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  1. Jeff Undercuffler has signed with Akron from the MAC conference. Good move for him. Will really have a quality coach in Joe Moorhead, former off coord at Oregon and Penn State. He also was head coach at Miss St. If Cuff ends up starting it will be interesting to see how much quality coaching is a difference maker. Rooting for him to do well at FBS level. Also WR Gray was offered by Eastern Illinois. Former coach Joe Davis still trying to lure Ualbany guys after striking out trying to get Cuff.
  2. Strange since that is where Coach Davis went as their new Off Coordinator. He made a big mistake not sticking around for spring with Ambrose as the new coordinator.
  3. Why are we offering this guy who has only 1 year left? He is not very dominant on his hudl film. The more disturbing thing is how the Georgetown RT #77 doesn't look too good and we offered him as well. At least he has 2 years left.
  4. I am shocked by the number of guys transferring. Danny Damico has offers from Villanova and Towson. I thought Undercuffler would wait until a new OC was hired. Also the co-oline coach Sweeney is gone. The handwriting is on the wall with Gattuso. How do you bring in any new coaches when he is dead man walking? The punter from Eastern KY has decided to not come back as well. The big surprise for me is the DL Mazon leaving with 1 year left. I wouldn't think there would be much of a market for a 5'9 255 lb DT. UA can sugar coat it however they want but the fact is the players can't stand Gattuso. I would imagine from a numbers perspective for spring they need to focus on juco transfers to enroll for spring semester. How many full rides are available with all of these guys leaving?
  5. Does anyone know what his actual buyout would be? Would it just be the last year of the contract? Here is his comp from 2020:
  6. I am really curious to see which coaches get fired. Special teams coach has to go. ST has been awful all year. The offensive line coach was made co-offensive line coach this year along with the former tight ends coach. Bynam was the one making the playing time decisions this year not Sweeney. So I would think Sweeney is gone as well. I think Davis was a real problem as well. How many times are we going to throw a fade pattern inside the 10 yard line. We had 3 legit tight ends and failed to use them in the red zone. With Mofor as the RB - Why didn't we have a TE delay type of play in the playbook in the red zone. It will be interesting to see how many players transfer. The other side that needs to be considered is a lame duck head coach and how it affects recruiting. It is a big issue. If a kid has multiple FCS offers, why would he come to Albany?
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