not falling down .
  3. healy is an excellent sophomore in the america east. He has been injured and sick, you have to be kidding man. Its not always sunshine and rainbows they have another year to sort it out. Healy is awesome and definitely not judging a player on five games man! Bad years happen.. healy will be fine long term .
  4. This has been all around a strange year, i expected 9-7 with a chance of 10-6. The league as a whole has been unusually competitive top to bottom besides maine. Even Bing had some nice wins. That being said, i think the sophomores will come back better as most sophomores do, add jojo anderson and amica to mix, bring in four jucos and possibly two will help. You just never know. This roster just doesnt click and thats obvious. Hutchensen shouldnt be playing at all however who is to say Browns not doing that to keep the kid from transferring because he projects to be good when hes older. Hoping we get unh in playoffs , anyone beside vermont. Then next year starts. You guys should read the stony brook fans they want ford out and there in second place. Lol.
  5. Team had a strong showing tonight, tough home loss but they almost had them! Stony brook is very talented! Cant wait for next year!!
  6. Lulka had a concussion according to TU, great game from Hansen tonight!
  7. Next year: hutch, healy, rizzuto, lulka, desousa, jojo, hank if he comes back, amica, now they need three athletic jucos and I can see that team finish top 4. Check the america east standings, league is uncharacteristically competitive this year, doubt its that balanced next year. Healy player of year candidate as losing clark will bring the ball movement back , less turnovers, more of a team feel .To my point, wb stays again.
  8. Browns job is fine until next year, i like Brown but cannot see an extension unless team finishes top 3-4 next year. They have a solid core of sophomores who went 7-9 this year with an obvious first round exit. Juco is the only answer and will be boom or bust for albany. Will brown has saved his job twice already therefore whos to say he wont pull it off again if team is competitve next year he stays. Benson cares about football and albany is no duke they dont run out coaches LOL. This team is flawed offensively, rebounding as well. Could blame it on a bunch of players but bottom line is there not good enough, as i watch the other teams i think Brown deserves credit for seven wins based on the lack of talent here. Who would have guessed after the five frosh closed out last season that they would show up this year that way- not us, not the coach. Time to retool and move on. I do think pretty much all the sophomores are good moving forward along with hutch, but will need more talent and athleticism quick. I can see brown getting extended next year if good year or even getting a one year legacy offer. Hes been there damn near twenty years. Will be hard to move on. Also- albany is such a low level program who would really replace him? A d2 or juco coach? Ive been to a few games the program has no money. The front row of games who i would assume are boosters are every day joes, bank tellers, middle class and contractors lol. The facilities suck and not saying they need to hang onto brown but i cant imagine trying to recruit to those facilities compared to stony, vermonts building new and all the suburban campuses. Lets hope the next ray sanders, mike black, travis charles and juco stud is coming in next year!
  9. I like brown but I dont think hes extension worthy yet. Id say let the contract play out see how they do next year with should be top 3. Extensions dont matter at ualbany level. They are a low division one school the only kids you get there have limited other options, usually maybe they have two to three other offers all comparable schools. Those days are long gone as the low d1 schools have to wait out and go after kids the mid majors and high majors already took. I think Benson will want his choice in there but if Brown has a good year next year he will move up or stay longer at his discretion.
  10. Umbc just won at uvm— were are a two man team healy and clark, if there hitting we can play with anyone (uvm first half), if not it gets ugly fast. I expect UA to be a five seed this year, type of team no one wants to play cause of healy and clark. Will be a big off season have to find two solid bigs and get jojo back, amica is very talented were lucky we signed him early as Siena would love to steal him.
  11. Agree we need to get something going inside but lets be honest website we seen enough games, if Clark and Healy are hitting we will play with anyone. If they are not, UA is in trouble. Go inside for what? Travels, misses, turnovers. This UA team is live by the three die by the three. Very dangerous but also very beatable team. Fun to watch when hitting and hard to watch when not. A third option is badly needed but may be on the bench with a torn acl. Hopefully the bigs play the way they are capable of and start finishing again.
  12. Never knew Ua had so many fans who expect them to be the gold standard of low small school basketball each year. Sad. Im happy the team is in third place in the low level league, its fun having a consistently good local team. Glad siena is good too after struggling for years!
  13. Sounds good, point taken. If team plays well today blame the staff lol! But in all seriousness todays a big game they should get out of it and back on track.
  14. Il just say I do know this is a forum so by all means disrespect the coaching staff if you want but what are people’s expectations? Do you think Will Brown whose won the league five times is not good enough for UAlbany Lol? Yesterdays game was horrible but it happens. I think Vermont and Stony are better then anyone in the league- so if were Third I will take that all day. UA badly needs a consistent third scoring option and then we would be much more consistent. Thought Lulka had million dollar moves with ten cent finishes. Hopefully someone steps forward.
  15. Its well understood posters on here do not like the coaching staff, to be fair, make sure when they win and play well you blame staff as well. To be honest, I bet the staff is disappointed in the effort of the guys too but its a long season, if blamed for losses blame them for Ws too. I think Ua is lucky to have Coach Brown and after 5 conference titles and possibly the worst facilities in the league, what he is producing is still solid. Albany is lucky to have Brown and his staff. Should the bottom seven teams fire there coaches too guys or just the third place team? And for what reason the new facility? The endless money being pumped into program, Albany is lucky to have Brown. Assistants dont win or lose games lets be real just trying to bring some perspective to the posters who. Live and die with every win and loss. Long season!! Most small schools struggle for years, albany is lucky to always be consistently good especiallly with their facilities being so poor. Its a forum, bash the coaching staff, but seriously there in third place and Brown is a hell of a coach. How many other teams at the lowest level would lose There two best players as juniors and be in the mix two years later and still have people complaining meanwhile playing in a gym out of the 1990s without parking.
  16. I agree with that! However they do play in the america east, that is their league which they are compared with. My biggest gripe with Browns new three point offense is that this team in particular has too many long droughts in scoring. Too many lulls. Again il take third place as a solid year so far, but the offense is so damn boring!
  17. Haha, i can sense your frustration. I guess if you expected them to win the league you can be upset. They are in third place. They will be ok. Its a long season. They didnt play well tonight. They are young. They will be fine. Brown will be back next year, unless he chooses to go elsewhere. They will be a top five team again next year and will also have bad games next year too. They will also have good games. Perspective is everything. Program is solid.
  18. I tend to agree with progression with hank, i think rizzuto has been disappointing but at least has cane on lately and is a good defender guy you win with. Clark has improved, healy despite a few bad games has moved towards a star, lulka has regressed but could he just be injured.? Desousa has regressed but also has been injured. Team is young but even with loss tonight is still in third place so yes could use lack of improvement but also perspective is key. This is vermonts year then stony brook then thirds up for grabs— recruiting wise program is in great shape whether browns back or not. By the way, will amica is a stud as well.
  19. Also to say UA doesnt recruit talent is absurd i think were second to third best talent wise in entire league and except for year after cremo and nichols bailed last minute, ua always has talent under brown. When i say talent i mean compared to rest of the america east, always a top 5 talent team. To say ua hasnt recruited well is absurd. Did you know a sophmore set the school record for scoring this season LOL!
  20. Not defending them cause tonight they were awful, pretty sure healy, clark, desousa and rizzuto are all good recruits. Looking back david nichols, travis charles, stire and cremo were all studs recently. Especially healy, kind of comical were in third place in league and people are commenting we dont recruit talent lately? what is it then all luck!? That being said- what is UAs offensive identity? UA doesnt run much and when they do their forwards screen and almost force double teams on the guards. Would team be better with more forced ball movement and hate to say it but less threes
  21. Agree workman like w. Just get in get the W and get out. I cannot believe Hartford lost to Lowell, its like Hartford plays good only when they play UA. We have a legit chance at third place, I think stony brook and Vermont are above all else and then talent wise were next, our offense is frustrating however and never know what will show up. A two seed would be amazing but doubtful at this point, considering how ugly the offense has been.
  22. Teams have injuries, UA has been inconsistent on offense and defense all year. Agree they are a 500 team through and through. Hank and lulka have regressed tremendously, de sousa seems to be turning a corner and competing
  23. Nothing to do with basketball or academics but was enough to have him removed from roster?? Hmm. Not speculating either but sounds like hes no longer a part of team.
  24. Will amica is super athletic, should help UA immediately along with return of JoJo
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