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  1. Watching the replay and right after the horn at halftime Clark goes off on Rizzuto and they kind of argued a bit. It was caught on camera but Clark was very animated. That's something I haven't seen from anyone on the team this season.
  2. Missed the game with kids stuff. Was hoping not to see the replay before the score and instead it was the first score when I opened up ESPN. I'll still watch but looks like they rolled! Good to see!
  3. I will say that in recent years this board has become a bit more malicious with how players are talked about. I've been on here for many years and never do I remember people talking so badly about the student athletes. There was criticism but some of it now is a good bit worse than it used to be. What you say may be reality but it doesn't make it right. These aren't pro athletes and I think they deserve a little bot more leeway. Just my thoughts. This is why I don't really read much, especially during games and post a lot less than I used to.
  4. de Sousa upsets me the most. He played close to my home and I knew some people who attended some of his games and they RAVED about him. He was selected to the All NEPSAC Team as a senior which is a solid accomplishment. I REALLY thought he was going to be a player. He has shown flashes the past two years but just cannot put it all together and even his blocked shots are down from last year. I really hope he can figure this out and become a contributor.
  5. Once again had to miss the game, this time an exciting band concert. Just finished the replay. It's always fun reading through the thread afterwards while knowing the outcome. lol. Tough game. Like always some boneheaded plays, turnovers and offensive droughts. Those stink but they never gave up and won a road game. 3-0! Keep it rolling.
  6. Also saw this. https://ualbanysports.com/news/2020/1/10/athletics-craig-turnbull-hired-as-ualbanys-associate-athletic-director-for-development.aspx Honestly found it odd that he has some amazing experience in branding and marketing but they hired him for: Turnbull's efforts will focus on strengthening philanthropic support for Great Dane athletics, with a special emphasis on securing major gifts and overseeing the Great Danes Athletic Club.
  7. Everyone OK?!?! haha! Just busting balls fellas. Basketball is a game of runs. Bing made their run and our team withstood it and closed the door. Solid win!
  8. missed the first half and no way to go back on ESPN for some reason. Malachi gone crazy. Love to see this!
  9. Stats don't always tell the story and the kid is REALLY good but he made him work hard for his points. I just felt watching the game he was all over him.
  10. That was fun to watch at the end. Stole one. I thought they waited too long to foul Columbia's PG with 20 seconds left but it turned out alright. de Sousa with some big shots, Lauderdale with a huge tip on the inbounds and then the foul on Healy sealed it. Brown was pumped. I liked to see it. I know this team has some warts but they play hard and don't give up. I think de Sousa is only going to get better. I thought he played excellent defense tonight on Columbia's best player. The announcers seemed to think so too. I really hope they start to click offensively because I think it's a good group of kids who really care and put max effort.
  11. Just reading through this thread now. Watched on replay. Did you turn it off?? I guess I'll have to see in the upcoming posts! haha. Just messing with you Click!
  12. Same to you and everyone on here. Hope you all have a great time over the holidays, have some fun and spend enjoyable time with family and friends!
  13. I would 100% agree with your last statement. I don't think anyone is saying that we can or even want to go FBS. I just don't see it happening. BUT I could see us competing for an FCS championship at some point with the right staff and right recruits and that would be absolutely FANTASTIC for the school, students, players, coaches and fans. Forgot to add, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
  14. 4 titles in 14 years and no playoff wins in the NEC. I'm all for the CAA and honestly wish we would move there for all sports but I know that won't happen because of the funds it would take to do it. One playoff appearance in 7 years in the CAA and a win in the playoffs and I thought we had the talent to compete with MSU but it just didn't work out. No way would I want to still be in the NEC. Sorry ds.
  15. Don't get me wrong. I'm as frustrated as anyone but it's hard to read the swings of emotions in the game threads. haha! Start of the game everyone was happy. Then 10 mins of $iena and everyone loses their minds. I 100% get it but that's the ebbs and flows of a game. Monmouth is not a bad team, they are well coached, we were on the road and almost won. Probably should've won. I just wish it wasn't always so extreme to the negative. There is still a good bit of season left to turn this around and I hope they do. I don't know if they will though and if they don't I won't set myself on fire. Also, I'm gonna say it! I'm gonna say it right now! The core of this team is still young. Healy, de Sousa, Lulka, Hanks, Rizzuto and I would throw Hutch in there are all very young. Then there are the Jucos who are upperclassmen but basically freshman or sophs when it comes to D1 playing time. So I think this team can be good over the next couple years with the right mix of players added and current players growing.
  16. This place is getting a bit toxic and way too negative. Maybe I'm just overly optimistic and willing to deal with some down years. We've had them before. 07-08 through 10-11 were at .500 or below and included a 7-25 season. It happens. They miss on recruits, they mess up with coaching in season, they take too long to find their rotation. It happens to so many mid majors. I'm happy with the success we've had and agree with Patch that the staff probably reached to fill the roster when Cremo/Nichols left, some graduations and some transfers happened. It is what it is but reading the game threads you would think this team was going to end up 7-25 again. It's a long season. We will see how they do once the conference schedule starts. They've sucked in OOC before and played well in conference.
  17. Man you guys are rough. I had no doubt this game would be a blowout. Half the team didn't practice this week. St. John's pressure is really good, they are very fast and swarming. IF anyone thought we would be able to handle their pressure without out turnover prowess then you're nuts. Play it out, learn from it, move on. Loving de Sousa's night though!
  18. Thanks for joining and contributing Coach Nichols. Fans can definitely be hard of these kids sometimes when things aren't going right but I think you will find, on this board at least, that it's rare that a young man's character is called out. Maybe some did when Joe and David transferred since that was very hard for some to digest but overall we understand that these are good young men, good students and good representatives of the university. That is something that I think we can all agree on is that Brown recruits good kids. Some may not live up to our expectations on the court but almost ALL live up to them off the court and in the classroom. Best of luck to you and your son.
  19. It wouldn't be bad if it wasn't 90% of your posts. We get it. You want Brown gone. And I mean this all in the nicest way possible but it gets old.
  20. I haven't been on him much and I know it's been said a bunch but Clark is really hard to watch at this point. Just not smart with the ball at all. It's sad because he has talent.
  21. Stuff like this really bothers me. I cannot watch the game tonight even though I have ESPN+ because I don't have ACC Extra on my cable plan. So annoying.
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