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  1. Not sure but why is he no longer on roster? Leave of absence wouldnt constitute removal from team. May be just speculation but based on his high school accolades and recruitment, riding the oine behind hank, lulka and hansen probably doesnt sit well with him. I assumed he left school based on obvious removal from roster.
  2. Very tough and yes agree hutch athletically is above typical frosh. My take on Mitch is reading about him in high school hes a guy who is super productive on court but not a guy who is a warm up line legend.. I saw all his other offers and I think its a mistake UA let him go. He got no chance and outside of Lauderdale our forwards have been abissmal this season. He should have got a chance, hope he doesnt transfer to team in league like Lowell . Known for his offense.
  3. Had offers from umass, hartford , umass lowell etc in high school. With how bad are posts have played anyone know why he didnt get a chance this year? Looked a step slow at times but based on everything I read was a guy who got it done at a high level in high school. Not good that he left.
  4. Its clear we are exactly a 5-3 team.. solid low d1 team. Good season considering all the injuries and unimaginable regression of lulka, desousa, rizzuto and hank. Anthony Lamb owns the america east, as long as hes healthy vermont wins. When he graduates, will be a different story, those kids come once every fifteen years. Vermonts run will be over soon! Take lamb off court we win by 20.
  5. I thougjt they could have posted their big man up more instead of turning it over twenty five times vs quick guards- yes lulka lauderdale hanson etc are far from adequate post players but at least try it. Hartford keyed on guards and extended their defense. Ua didnt even look to do it and lulka and lauderdale could both have scored on their soft inside and they have both had twenty point nights in the past. Not saying it would have fixed all but to not even try? Threes and turnovers all day-
  6. No adjustments vs the man defense, ua did not look to score inside. Depsite no desousa that hartford team was very poir, simply jack up threes every time down. We let number one get confidence going, bad night shooting and poor effort. No offensive adjustments such as posting lauderdale and lulka up. Hopefully just one of those games.
  7. The team is young, the team has a winning record, the team is 3-1 in conference and just lost by 8 on road to number two best team in conference. What are yall complaining about? Like I said its odd that lulka, desousa and rizzuto havent had a good string of games yet, but team is fine. Fun to watch. Love hutch, clark top 10 player in conference, healy great shooter.
  8. Last nights loss was almost as simple as couldnt land a shot, Clark trying to force and is ineffective when not scoring but at 3-1 with a winning record who can actually complain, nights happen. Agreed on Rizzuto I remember last year kid was getting twenty a night multiple nights, not sure how the regression can be so strong. At the end of the day 3-1 is good just confusing how lulka, desouza and rizzuto have not strung together good games yet.
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