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  1. Not sure we were a great program when she came in. This sounds like some "Gatusso" rants from prior years. I realize it was a bad weekend, but take a breath, get the yoga mat out.🙏
  2. We had 8 scholarship players available for the game and 1 didn't play.
  3. I thought Rizzuto played good defense. No one shot the three ball very well. Actually the whole yeam played pretty good D. Hansen was a little slow closing out the three, but imho the defensive effort was pretty good.
  4. My big worry is that the dedense hasn't been very good stopping the run. they've stiffened as teams neared the goal line.
  5. Wasn't it a great day to be a Great Dane?
  6. Did the basketball football doubleheader. I waited to get home to read the threads, which I thought might be interesting. I'm on t football next. I expect it will be similar. We stink, we're lousy, things are looking better, we win. Wish we could play a complete game, but we'll take it. Put the gas can back in the garage (we'll need it for the snowblower).
  7. I've heard, if you have basketball parking and come for basketball, if you don't leave you can stay for football game.
  8. Are you off your meds again? We need more of the manic and a little less of the depressive! Hopefully after Wednesday night. It's a little early in the season for a full meltdown.
  9. Let's admit it, before the season started, there weren't many who thought we'd have a meaningful game 10. Undercuffler is a freshman! The future looks a lot better than it did November 2018.
  10. That's why they moved the game. I was hoping for 5, but volleyball goes faster with a shorter time out after 2 games.
  11. Women home opener is tomorrow night vs. Columbia. Does anyone know if Frames is playing?
  12. As we've increased the number of 3s, it decreases the amount of foul shots we get. Hopefully the players can get to the rim and collect some more fouls from opponents.
  13. Shouldn't this be in general same stuff?
  14. We have concessions at 7 pm volleyball, basketball, soccer, football. Several people I spoke with didn't eat prior assuming there might be something at the "Bash". When Will Brown did the preseason event, there were refreshments. He knew how to attract students.
  15. Got way behind in the first game, but got it together late and pulled it out. Each game was better. Beat UMBC 3-2 earlier, so 3-0 this time was really nice.
  16. I see Coach Bassett is being inducted into the St. Rose Hall of Fame. He's a great coach, teacher and gentleman. https://www.strose.edu/alumni_newsletter/meet-the-athletics-hall-of-fame-inductees-for-2019/
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