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  1. 6 hours ago, Dane96 said:

    Speculation, of course, but if there is evidence that these allegations are true and let's say there is evidence that Killings hid the facts from his superiors, this would arguably allow a for cause termination...meaning no payout.  

    Genuine question- where do you feel he goes after his teammates?

    Didn't Killings already admit that he had inappropriate physical contact with the player and didn't report it right away?  From the article:

    “I realize that the physical contact I had with the student-athlete during the pre-game hype circle was inappropriate, and not communicating it to the UAlbany administration was a mistake.”

    I'm pretty sure I said it then and I will said it again, he should've been fired and not suspended and still feel that way. Honestly, what's happened to the football program and this situation coming out last spring are why I've mostly been absent from this site and from supporting these programs.  I'm pretty much done. I have no interesting in support this AD and these two coaches. 


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  2. OK, I've been MIA for most of the summer/fall on this board.  I knew about the renovations but just read through the thread and reviewed the schedule on our site.  FAU coming up the play us at "home" is nice. Anyone know is AmEast games will be on ESPN+?  I see some FloSports games which sucks. 



  3. On 10/23/2022 at 8:06 AM, jimbo said:

    This was a clear warning of how nothing is ever GG’s fault. 

    Speaking of "nothing is ever GG's fault"....  It's the refs!

    UAlbany leads CAA football in penalties. “We’ve got to cut down on some, and some of it, I think is inconsistent on some of the calls,” Greg Gattuso said. “I see around the league what goes on and I’m very frustrated with some of the ticky-tack stuff that we get called on us.”

  4. This is really sad. I loved watching UA football on Saturday's.  I'm not local so I remember watching grainy video on the Dane Zone. Now I find myself not caring at all. I gave up my FloSports subscription after a month and basically follow games through twitter if at all.  I had so many of my alumni friends getting involved, was putting together trips to Albany for games and got those friends to away games that were close to the NYC area. Now none of them want to make these trips anymore. None of them are engaged in the program.  It's sad and terrible and I hope someone from Athletic Dept reads this to see that Gattuso blowing this program up has a real effect on alumni engagement and donations. 

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  5. 33 minutes ago, UA1882 said:

    This team is poor.  I feel bad for the kids. The worse part is the team lost by 5. Which means we will hear about how close they were and if only a couple of plays were different....ect.... Things losers say. 


    “We’ve also got to be a lot better on special teams. We’ve got to do a lot better catching the ball. That play was the difference in the game.”

    The career high 202 yards rushing and 3 TDs by Laube. Your QB constantly running for his life. The costly penalties. Those had nothing to do with it? Nope, it was the muffed catch, that one play was the difference. Nice job pinning the loss on one kid coach. 

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  6. Little bit of grab ass in the hype circle never hurt anyone. 😛

    Seriously though, I haven't been on here in a while and saw the story pop up yesterday so I came to read.  20 pages was too much to read. I think this is a terrible look for the school, Benson and Killings.  I really think Benson has done a completely terrible job and should not be the AD anymore.




  7. On 12/13/2021 at 10:15 PM, DanesRGood said:

    Not really on topic but I have FuboTV and I love it compared to YouTubeTV.  IT doesn't have Turner networks (TNT, TBS, TruTV, CNN, etc) and the YES network (I'm a Mets fan) but does have everything else I want.  If YouTubeTV becomes s problem for anyone I suggest doing a 7 day trial of Fubo. 


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