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  1. Rain gear indeed! It’s amazing to say now after all the hype for this game for a year but This game honestly means nothing to UA & everything to Cuse they are in must win and UA has nothing to gain if they do beat them as Cuse is unranked. Cuse plays Cornell, UNC, Virginia & rematch with ND to end season they need the wins to be above 500 to be eligible for at large bid. UA has to focus on Sat game vs UMBC for AE conf. With quick turnaround. But of course we want to beat Syracuse here in Albany just wish for once the weather would cooperate it would truly be a sight to see Casey absolutely packed like it was for UNC in 2017! Either way let’s get some!
  2. So Marr originally said not doing 2 way mids b/c did not have the athletes to do so now your going back to it? Does that make sense to anyone ? If the freshman middies are struggling substituting & figuring it out coach ‘em up so you can have best O guys on & best D guys on. Did they magically get better in a 24-6 loss really struggling to grasp this decision.
  3. Benson is not hurting the lax program at all. It’s not like they do not have administrative support & they don’t need help in getting admissions in on potential players, it’s a state school not Notre Dame. I still like having the very tough schedule have to give the recruits the visibility of playing programs like Maryland, etc. they always have offensive players never an issue but they have to build up the D and have a legit D coordinator, not an offensive middle running it. The D has been brutal to watch to start this season.
  4. UML ranked 7th in AE preseason poll they are not a good team at all. Penn State has been legit not surprised there. UA needs to take care of business Wed and get W under their belt with Umass & especially Maryland up next.
  5. Drexel lost last night to Lafayette 13-11 so coming in 0-2.
  6. 25 turnovers is brutal especially how many they had after they battled back to make it close before halftime. They actually switched up from man to man to zone to stop the 5-0 run that was a good move and shows ability to make necessary adjustments. Enders was fine on face offs too gave them 50/50 chance at least. Goalie play in clearing game is noticeably different from last year starting breaks. Gotta get better quick as schedule will be tough
  7. Yes have to adapt for sure there not a lot of 2 way middies out there to recruit , everyone is so specialized as either O or D for most part. There is no STUD middie like a Ron Jon this season. If your best 6 offensive players are attackmen it makes sense to do. 2 of them are going to have a shorty matchups to work and you attack there.
  8. Why the heck were there no twitter live updates for the game ..? Had to follow Maryland’s twitter to get updates. Nice run vs top team they have the ability faceoffs HURT! Just going off stats Man that’s a great effort though losing that many draws and still losing by 1!
  9. Considering missed scoring opps first half and some horrid turnovers right in it! Clean it up and get the poles on their stud middies
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