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  1. I think he is definitely not right. If you watch the few jumpers he's taken, he is not getting the lift with his legs. Not jumping high at all.
  2. Ah, OK. ESPN broadcast had me fooled. haha! Said 12 next to their name the whole game.
  3. I watched the replay last night because I missed it live. I'm very happy to see them beat the #12 team in the country. Yes, there was sloppy play, yes Drexel missed some opportunities but so did UA. I counted at least 3 times where their goalie made a great save on a very close shot or we missed an easy scoring opportunity so it goes both ways.
  4. For all the crap he has gotten on this board, the young man seems to play his heart out on the court. Is every decision perfect but sometimes you have to deal with those in order to see some of the great things he does. Congrats to Ahmad!
  5. Hoping for a in tonight! Always hate this game for the team for some reason. I also don't like he excuse of the long bus ride because Maine doesn't really have any short trips and all other teams have to visit them too. PS - These injuries stink. We've been lucky over the recent years though to not have many of our top players hurt for really long periods of time. It was bound to happen.
  6. That's awesome. Kid is a player! So good to see another good young freshman!
  7. First 5 mins of the second half killed us. Other than that it was even really.
  8. First five minutes of the half lost the game. The rest of the game has been pretty even. Sad to waste was was overall a good effort.
  9. Lamb shoots 28% from 3 but of course he's 3-4 from 3 and has 18 pts already. He's due to miss 4 to get to his season average. Not bad so far on the offensive side. Need to play better defense. I got worried when we got down 10 but they made a nice run!
  10. Scoring is my worry too. Only have watched a few UVM games they seem to defend really well and with our propensity for sloppiness and turnovers it worries me a lot. Also, we have not been shooting very well and that needs to change if we want to in this game!
  11. I'll take it! Let them back in but shut the door at the end. Love seeing de Sousa have a nice game, especially with the bad ankle.
  12. Man Lulka cannot stay on the floor. I don't think he's been healthy the whole season.
  13. Happy to see Rizzuto having a good game. Shooting well and playing decent D.
  14. Shorthanded again. Let's see what they can do. I don't remember a season where so many players were banged up.
  15. 17 turnovers, terrible shooting, bad game overall. Reverted back to OOC play today.
  16. Agree with you both. I'm really pulling for Rizzuto to improve but he's just not playing well. At least he's hit a few threes today. I think we are shooting 29% from the field. Hard to win games that way. That's crazy low.
  17. Just missing wide open threes. They are well below their season average. They hit their season average and they have the lead. Hopefully second half they start to drop. I wish they would try to get the ball in deep to the big men sometimes. Hansen especially.
  18. Not saying there something going on between them. I'm just saying it was nice to see some fire from one of the players and some passion. Haven't seen much of that. asn't saying anything negative. Actually think it's a positive. Ahmad showing some leadership there.
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