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  1. Patrick gym has always been a 6th man when packed. They may or may no be dominant, but lose that extra edge.
  2. How does the men's season realistically look? Are we going to have UA hoops this year?
  3. Seeing that factions from around the country are making demands, ridiculous and absurd as they may be..... Can we demand that Cuomo fund an expansion of Casey?? And throw in a new practice facility??
  4. “Coronavirus Forces 100K NY Small Businesses To Close Permanently” Small businesses, jobs, livelihoods, even nursing home residents... all non essential. How about we end the bull$iena so we all can enjoy some UA football this fall, with fans rocking the stadium. http://news.yahoo.com/coronavirus-forces-100k-ny-small-192934579.html?soc_src=community&soc_trk=ma
  5. Let's hope that is a good sign for fall collegiate sports. Question. If UAlbany football happens at Ford Field in a few months, and they allow spectators, who's going and who will choose not to go due to the virus?
  6. I'm needing to get back to Mexico to check on our English school.. We had to shut down, as per local government edict. As of now, the city will be shut down until mid June. As you do, we continue paying our teachers and our manager. Unfortunately, most people haven't the source of income or stimulus down there, and things are getting very concerning. Soldiers are monitoring the local hospitals, and are turning away most individuals. Semi-essential services are prohibited until further notice. We are doing fine here in FL. Whether one agrees or not, most of Florida has/is reopening, and seems to be doing very well. With that said, glad you're doing well.
  7. I'm simply pointing out two headlines that nbc and cnn have reported on..... which are always gospel facts to you folk..... that report that California has slashed state workers' pay by 10% while at the same time, creating a stimulus package for the illegal immigrants. It's all fact, coming from your favorite sources. At least these government workers are still getting paid, while being forced to stay in their homes. The private sector, the businesses getting forced shut, and all of the workers and their children that suffer...... aren't so lucky as the government folk.
  8. Come on now. You're not a beer drinker. You're a spritzer drinker, aren't you... admit it.
  9. Best, the master of deflect and redirect. Dicken, a wanna be best.
  10. Homer speaks again. Just do your research and prove your own facts. It's one of those liberal media rags reporting it. So, you should believe it regardless. Trying to be heard again, to affirm your self importance. Nice subject change my man. LA is a hole btw.
  11. Governor ⁦@GavinNewsom ⁩ Announces a 10% Cut to State Workers before announcing a $125 Million Illegal Immigrant Disaster Relief Fund" due to corona virus – NBC 7 San Diego" B. Kerik Watch out NY State workers living high on the hog... Cuomo might copycat the Kalifornia Kook. No federal bailouts for California. You've been a disaster for decades upon decades.
  12. Yawn. If you insist. No, no federal bailout for New York State. You’re creating your own mess. Over and out. See you in August. Doubtful, but still hopeful.
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