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  1. Been lucky enough to go to Hawaii 6 times. Such an awesome place and agree with everything Dane96 said. Maui and Kauai are my two favorite islands. Big Island a close 3rd.
  2. This is a message board filled with fans. All you will get her is opinions. Only people who know the facts work for the school and aren't on this board. They've all made it pretty clear football is now the most important sport to the Athletic Dept (that much seems to be fact from Benson's comments). MY OPINION: If that is the case, I don't see them shutting down the program.
  3. It's not doom and gloom, it's reality. Very hard to recruit after a season like this and even harder to recruit when the coach has one year left on his contract. Good players want to know their coach will be there for more than one year. Is there a place in UAlbany's future for football after the 2022 season? - Of course there is. Whether the conference is the NEC or the CAA .... will we be the next Hofstra and Northeastern? - CAA Was keeping Gattuso a set up for the football program to fail completely? - What? Lunacy
  4. National Signing Day: Does Gattuso and his assistants make any headway? What recruit would look at this program right now and REALLY want to come here? Lame duck coach with a REALLY bad team Transfer Portal: Who leaves UAlbany for better opportunities .... Can UAlbany find someone in the portal to fill a need? ...willing to take a huge chance Why would any good player want to stay here with a lame duck coach and a REALLY bad team? Does Gattuso jettison some of his assistants? I doubt it. Does Benson and Vic make a visible effort supervise Gattuso? Has Benson and Vic dictated changes they want? Supervise? Are either of them football guys? Are they going to say who starts, who sits, what plays to run? highly doubt it. Honestly, this whole thing is terrible. To me next year is a throwaway season.
  5. I think they are playing great overall. Just an observation watching every game except E. Kentucky. Definitely impressive they are this close. Good defense so far too!
  6. Yup, that's the worst part is they are getting open shots and SHORT open shots and not hitting them.
  7. Don't know where this goes but UNH is giving Marquette a run for their money on FS2.
  8. Most of those threes were contested or from very deep. Ball movement sucked or Towson just played really good D.
  9. Perhaps, Mark Benson put Greg on notice after the game....watched Mark Benson and Vic Cegles chat on the sidelines late in the 2nd half, both looked disgusted ... Very similar look they had in Hartford last March 2021. As my wife stated, the coach knows his fate...the team knows his fate...and if you have taken the time to listen to their families...they know his fate New comment: The one thing I see coming from recent comments about the attendance is a total disrespect for our student-athlete families, friends and supporters of UAlbany who have decided to attend these games... in hopes of better days to come I'm quite confused by your posts. Are you saying GG should go or stay? And how is anyone on this board going to say what the solution is if GG goes? No one here knows what the coaching landscape will look like in the offseason. No one here is going to offer up names if that is what you are looking for. Get rid of GG and move on. Do a thorough search and find someone. Would suck if he sucks too but what we do know is THIS right now is not working and hasn't for years.
  10. Yeah, this is really rough. Rebounding has been a huge problem. Lots of second chance pts for Towson. We have 14 pts in the second half and they have 35. That is NOT good. Can't buy a bucket on the offensive end but the offensive flow and movement has not been good at all. Hoping this is just new players learning to play together but as of right now, this is a total disaster of a game.
  11. Disaster season, Gattuso must go, my flosports sub expires in 4 days and won't be resubbing, I'm out on this season and next if Gattuso is still the coach. Benson should probably go too, he's been terrible.
  12. This is pathetic. I have no idea why I'm wasting my time. What a horrible play call and pass. 17-0.
  13. Happy for Coach Brown. Found this interesting in an article I read about it. I wonder who that might be. "He told reporters he had interviewed for a college coaching job recently, but felt it wasn’t worth relocating his family for."
  14. Can someone tell me how many different uniforms and helmets this team has? Nitpicking I know but seems like a waste of money unless they get them free as part of some contract with the uniform/helmet companies but I don't think that's how it works.
  15. Are you saying since he is no longer at Albany the fans shouldn't follow his coaching career or his son's college basketball career? I think it's great that the fans want to support them both. Just my opinion though.
  16. Was just coming to ask the same thing. Usually lots of chatter about this game. Amazing how this school is slowly alienating it's most loyal fan base to the point that this group here is not posting or fired up at all for any sports really.
  17. How much cash is the school getting for this game? How much you think Stony Brook is getting to go to Oregon?
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