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  1. What a joke! Whatever luster that remained from the back-back AE championships is long gone. Can someone give me one good reason to see this team at the SEFCU this winter?
  2. UAlbany is not in same league athletically or skill wise with Siena. I chose not to attend tonights game for this reason, and boy I'm glad I did.
  3. When I attended UAlbany I lived on Myrtle near Quail, and walked home from downtown/Lark at night many, many times. I still live in Pine Hills, but more towards South Manning. The police tonight said (according to CBS6) that they were "interested" in two black youths on bikes seen near the shooting. Hmmmm. Gang initiation? A simple robbery gone wrong (since so many kids in the south end, arbor hill, ect have ZERO respect for human life)? Whoever did it, for the APD the clock is ticking. The Chief seemed pissed and determined to find the killer(s), but we've heard that talk before. 9 mu
  4. Seriously, the only way UAlbany should continue this series is if Siena and Albany split the TU right down the middle ala Florida/Georgia and Texas/Oklahoma in football and Kentucky/Louisville in basketball. If not, schedule some better teams to help UA's rpi every year, something Siena doesn't help one bit.
  5. Wasn't BU picked to win the AE this season? I believe they are now 1-6 after today. I know it's early, but UVM and BU don't scare me in the least.
  6. BS? Yes, but tradition still plays a role in the polls. Because UAlbany has never won a post season game, the media/coaches aren't sold quite yet on how good UA is. UA has to win in May if it wants respect.
  7. St. Bonaventure is not a step up for Brown. Didn't Albany hammer the Bonnies this year? I agree he should interview there, it can't hurt. I think if he continues to win in the America East, he'll get the calls he really wants...from the big boys.
  8. We still have lacrosse! Maybe we'll see UVA in Baltimore this spring?
  9. If we have to double that white-trash meth baby, we're in trouble!
  10. I cant stand Gotlieb and the fact that he picked us ...upsets me a little. That arrogant SOB should stick the big 12 games. I think you Danes in Albany must not get cable, because EVERYONE is high on this upset. This and Winthrop over the 1955 UK team that calls themselves "Notre Dame" are the two best double digit seed chances. Oh, and don't sleep on Holy Cross over a very overrated SIU. Notre Dame will destroy Winthrop. How are the Irish the "1955 UK team" exactly?
  11. Are they any good? Sure they beat UVA to start off the season, but most recently were drilled by the Irish. I wonder which Drexel shows up against UA....
  12. 10-9 in OT v. UMASS. Did they take a breather once up 7-0 or is UMASS that good? At home, they should bury a team like that.
  13. The news said it broke out during/after some lame-ass hip-hop show at the RACC. Possible shots-fired. I hope UAlbany students weren't involved. Why doesn't the school keep crap like that off campus?
  14. Anyone care to disagree? 50-46 and that clowns gives the lead to UVM all by himself. I could be wrong, but this seemed to be the concensus from Section 150 today.
  15. I ordered mine from the Knick/Pepsi/Times-Union Center 3 weeks ago, and they still haven't shown up in my mailbox yet. If they don't show up this afternoon, I'm going to be a tad upset. Has anyone ever had any problems with the Pepsi regarding tickets?
  16. Ouch! Talk about playing flat. Brown obviously didn't get the players attention before tonight's game. I'm sure UCONN is shaking in their boots tonight.
  17. Stole our thunder? UVM beating (bitch slapping actually) #14 BC only helps UAlbany's cause. It will do wonders for the AE RPI. If UAlbany wins the AE again, do you want them in as a #16 seed, or #14? That's what overall conference strength will do for a mid-major in March.
  18. What happened? It's now on a Sunday, with hundreds of security personel, and you have to promise not to drink just to get in? Who had this bright idea?
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