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  1. Does anyone know if any of the seniors are expected to take a fifth year? I would love to see Patterson Barrow and Fillipowski back.
  2. As an alumni I agree that we have come to expect higher levels of performance, but Kyle McClancey and Adam Osika aren’t out there playing. We lack the horses in the middle of the field needed to beat the top teams. On a positive note we are young at midfield and it should get better. Having Ron John back will be an offensive boost. Teat had 5 points and was able to get great looks for his teammates the whole game. I guess we have different definitions, but he had total control of the field in the 6 on 6.
  3. Starting with the negatives: Cornell was getting whatever they wanted on offense. Teat carved us up, and they have some great finishers. Our SSDMs are awful, I think we are under recruiting that. Every year we get multiple high level attack recruits but nothing on the other side of the ball. Today it showed, They came off the bus much more polished and ready to play than we did. pros: I think Tehoka did a good job not forcing it. The offense looked good once we were getting some possessions in the fourth. Patterson and Hogg had some nice two man action that should get better with more practice. Hopefully this freshman FOGO can be serviceable, I know we have a good one coming in next year too. Cornell looked impressive, in a different class than us. I think once the competition level comes down a bit we will perform better. May want to skip Syracuse, Maryland and Yale, but I think we should fair well against UVM, SBU and UMBC.
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