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  1. Hope dies last... yes it does. My expectations are zero. I will still watch the games, but I don’t expect a difference.
  2. I was astonished how far we fell from last year. It was an amazing feat getting to the final four for a program like UA. If we didn't get Miles and Ty, we wouldn't have gotten Lyle, or Fields...… and none of it would have happened. Does anyone see this team stronger than the UA teams of the past before the Thompson era? Maybe Marr just struck the jackpot with it all, and he was living the Cinderella story. Has the clock struck midnight? Or has he built a legitimate, contending program? Our defense seems to have improved, but maybe it's just a mirage. Maybe not. Hard to swallow this past season.
  3. Having Fields and Ierlan made our season last year. And with the other departed seniors gone this year.... it was an utter collapse. Barely made it into the AE tournament. Without superstars like the Thompsons and Fields... the balls to the wall style doesn’t bring us anywhere. Although there were times our D looked ok this year, we’ve never had a stifling D. Is it possible Marr hits the mega millions again in the recruiting game with more superstars like Lyle that brought us to uncharted waters.
  4. This season won’t do much for recruiting. What a difference a year makes.
  5. Winning 8 and going to the 2nd round was expected by now. $iena happens. It’s unfortunate but doing worse on a year to year basis is usually a bad sign 👀. Hopefully we do not go another five years with the same results. Still strange to give an extension to someone who has no results.
  6. Who the hell moans and stomps their feet every time time someone points out a negative?
  7. If he in fact destroyed the program, why would anyone think he will be able to resurrect it?
  8. Stony brook just beat Vermont. Maybe we will get home field.
  9. 4:31 left on the 1st . 0-0 Who won the first faceoff?
  10. Don’t be so sensitive to differing opinions. I was specifically referring to the face off. Played well vs higher level teams, yes. Against the AE, not so well. Imagine barely squeaking by AE teams and even losing to Vermont. If we play without turnovers and sloppy play, we might stay in the game. We need to swarm TD and pound him.
  11. Anyone want to break down the faceoff stats non-conference vs conference?
  12. What gets old is hearing an essay of bull$iena every time you disagree with someone.
  13. Found it. Watching now. Ridiculous turnovers. Looks like 5, 5, 4, and 4 by quarter. At least they spread em out equally through the game.
  14. Sounds like a load of $iena.
  15. I'm lurking around the corner Mission: to prevent clack from another bracket win!
  16. Dude, you want ball photos? $iena.
  17. Quint is a prick. Period. We need not worry about rankings. I’m nervous about what Ierlan is going to do to us.
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