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  1. Offense is too much iso ball. Granted Perry and Horton can get to the basket, but I don't recall them kicking it out for any open looks. 6 assists all game as a team is not going to cut it. Albany needs a true PG to run this offense.
  2. Only down 4 after shooting 25%. D was really good and kept them in the game for sure.
  3. Had on one of those sports betting shows in the background as I was doing some work and one guy picked Harvard and the -7.5 over the Danes. Thought it was funny Albany would mentioned on one of these shows. He did rip on them too and said they were a bottom team in the AE. These guys must be degenerate gamblers lol
  4. Tehoka made the SportsCenter top 10 with one of his goals against Bing. Switched to his left hand and did an underhand whip for a goal.
  5. Sorry if this was already posted, but I didn't see it. Pretty cool. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-football-gets-video-visit-from-NFL-star-15232595.php
  6. What college athletics program doesn't have a strict strength and training program? Let's wait until we go 5-9 to implement that? Probably why TD left the program.
  7. Clark can pentrate and finish. The problem is Iona was doubling and there was nobody to kick it out too. Beyond Clark you may be right though.
  8. I was at the game. Pretty much agree with everything already said. Clark was the best player on the floor. His 3 release is strange, but he was knocking them down so... Healy really impressed me. Have high hopes for him. First game so don't want to be too harsh, but Brooks was awful. Miller sucked pretty much too. Bigs not much to say. Enjoyed the game for the most part. Look forward to seeing this team grow under Coach Brown.
  9. Vote for Josh Egan as your favorite Elite 90 award winner! http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/honoring-achievement-and-field
  10. Too each their own. I don't want to create animosity with anyone here. I respect all the true UA fans on this board. Just stating my opinion and let's just agree to disagree. I will continue to support the athletes who represent our school just like everyone else here. Don't get it twisted, I have not and will never "root" for someone who leaves the school. Good luck to me was meant more as a euphemism for beat it or better yet F off. Like I said I was a little in my cups last night and I tend to not get angry, but more sentimental. Click, I appreciate your passion for UA...dont hate on me bro ?
  11. I was as mad as some of you guys at first. It sucks to lose a player of that caliber. I agreed he was like KD and said his decision was weak earlier in this thread. I will never be happy about it, but I've moved on at this point. We don't know the reasons why. I would hope he at least had that conversation with coach. I don't think anyone here can say if that definitively did or did not happen. As far as telling us fans why, hopefully he will do that at some point, but why would he do it now? No matter what he says, coaching, education, fit, he would get killed regardless. Maybe down the road, like when we play Yale next year he will give us some answers. If not that is his choice. There is so much we don't know about the situation so I would suggest stop taking it so personally and pull back on the self-righteous loyalty talk. I love Albany, but I can't say I wouldn't choose a Yale degree if I had that choice back in the day. As far as him with the positive, encouraging comments during the season how can some of you be angry about that? He was supporting his team. He played as hard as anyone all year. That commitment with him possibly just not being happy for whatever reason I think speaks to his character. I'm sad, mad, disappointed, but I do wish the guy well. He is a young man and most of us on here are not so let's just move on guys. PS.. it's Saturday night and I had a few cocktails with some UA friends and this was a highly debated topic of conversation. So that might have contributed to my ramblings (I apologize), but I did get a few to agree to the just move on. ?
  12. Playing an out of conference team twice in one year does not make sense to me regardless of the rivalry. Home and home like all mid major scheduling or move on. It's that simple.
  13. I was thinking the same thing, total KD move by TD. Weak.
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