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  1. Cremo is still alive and into the Elite Eight http://collegecourtreport.com/award-season/mid-major-freshman-of-the-year-fan-vote/
  2. I know Albany recruiting doesn't get much coverage and for all I know they could have the class pretty much completed already, but from what we do know I'm a little concerned. Signing period is like a month away and if no Jenkins there are 5 spots to fill. Looking at Verbal commits we have offers too: Patrick Rooks, Denzel Smith and Godwin Boahen who look like they may get offers from high majors. Boursiquot has 7 offers other than Albany Mijakowski has 5 offers other than Albany Jackson has 2 offers other than Albany Like I said there is a lot we probably don't know, but I can't help being a little concerned here. Also, maybe it's just me, but was hoping for a little bump in recruiting having gone to 3 NCAA's in a row and having a strong season this year.
  3. Blaze also listed in the Honorable mentions for the Defensive Player of the week. Honorable Mentions: (Offense) Tim Barber, Syracuse; Devin Dwyer, Harvard; Mark Hojnoski, Mount St. Mary's; (Defense) Matt Landis, Notre Dame; Matt Rees, Navy; Blaze Riorden, Albany
  4. I'm still trying to figure out what they were doing defensively when they were down 5 with a little over a minute to go. They were running two guys at the ball handler, but with no urgency letting the Hartford players dribble right through or around them. End result being the wide open 3 dagger. Some of the worst defense I have ever seen and I'm not exaggerating on that.
  5. I wouldn't accept anything. I know it was only one game, and that its probably just my emotions right now but these guys don't deserve any postseason tournaments. We played worse today than we did against Boston, Maine, etc. This was by faaaaaar our worst effort of the year. No words. I'm stunned. C'mon man. Everyone is disappointed, but dismissing the whole season based on one game is wrong imo. Hell yes they should accept a bid to one of the other tournaments. That is if they get an offer after such a poor showing tonight.
  6. White was offered by Duke on his visit so probably no shot at this point. http://duke.247sports.com/Bolt/Duke-Offers-Jack-White-43950031 This report also says one of the Australian kids Myles Cherry has committed to Lafayette. http://www.midmajormadness.com/2016/1/9/10741094/2016-power-forward-myles-cherry-commits-to-lafayette-leopards
  7. His stat line is pretty sweet. Almost 40% from 3 and 80% from the stripe. Got to the line 27 times one game! http://njcaaregion14.com/sports/mbkb/2015-16/players/jaleelwheelercijt?view=gamelog
  8. Albany is not on the same recruiting level as Cuse. The difference in recruiting now though is that the talent pool is way bigger and much more balanced than it used to be.
  9. Defense needs to pick it up. It was awful the last 5 minutes or so of the half. Not sure why Hooley didn't hold for the last shot before the half. Ended up giving up a 3 the other way for no reason.
  10. Don't have the SportsCenter clip, but this highlight video has the goal around the 1:30 mark. Didn't realize Brett Queener was on the same team as the Thompsons. That is pretty cool. Though it looks like he got hurt early in this game and was replaced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djicMokV65I
  11. I'm pretty sure location of the schools is considered when selecting the match-ups which is probably one of the factors in determining his bracket. After the top 8 seeds your "rank" doesn't really matter anymore. Virginia at #7 is realistic. They lost to #1, #2, #3 and #6. Yale over UA at #8 is close. We beat them by one at home, but they also have wins against Maryland and Brown. Our only other win of note is Stony Brook.
  12. 10 straight goals by UA. Lyle with only 2 pts. so the rest of the team is stepping it up.
  13. He might not start, but he could get what would have been Baker's minutes. Maybe they play a little small ball/3 guards with Sam leaving.
  14. Not sure where to put this, but I was at the Final Four yesterday and saw a guy sporting an Albany jersey. I was with a group so couldn't say hi, but props to whoever that was. The purple really stood out amongst all that blue, red and green
  15. Yeah, it's a little over 2 months long (Late Feb through April). They only play 15 regular season games (about 2 per week).
  16. Jamar tips the scale to the 05-06 team for me, but it's close. Really, really close.
  17. I think we all understand what you are saying... Just keep building... It will happen. +1
  18. So many positives to look forward to I think. Sam and Pete led the way. Evan and Ray balled tonight...don't JUCO's need one year to adjust? Mike taking the next step? Wheeler showing no fear. Stire not backing down against Thomas, again no fear? We will miss Sam big time, but Coach Brown is building a program to the best of his ability
  19. Yeah what the heck is that? Don't know if I've seen that before. We're not getting blown out...tighten up some things and get some shots that are rimming out to actually go down and we can climb back into this. Really? Guys smack the floor all the time. It's a way to get psyched up for defensive stand.
  20. Hit some shots early, hang around as much as possible and if its close down the stretch OK could get tight. Or they could just blow us off the court from the get go. Just have to wait and see I guess. I really hope Sam and Peter have good games. I know they both struggled from the floor last year so would be nice to see them rebound from that on the big stage.
  21. BS, if our guys come out and knock down some shots early I think we can hang around. If not it could get ugly quickly. Has nothing to do with the outcome of the games today. That was always a possibility.
  22. Pretty sure that was the Florida game. DJ, Gary Johnson and Puk all played really well. Sam and Peter struggled from the field. Hopefully they have better luck on Friday.
  23. Nice! They sell spots in the tournament games by what they call "Windows" (games being played at a similar time). So if the spot is airing in the Albany/Oklahoma game on Tru TV it will also air in Oklahoma St./Oregon on TBS, Duke/#16 seed winner on CBS and the Davidson/Iowa game on TNT.
  24. 21-3 after third. Lyle 3G, 7A Probably not gonna play in the 4th I would imagine. Shots 54-12 Albany. Albany is good, but Canisius must be awful.
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