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  1. 6-1 UA after 1st period. Lyle with 2G, 4A. Can he top his 12pt performance from last game? He is well on his way.
  2. UMASS 0-5 having lost to NC, Harvard, Albany and Army all top 20 teams and Brown who is 3-0. They are not a pushover. A win is a win. Can't remember exact year, but Albany started 0 for a few years ago because of a tough schedule not because they sucked.
  3. That was a great interview by Coach Brown. Really proud of him and this team regardless of how things play out the rest of the way. Hoping for great things though as I think they deserve it.
  4. From the laxpower forum: Princeton started strong, led 5-2 after first period, then 10-7 after second period. Albany led 14-13 after three, final I had was 18-17 Albany. (I could be off by a goal or so.) In the third period a Princeton player hammered an Albany player, flag thrown, but Albany kept possession, play on, Albany guy retaliates, more flags, whistles. A bunch of players now banging together, pushing, grabbing, etc. Refs sent both teams to benches before resuming. Two Princeton guys into the box, one from Albany. That got Albany going and they took control and started playing faster. Albany led 14-13 after the third period. Lyle Thompson played almost the whole game. He, and #5, were taken out with a few minutes left to play.
  5. Looks like the two OCC transfers have been officially cleared to play by the NCAA. http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/rambo-practicing-at-maryland-oakes-tarbell-cleared-at-albany/30747
  6. The two transfers Oakes and Tarbell are now listed on the Roster page. http://www.ualbanysports.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=15800&SPID=7980&SPSID=82540
  7. I was at that ND game. Painful to watch the lead evaporate because they couldn't win a face-off down the stretch. I think they are hoping for Connor Russell to grow into the face-off specialist role. He was only a freshman last year so let's hope we see some improvement from him in year two. Also looks like they brought in another FO specialist, Freshman Cason Liles per the roster page. http://www.ualbanysports.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=15800&SPID=7980&SPSID=82540
  8. Looks like these are the transfers referenced above. http://www.laxmagazine.com/college_men/DI/2014-15/news/121714_onondaga_community_college_seth_oakes_ky_tarbell_plan_to_enroll_at_albany_play_lacrosse Sounds like the Oakes kid will play right away. Lyle, Fields, Oakes as the starting attack most likely.
  9. I think if they are from a 2 year JUCO like Onondaga CC they can play right away. Not sure what the rules are about going from a DII or III school to DI. Four year DI to DI I believe they have to sit out a year unless they get NCAA to make an exception.
  10. So according to verbal commits we offered both of these guys? http://cecilscene.com/hoops-dreams-deferred/
  11. Sanders is listed as 6'4 from what I have seen.
  12. That would make some sense. I'm sure Brown has talked to McCaffery about him. "BCS level transfer wing" fits the description, but if it is Stokes it seems a little misleading considering he was a walk-on until his senior year and pretty much never played while he was there. Not sure what he would bring basketball wise, but he did receive the team's Appreciation Award this past year so if anything he seems like a good teamate.
  13. Says Tallahassee head coach Eddie Barnes: "He is a very skilled big man, but he's not a high-riser. He will play on the rim, not over it. His body allows him to push people around. He's willing to get better and that's what I like about him right now. He fits the mold of the big men we've been successful with in the past ..."
  14. Looks like he was born in Jan '93. So he will be 24 when he is playing in the NCAA tourney his senior year...for the 3rd time
  15. This site lists Marcus Freeman, a 6-8 JUCO PF as a high interest prospect. http://www.verbalcom.../schools/albany Also has offers from Buffalo, Coastal Carolina, FGCU, Hofstra, Marshall and Washington State
  16. Monmouth University is in the lead for Providence graduate Brice Kofane according to this: http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/brice-kofane#sthash.TYdrPy8i.dpuf Not sure of the source, so who knows.
  17. Seems like exactly what this team needs. Hopefully they can make it happen.
  18. Lose to Canisius 14-10. Another game where they get beat handily on face-offs and ground balls. Extremely disappointing so far. Hope they get their act together and make a run like the basketball team, but not looking so good right now. Thought they would be better than this.
  19. Can someone explain to me what is up with Hooley and those awful looking leaning 3pt attempts? I saw him do that a couple of times against Mt. St. Mary's too. Why does he do that? Is that really his 3 point motion?
  20. College basketball fans continue to warm up to the First Four, as truTV delivered the highest-rated and most-viewed NCAA First Four opening night ever since the current format began in 2011. The NC State/Xavier matchup drew an average of 1.7 million total viewers and a 1.1 household score to rank as the most-viewed and highest-rated NCAA First Four telecast of all time, up 42% over the comparable game in 2013, according to Nielsen Fast Nationals. Together with the opening game of the doubleheader pitting Albany/Mount St. Mary's, the telecasts averaged 1.4 million total viewers and a 0.9 HH rating, up 22% and 29%, respectively, over the comparable doubleheader last year.
  21. So if we win this game does this officially count as a NCAA tourney W? Meaning after this win and then losing to Florida would Albany's record in the tourney be 1-4? Just wondering how this game is viewed when it comes to the official stats.
  22. For people who have been to lacrosse games at Albany before can you just show up and get tickets or do you have to get them beforehand? Planning a family trip for the Bing game on 4/26 and could have a decent crew 6-8 adults and 3-5 kids. I'm thinking we can just get them when we show up, but don't want to make a 3 hour trip and then be out of luck when it comes to tickets. Or now I see I can just order them online so I'll probably do that.
  23. Just seems odd that Russell didn't get some chances vs. UMass based on the stats so far this year: Face-off % Connor Russell 20-42 .476 Kevin McNally 21-56 .375 Artie Marrapese 10-30 .333
  24. Is Connor Russell hurt? Not showing up in the box score and he is our best hope with face-offs.
  25. Danes crush #10 UMass 25-10. 25 goals ties the school record I believe. Lyle with 4 goals and 5 assists. Miles and Ty with 5 goals apiece. For perspective UMass was 4-0 coming in, only allowing 5, 11, 4 and 2 goals in their first four games.
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