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  1. I think this is great for recruiting. Great job by Coach Brown!
  2. I've had this game on my calendar as one that I wanted to make the trip for. It's about 2 hours or so for me to drive up. I'm guessing that tickets will be very easy to get since no students will be around. Is this a good game to go to? I'd be bringing my wife and 3 year old son with me as well.
  3. I'll start with the stat that I thought was interesting about Tim Ambrose's performance. This is all from http://www.goduke.com/ : Here are some quotes from Coach K and Coach Brown: Coach K: Coach Brown:
  4. No clue, but I am disappointed (Like that matters much-- I am just a fan). I know it takes time for JUCO's to adjust-- I would love nothing more than him to be Siggers in his development-- but I am unimpressed so far with his offensive game. His defense, IMHO, isn't as spectacular as some seem to think. Maybe I am missing something, but hopefully the kid...and is just that...a kid...gets out of his slumber. He has the physical tools... I agree with D96, I'm unimpressed with his offensive game....check that. I don't know if he has one or not because he is UNWILLING to display any semblance of offense. His D is above average but unspectacular. I'm also unimpressed with Lillis as a ball handler....he seems way out of control way to many times for a senior. It's like when he gets doubled, he's so afraid to turn the ball over that he'll either clear out with his off arm, bowl someone over and in the process gets called for an offensive foul, or loses the ball outright. I don't know about anyone else, but I do not want to see him bringing the ball up when pressured, far to often it results in a TO. I often get the feeling that Lillis is playing out of position, pure and simple. I don't know what his role was in high school, but I am guessing he mostly played forward. If he were a great ball-handling guard at 6'5" with a better 3-point shot, he could be playing for a BCS school or a top mid-major. Don't get me wrong; I like Brian's game otherwise, and we're better with him. But I do agree with other posters that Scrap probably ought to be our primary point guard at some point this season. Regarding Jerel, I just wish he could step it up so I can make my red and blue Jerel sign with a "5" in place of the Superman "S". Or perhaps the sign needs to be made first... I'll be in our nation's capital this weekend visiting younger brother S€, so give Boise State hell on Saturday boys and girls. Peace out, S€ Agree that Lillis is out of position. He is a small forward who is playing point guard probably because Coach Brown likes his experience and trusts him to provide leadership. It's obvious though that he has trouble against pressure getting the ball up the court. Maybe against some of the AE teams he can do it but against better defensive teams it's beena big problem.
  5. I was surprised that he only played 1 minute since he is a good defender. Has he fallen out of favor with Coach Brown? Any ideas?
  6. I agree that I would've liked the score to be closer but it was just great to watch the team play @ Duke on a national cable station. Very exciting. I think at one point they cut the lead early in the second half and that was an awesome stretch to watch them compete at a high level. I'm proud of our players and our school.
  7. IE7 blocked it on my machine the first time I came here this morning. Seems gone now though.
  8. That is good news that it was approved by SUNY. Now lets hope the Governor approves it as well. I posted this is another thread but thought it should be posted here as well: I just sent Gov Spitzer and Lieutenant Gov Paterson emails about the stadium. It probably won't help but it can't hurt. If you have a second you can do the same as well. Here are the links. Spitzer: Lt. Gov.:
  9. 300 piece? I think that could translate into another easy grand showing up to games. Like I said you would be adding band members and their supporters like parents and girlfriends/boyfriends etc. I would imagine that's something the music department would have to hook up? If SUNY is adding all this new faculty I would imagine that some of the new hires would be from schools accustomed to marching bands like Big 10, Big 12 type alumni. They might think it's a good idea also. Where would they sit?
  10. I wasn't at the game but readin the coach's comments and seeing that someone was injured is pathetic and outragous. Here is a link to the emails for the St. Bonnie Athletic Dept if you would like to send along your thoughts. http://gobonnies.cstv.com/staffdir/stbo-staffdir.html
  11. What do you mean there's no real college community on campus? There's no sense of ownership in the university by the students. That is what I call a college community. The majority of kids that go to UA go there, make a limited number of friends (usually based on sports or freshman room assignments) and stay within that group for the four (or five) years they are there. After that they leave with no further attachment to the school. There is nothing on campus to bring students together. I graduated in 96 and have been back many times. When I was there I felt a sense of community and to this day still feel a great attachment to the school and the area.
  12. I just sent the Gov Spitzer and Lieutenant Gov Paterson emails about the stadium. It probably won't help but it can't hurt. If you have a second you can do the same as well. Here are the links. Spitzer: Lt. Gov.:
  13. That would be my choice as well. Drop the State and just go with UNY. First thing I thought of when I read this thread was THIS.
  14. I honestly want to fly to Dayton and slap these announcers. Dayton player makes a big hit and it's the hardest hit they've ever seen. Albany player makes a great hit and it's all about the Dayton player making a great catch and holding onto the ball. Not looking good though. The defense really isn't stopping much. We need a turnover.
  15. I've been to a ton of concerts there over the years and always parked down near McDonalds. Always seemed like and easy way to get away from that area after the event.
  16. In the short time I've been on this board, this is the funniest thing I've read here. I like Iati and glad he is able to play. I can't wait for him to get his stroke back and start banging threes. Hopefully it will be Saturday.
  17. I also wish they would show the game on the Dane Zone since I am down on Long Island. You can get streaming video thru Siena's athletic site but you will have to register and it will probably be about $7 for a one game viewing. I did this for the Bucknell game. I didn't even think to check their site. There are three packages through CSTV All-Access. There is no one game package. Careful if you sign up for the monthly because it will continue to charge you every month automatically if you don't cancel. Siena All-Access Monthly $6.95 (Billed Monthly) Siena games streamed live, men’s and women’s sports, highlights, interviews, press conferences and exclusive subscriber-only features. Siena All-Access Yearly $49.95 (Billed Annually) Siena games streamed live, men’s and women’s sports, highlights, interviews, press conferences and exclusive subscriber-only features. CSTV XXL Yearly $119.95 (Billed Annually) Thousands of games streamed live. Over 30 men’s and women’s sports from 100+ top schools and conferences. Plus coach’s shows, highlights, press conferences & more! Also get access to select Pay-Per-View Games.
  18. Hey buddy, glad you were able to get on! I would be so happy if your prediction comes true. I just doubt we will be able to hold then to 66 points. That would be great!! Any idea how many UA fans will be there? Will there we a lot of students there?
  19. I know the Dane Zone only shows home games but since it is a local away game I was hoping they would be showing the game. I really wish I could be there but I can't.
  20. Maybe to a dimwit like you. But anyone can get any sports news they want instantly without sitting though the unnecessary hype on sportscenter in plenty of other places. Maybe I shouldn't say that since you probably are not capable of doing that. I couldn't agree more. Sportscenter sucks so bad. It's all about hyping what is on ESPN or ABC. Their segments are getting worse and worse (see the "Who's Now" garbage they did). I'd much rather watch ESPN News where they just give you the scores and stats without all the sarcasm and hype.
  21. I wonder if it was on outside of the Albany area. I've been watching the game from the beginning but on my computer as well so could have easily missed it.
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