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  1. He said, β€œWe’re going to leave the compensation package, generally, where it is,” Benson said.
  2. Told to drop it? That's some BS. If the video is terrible than I guess I'll just stop watching and supporting.
  3. Just watched the replay of the game since I was out last night. I thought the defense played very well most of the game and the offense was good and bad. The line worries me a lot. Hopefully they gel as the season goes on. Other than one long run, the running game was bad and JUC was under pressure when he didn't get the all out quick. Teams will start to play for the quick passes and he is going to need more time. Good win though!
  4. Watching on AETV but it won't let me go full screen on multiple browsers. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Is this real? Is this some sort of state mandate? Why would they list this job on there like that?
  6. Miss that place. 5 of my friends worked there so we got some "good deals" when we went there. Loved their wings too.
  7. Wait, what is this? Where have I been? There is going to be a spring football season? To play for what? Conference championship? Sorry pandemic got me all out of sorts and out of touch!
  8. I don't think ANYONE here wants the incoming coach to fail. Some may not be super supportive at first but we all want nothing but success for the program.
  9. I wonder if WB made is clear in the few chances he got that he wanted to keep his family in Albany and some schools didn't want to waste their time courting him to be their coach. I know no one at all so this is pure speculation from me an may be way off base.
  10. Good for him. I left this out of my previous post but I agree with the others on Benson. He's done nothing that I can point to and say, "wow! that was really great for the department and the school".
  11. I'm definitely sad today and I honestly can't say whether this was the right move or not, especially after the crappy covid stuff the program had to deal with. I will ALWAYS be thankful and support Coach Brown no matter where he goes. He's been such a great coach, a good person and my interactions with him were always good ones. I will say that since Chad O'Donnell and Jeremy Friel left that the recruiting has gone south and once they started missing on the 4 year kids they had to scramble with Jucos and transfers and it's hard to build a good program that way. Jucos an transfers used to be used to fill gaps by Brown, not create rosters. The Cremo and Nichols late transfers didn't help much either and set the program back and you can even say may still have not recovered from. I will never forget the experiences that all those seasons bought me though. Especially getting some of my college friends back together a few times a year to travel up for games or to road games and the fun times that created. The tourney games and championship games I attended (3 out of the 5) were unforgettable. THANK YOU COACH BROWN! I just hope they make the right hire who can keep some of the good kids on the roster right now and get back to recruiting some good 4 year kids. Feels like its been a bit since we had a freshman to get excited about other than Healy.
  12. I'll admit, sadly, I've hardly followed this season. Where is Healy? I think I asked previously and someone said he was hurt. Then I see minutes in the stats. Is he still hurt or lose his role?
  13. I havent been on much and have missed a lot of games this year for the first time in many years due soto some personal issues. I know Cam was hurt but I don't think he is anymore since I see he is getting minutes. What's the story? Did he lose his job? Sorry if this was talked about already.
  14. Been out of the loop a bit. When did the SBU games get postponed? I take it that it's covid related?
  15. It was so weird watching the second half and for most of it all new players on the court. It was like watching a different program. I really hope they can come together and grow as a team and win a bunch of games this season.
  16. I haven't posted here in a very long time. Been reading on and off. I was about to come here during halftime to complain about how bad this team is. Well, they shut me up with a really good second half and a very nice win!
  17. If you renew and the season doesn't happen then I would think they would either refund you or put it towards next year's tickets. I've seen that with baseball tickets already.
  18. I might as well join the fun. I came to Albany in 93 as a transfer after my freshman year to play baseball. I blew out my elbow in the first fall practice trying to impress everyone with my quick and hard throws to second base as a catcher. Had surgery and never stepped on the field at UA again. I attended a good number of football and basketball games but not as many as I should have. I do remember the 94 D3 tourney very well though and the 2 point loss to NYU in the elite eight. It was fun to see the place packed! Lastly, I met a girl in spring 93 during happy hour at Peabody's. I never thought 27 years later we'd still be together with two great kids. 😁
  19. Get him in the gym during the offseason. Kid can shoot, had some moves, can play a little D, has some hops and has a lot to fix.
  20. Hutch is a freshman. Kid is going to be a player for this program.
  21. I really hope Rizzuto stays and improves. He plays hard and is a great kid.
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