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  1. Come on now. You're not a beer drinker. You're a spritzer drinker, aren't you... admit it.
  2. Best, the master of deflect and redirect. Dicken, a wanna be best.
  3. Homer speaks again. Just do your research and prove your own facts. It's one of those liberal media rags reporting it. So, you should believe it regardless. Trying to be heard again, to affirm your self importance. Nice subject change my man. LA is a hole btw.
  4. Governor ⁦@GavinNewsom ⁩ Announces a 10% Cut to State Workers before announcing a $125 Million Illegal Immigrant Disaster Relief Fund" due to corona virus – NBC 7 San Diego" B. Kerik Watch out NY State workers living high on the hog... Cuomo might copycat the Kalifornia Kook. No federal bailouts for California. You've been a disaster for decades upon decades.
  5. Yawn. If you insist. No, no federal bailout for New York State. You’re creating your own mess. Over and out. See you in August. Doubtful, but still hopeful.
  6. Valiant effort trying to impress. Weak. As always. Be sure to get the last word. Over and out homer.
  7. Best, thank your lucky stars you weren’t Jewish living in Germany during Hitler’s reign. You would have entered the train car voluntarily with a smile on your face.
  8. The people of NYS will decide the issue. If you allow Cuomo to carry on as is, he will shut it down. Living beachside here in FL, every time a hurricane churns near our coast, the local authorities announce a mandatory evacuation order. It is not a legal directive, therefore it is not enforceable, and most stay in their homes. Maybe if NYS pushes Cuomo aside and opens up on their own, then maybe he won’t have an option to shut down college athletics in three months time.
  9. The steak was delicious and the restaurant was packed tonight. Have been on vacation across the state of FL, a few weeks ago, and driving up to GA to buy a new car this week. You guys haven’t even been released from house arrest. Doesn’t look like your leaders want to bring things back to normal. Let’s pray that the lunacy stops and UA Football is on the field this fall. Then again, they probably won’t let fans in the stadium anyways.
  10. UA season going to be axed this coming year. NY primary, secondary , and SUNY will all remotely operate. Get ready parents to be screwed with finding a way to deal with your kids being home during normal school days. Who’s lost their job or have had their small business destroyed so far up there? Fatten everyone up with stimulus and supplemental unemployment, and prepare for getting the rug pulled out from under you when the governmental titties stop producing the monetary milk. Can’t let a ‘crisis’ go to waste, right? Have they released the contact tracing brown shirts up there yet? Nanny State NY. Going to the beach today and then heading out to Outback Steakhouse this evening. Glad we don’t have your narcissistic governor down hear in FL.
  11. Good thing is, you can $iena in your own home, and still make it into the tournament. Or are we in 9th place yet?
  12. Dude needs to chill. Wondering what Vermont fans listening think of him.
  13. Let’s be honest, this is a low level major team in St. John’s. And we are getting slapped like we used to by margins of 30 and 40. 5th year of sub par UA basketball.
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