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  1. UMass updated their website. Game is on 3/1 2/25 @ Drexel 3/1 vs. UMass 3/4 @ Cornell 3/11 vs. Maryland 3/29 @ Harvard 4/22 vs. Yale http://umassathletics.com/schedule.aspx?path=mlax
  2. From what I can gather it looks like the schedule is the same ooc teams as last year just switching the venue (other than Cuse who hasn't confirmed their schedule): 2/25 @ Drexel 3/4 @ Cornell 3/11 vs. UMass? 3/11 vs. Maryland? 3/29 @ Harvard 4/22 vs. Yale Both the Maryland and UMass sites show their game against Albany on 3/11 so not sure who has that one wrong at this point. http://www.umterps.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=29700&SPID=120711&SPSID=716315 http://umassathletics.com/schedule.aspx?path=mlax
  3. I didn't realize Grayson was first cousins with the Bulls Jimmy Butler. They mentioned during the game last night that they practice together sometimes during the off-season.
  4. I know we don't care about this guy anymore, but is Pikiell for real with this? Pretty embarrassing using all former UConn players in a Rutgers promotion.
  5. Schools of interest according to this site: Lat Mayen - LMU, Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State, SMU, Texas, USD Isaac White - Albany, SMU, Robert Morris, Texas Tech, USD, Boise State Jacob Rigoni - Albany, Maryville, USD Adam Lulka - Harvard Brent Hank - Robert Morris, Albany, Colorado, Middle Tennessee, UC Davis, USD Ovie Magbegor - Albany (no offer) http://ausahoops.com/high-school-hoops/rankings/class-of-2017/
  6. Any ranking that has us behind Stony Brook would seem to be flawed, no?
  7. There are to many assumptions being made about Coach Brown and an extension. First, is only having 2 years really the reason no HS seniors have committed? I don't think so. Coach Brown could get a 5 year extension from Albany today and be gone after next season if the right offer came about. There are no guarantees even with an extension. Also, maybe Coach Brown sees Pikiell get a HC job in a major conference and, rightly so, thinks he should be in those discussions. Maybe adding a buyout if he leaves (which most contracts have) to a 5 year extension limits his options down the road. I'm playing devils advocate right now, but I don't think it's as cut and dry as some of you are implying.
  8. Maybe not. Still 2 openings this year and at least 4 next year. I hope they keep the Aussie connection going. From what I read they were in on a couple guys this year, but they went high major.
  9. Looks like 2 left. SR - Andrews, Charles, Ennema, Rowley JR - Anderson (commit), Stire SO - Campbell (commit), Cochran (commit), Cremo, Hicks (commit), Nichols FR - None
  10. I understand wanting to get a 4 year player or two, but at the end of the day it's about recognizing talent, dedication and giving players who deserve it a chance. Looking back how many of the 4 year players UA did recruit lasted all 4 years? Same can be said for the JC players. You recruit talent and guys that fit your program. Coach Brown had a tweet about recruiting players along the lines of - you think a kids commitment to the program is solid and then one "higher level" offer comes in and they are gone. Do we not go after these players because we might be left at the alter? I'm actually pleasantly surprised at the commits that Coach Brown has secured at such a late date.
  11. Albany up 7-4 at half. Didn't see all of it, but UA had some easy looks in close that they missed on. Hopefully will play a little more inspired in the 2nd half.
  12. Jaaran Lands mention from not to long ago http://prephoopstars.net/top-indiana-2016-unsigned-players/
  13. Brent Hank is #17 in this ranking of Australian recruits. List schools of interest as Robert Morris, Colorado, Albany, UC Davis and Valpo. http://ausahoops.com/high-school-hoops/rankings/class-of-2017/
  14. Did a quick google search on Owen Hill and the highlight that I took away was this kid seems like he is dominant at the face-off circle. http://rising.3dlacrosse.com/3d-rising/ndp-dick039s-tournament-champions-2014-standouts Owen Hill, Midfield, Akron (N.Y.)/Six Nations Royal Reds, 2018 The only 2018 competing in the Elite championship (the highest level championship), Hill had a fantastic run with the Royal Reds. Hill was a key presence in between the lines for the Royal Reds – athletic and able to clear the ball, play strong defense and battle for ground balls. He has terrific stick skills and weaves through traffic up the field. Hill can do the same thing when initiating from the top of the box. He makes crisp passes off the dodge and can put the ball on a rope. He took the majority of the Royal Reds’ face offs and was outstanding, winning a high percentage in each game leading up to the championship, where he had to face arguably the best draw man in the country in Gerard Arceri; he won a couple of those too. From where I stand, Hill is one of the best midfielders in the early 2018 midfield conversation. He brings so much to the field. Occasionally, coaches threw him a long pole on defense, allowing him to play longstick defense next to his older brother Chauncey Hill (2015), who was the Royal Reds most active defender in the middle of the field. http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/fil-u-19-canada-and-u-s-face-off-in-florida/33584 Owen Hill (Akron, NY, 2018) was one of the youngest players at the tryout yet he was able to dominate at the face-off X and scored a number of goals both in transition and settled offense. His stocky frame and toughness were factors, and they allowed him to create matchup problems for opposing defenses when he dodged. Nice mention of Chaunce as well: Chaunce Hill (Albany) stood out at the LSM position. He was great at getting the ball off the ground and with the ball in his stick. He was always on his opponent’s hands on the defensive end and though he’s relatively small he is a very disruptive player. Having the experience of his first college fallball season under his belt showed and that should help give him an edge at making the final roster.
  15. On twitter Costa Anderson says his first game next year will be on the road against Duke. https://mobile.twitter.com/1costa_?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
  16. Nate Johnson committed to Gardner Webb per his twitter. That sucks, kid looked like he had some skills to do well in the AE.
  17. Team site lists Anderson as a combo guard. http://www.noc.edu/roster5
  18. With all these transfers across the NCAA I wonder if they target a fifth year guy that they know should be able to contribute right away. Scanned the verbal commits transfer list and it might be wishful thinking, but a guy like Emile Blackman from Niagara would surely help.
  19. I'm pretty sure he meant there were no offers out there in the early signing period. They clearly have offers out there. If they don't have any offers out there at this point needing to fill 5 spots that would make no sense.
  20. You can say the same thing about Yale as you are saying about Albany. They have one good win against Maryland back in February on their home field. Notre Dame or Denver should be ranked #1 imo. All I'm saying is the disparity between the "power programs" and a team like Albany is not what it used to be.
  21. Could they lose to any of those teams? Sure they could. I wouldn't go into any of those games (on a neutral field) expecting them to lose though. UNC lost to UMASS who Albany beat. Duke lost to Harvard who Albany beat. Duke and JHU also beat Syracuse who we lost to. Point being these teams are all relatively close. I don't think there is a vast differential in talent like there used to be between Albany and those programs.
  22. Hope I'm wrong, but seems like they are scrambling/reaching to fill out the class. Then again I know nothing so we'll see. Last minute offers to JUCO's with little interest from elsewhere seems like a miss on the recruiting front though.
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