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  1. I remember reading a post by Click Clack stating that he didn't need you to fight his battles. I believe it was when he was being responded to via Twitter by some of the players. I will let him tell you what he did in response to the players (if you are friends outside of the message board). We can go on forever but I will say it once again. " We can agree to disagree ". So far this year we are better than last year by the numbers after 20 games. I never told anyone what they can post on a public forum. I just decided to post what I wanted some people to hear in response to all the negativity. If I get the urge to comment on any other topic I will. You don't own the board. I'm Sure everyone is tired of reading my back and forth. Bottom line it was a not a good game for UA and we need to bounce back. But I'm certainly not going to give up on the team 4 games into conference play.
  2. We will agree to disagree. I want to see the kids win in life as much as I do on the court. And if Rizzuto saves a life Idc if he ever scores another point. Your comments have nothing to do with someone's feelings being hurt. They have to do with the team being 3-1 in conference play and everyone acting as if they are 0-4. I definitely don't know who you are and idc to know you. I never planned on being a part of "the board" and may never post again. Regardless of how often you post, it doesn't make your opinions more relevant than others.
  3. Must of missed the part about me not caring how long you guys have been a fan. I've been a fan long enough to know there's more to contributing than just PPG. I'm sure if coach Brown felt the same as some of you, there'd only be 2 players worthy of being on the court at all times. I'm not going to say anything negative about any of these young men but there isn't a player on the team who hasn't had a bad game win or lose. Just because I have never posted until tonight doesn't mean Idk anything about UAMBB. NONE of these kids are getting paid and the fact that you so called fans curse their names as if they were is ridiculous. Continue to hide behind your phones and talk crap, and I'll continue to pay $5 per month to watch them play on tv when I cant make a game. Not look at a box score to determine who had a good game or not. Not sure who coined the phrase but I do believe that "Defense Wins Championships "!
  4. Wow. I can't take the bipolar "fandumb" any longer. First of all. "Click" off the television if you can't bare watching these kids play their heart out for one another. "Clack" back in 2 years once this group is gone and has won an AE title or 2. You guys have no clue the work these kids put in and sacrifice on a daily basis. Rizzuto & de Sousa both chose Albany over higher level schools and have contributed to this program tremendously. Do we win without Rizzuto last game against UNH? Do we win at Columbia without de Sousa? All of these student athletes should be given a chance to develop and some should hold off on burying their careers game by game. IDC what you donate or how long you have been a fan. The real purple family is just that; A Family! Family has your back through thick and thin!
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