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  1. I hate calling out single players but #43 hasn't been very good this whole season. I watch the MLB play a lot. Held them to a FG! That's a win! haha. I expected a total blowout here so I'm not surprised by this.
  2. Mofor whiffed hard on a blitzer on that 4th down play. Too many mistakes. Too many penalties. Line needs to figure out how to get better or it's going to be a long offensive season.
  3. Why are they not calling time outs?!?!? They have 3??? Wasted a good 20 seconds so far. 35 seconds left and still have 3 timeouts. Dumb.
  4. No huddle, quick snaps had the defense on their heals and used some misdirection on some of those passes which was nice to see some imagination.
  5. Interesting bit from the article: Gattuso said senior running back Karl Mofor is making himself available for the NFL draft. Depending on what happens, Mofor will decide on moving forward or returning to college for a final year of eligibility.
  6. So, has there been any speculation on what happened with Tehoka?
  7. Or maybe DK thought he didn't fit his vision and hinted that he should? Never know but either way definitely not good. Nice player.
  8. It's up. Press conference doesn't start until 50 minutes into the video.
  9. Posted this in the other thread. Does anyone know what this means from the article? Naming rights? The money will pay for 175 new endowed student scholarships, the university’s first endowed internship called the Massry Community Service Fellows, naming gifts to new academic and athletic facilities, and benefiting the university’s student emergency fund, which has financially supported students during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. I really cannot stand today's read option, almost exclusively shotgun offenses. Especially when you don't have a running QB. I miss the i formation with a good lead blocking FB. The zone blocking schemes leave too much up to the RB an QB to read the defense. I miss a good trap play with a down block and a pulling guard.
  11. My only problem with the so-called "cancel culture" is most of the times the people who could be offended aren't really offended and it's others who think those people should be offended who are pushing for these changes. There was a poll in the Washington Post a while back that showed 9 out of 10 Native Americans polled were not offended by the Redskins name. I'm not saying that I agree or disagree with any of it. As Eli said, none of it really effects me so I don't really care much. I just think sometimes people who are also NOT effected by it are the ones making the biggest stink about it when the people who they feel should be offended aren't offended.
  12. I check in on his team every year since he started there. Think it is great what's he done there and if we can't get an established asst from a big school, I would love to see him get a shot here.
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