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  1. I attend most of the games for both men and women. You make it sound like the men do pack the rac. If the traffic on the board were based solely on attendence, there wouldn't "duff" for the men either.
  2. I'm hoping we play a pressing defense and up tempo offense, so that if we have the able bodies, they'll all get minutes and finally all get some rest. If we're deep enough, and the talent is good enough, we can play several combinations of players. As we sat through the last two years, I can't imagine anything but good for the coming year.
  3. I'm neither surprised nor upset that Siena gets more ink. They've been to the NCAA's and NIT several times and we haven't. When we're successful, which should be soon, we'll get our share. I'm sure the Martin article is bigger than the Perry announcement because Martin is here and accessible, Perry is in Texas. I'm willing to wait for the success and the ink.
  4. More affluent (older) fans at baseball vs. LaCrosse. I won $116 in the 50/50, for $10 investment. Gave them (women's soccor) another $16.
  5. I have to disagree with Alumni92. I prefer the lights in the crowd dimmed down. I like the court "spotlighted". It's not really very dark in the stands, just a little dimmer. To each his own I guess. That's my 2 cents.
  6. I heard from someone that Gary Jones came out the 19th rated running back in the combine.
  7. I was in the "Hog Heaven" store at Arkansas a couple month's ago. Quite an operation. It will be a while before the "Dog Coop" (my name) is that big. Baby Steps!
  8. We've got to get Todd to eat some meat!
  9. West Mountain in Glens Falls seems best to me.
  10. It was great last night. I think the pizza party caused the bleachers on the visitors end to be closed. I think if the Pep Band were there for the visitors, as posted earlier, that would be a nice annoyance for them. It was a great effort and the team never gives up!
  11. I've heard the 5/8 rule may be repealed, that might make it attractive to move on to other prospects.
  12. I am a former football player, during ancient times, and now a rabid UA fan for all the teams. I don't understand these comments at all. You win the games on your schedule, regardless of the league you're in. NEC Football AE Basketball, they're neither the SEC nor the ACC, so what! Go Danes.
  13. Just wanted to thank you for your hard work on the board. This is great.
  14. I have attendedc most of the women's home games for 3 years. Coach Patterson has definitely done a good job with the team. The recruiting will have ups and downs regardless of your ability to recruit. Hopefully we'll have more successes than failures. I have faith in both programs. Time to head for U Mass. Happy Holidays.
  15. Most Freshmen would be red shirted anyway. Playing @ HVCC would seem to be more beneficial than watching the others for a year or 2.
  16. I also liked the lights dimmed. There seemed to more people at the game than most games last year. Things seem to be looking up!
  17. Wilson's knee is ok, based on conversations this weekend.
  18. the men and women's basketball teams have exhibition games on Nov. 16 & 17. The men are playing the Big Apple All-Stars at 4pm on Nov. 16 and the women are playing the NWBL All-Stars on Mon. Nov. 17 at 7pm.
  19. There is an exhibition game on Sunday November 16th at 4pm I don't know who the opponent is.
  20. I can't believe you'd give anything Roger says any credibility at all
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