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  1. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-football-tries-to-sustain-success-14893991.php
  2. Agree with Click. Eli, don't be our version of that one fan! 😉 So, when I watched the replay I watched closely to see where UA players were being "scumbags". I would say it was a total overreaction by that poster. There was one instance I saw where I think Mencer pulled the ball out from the guy right after the tackle, which was dumb but not a dirty play. There was definitely a lot of jawing going on but on both sides, which I have never liked but that went both ways. Their guys were getting in our faces after plays just as much as ours. One was called and another on a WR screen was not called but should've been. Yes, refs missed a couple facemask calls, one on them. So that poster was disillusion and I won't hold that against what seems to be a good and dedicated fan base.
  3. Thanks for the response Cledus and also being cordial as well. I'm not sure why but I'm still pissed about the way we lost that game. I watched the replay yesterday and there was just a perfect storm of $iena for UA early in the game. Long TD run, blocked punt for safety, the punt returns sometimes deep into our territory. Just stuff you don't see very often happen in that short of a time span in a game. Best of luck the rest of the way.
  4. Thanks to the Cats fans who signed up. Good to have you here. Didn't get a chance to post during the game because we were having a party here and I'm still in a bit of a fog from a little too much bourbon. I knew this outcome was possible but I honestly thought it would be a closer and more competitive game. I don't mean this as a slight to MSU but more a compliment to our team..... I did not see a HUGE difference in overall talent on the teams. In a few spots yes but overall I don't think we are that much worse of a team and just didn't play well. MSU is a really good team but I think Albany is also! I was very surprised at how well they passed the ball. I was really surprised with the special teams mistakes and long returns that truly killed us early in the game. Our kick coverage has been good all season. I was really surprised that we didn't throw the ball more and with more success. Oh well, it was a great season overall and hopefully something to build on. Undercuffler with another year under his belt, some nice young players need to continue to grow and hopefully the new crop of kids coming in will be good and they will have another successful season next year.
  5. So, I'm sort of having an accidental watch party at my house. My wife and I met at Albany and both graduated from there in 1996. About a month ago we invited five families over for a bit of a holiday celebration Saturday starting at 3pm. Four of them are friends from our time at Albany but none are really deep into following athletics. Only the games I take them to and updates I send to them(Yes, I'm sure that annoying for some but I can't help myself). Anyway, on Saturday I'm hoping they enjoy watching the game because that is what I'm doing. haha! I just hope the team has a good showing for these alumni who are all big sports fans but don't follow Albany sports like I do.
  6. We did a good job against SBU but they got down big so early that they didn't attempt to run a lot in the first half. Second half they did with just a little success.
  7. Senior defensive end Eli Mencer endorsed the idea. He said he's a fan of the Jurassic Park movie franchise. "I'm definitely excited,'' he said. "I've never been to Montana and I know there's not going to be too much stuff out there to do other than to just look at the mountains and whatnot. So to be able to go a museum and see some dinosaurs ... He's pumped about that, so I'm excited." Senior safety Josh Wynn didn't exactly share Mencer's perspective, though Wynn said he'll still have fun. "I am not a fan of perpetual lies,'' he said. "I don't believe in dinosaurs. You can easily fabricate those things. I think that if there were dinosaurs, they'd be excavated all over the world. We could dig some up back here at (Bob Ford Field), a little bit of construction. If dinosaurs roamed all over the earth, they should be everywhere."
  8. I agree. Yale just beat UVM by 13, their only losses are to Penn St and Oklahoma St. They are a very good team and we hung with them most of the game even though we shot terribly from 3 and they shot great from 3.
  9. I feel bad for Rizzuto. He seems like a really good kid but he is having a terrible season offensively. No sure what the coaches are seeing in him at this point.
  10. Rough start but overall I think they are playing pretty well. Up 5 with 3 to go in the half.
  11. I don't think we run a ton of stunts but there is some post snap movement as your coach described in his press conference of switching gaps after the snap. I think our DBs do a good job of making tackles on outside rushes and the LBs can get through the line a good bit to tackle in the backfield but I think a lot of the TFLs are one of the D linemen just beating his man by shooting a gap with some quickness. But as you can see in the stats I posted above they have let up some big rushing days. 5 times this season the opposing team went for 186 or more yards but also, as said before, really seem to tighten up well inside the redzone. CCSU ran for 199 but couldn't get the ball in the endzone and ended up with only 14 pts. The second TD was in the 4th quarter when it was 42-7. I clipped to the point where your coach talks about the dline. He's pretty spot on with his assessment. Not a ton of blitzes.
  12. Run those slants and then pump fake them into this.... Second tweet below. Not sure why it keeps posting both.....
  13. Yes, we've had a great season and I believe we are a very good team BUT did you watch the press conference? The MSU coach made us sound like the best team in the country. The posters on the MSU board even said, "Wait until Monday when our coach makes your team sound like the greatest ever." or something like that. They weren't kidding. He names basically every player and said a number of them can play in the NFL. I think he just exaggerated a bit. That's all. I was NOT taking a shot at our team. As for the rushing defense, it ranked 47th in FCS and allowed almost 150 yards per game. That's not good. We do however make big plays when it counts in the red zone, which you are correct about and where we rank 23rd in Red Zone Defense. We talk about it all the time, bend but don't break. MSU is one of the best rushing offenses in the country against an average rush defense. It will be tough but not impossible! Rushing Yards by game: CMU - 244 Bryant - 120 Monmounth - 190 Lafayette - 94 WM - 184 Richmond - 121 Towson - 93 URI - 144 Maine - 169 Delaware - 225 UNH - 106 SBU - 100 CCSU - 199 That is not that good. It's not TERRIBLE but not good.
  14. Who let these guys in here?!?! Ban them all!!! 😋 Kidding MSU fans. Welcome aboard and glad to read your thoughts. This will definitely be a tough task for the Danes on the road in front of a big/loud crowd against what seems to be a very very tough team. Question for you. Do teams often "stack the box" to try and stop the run and are just unsuccessful because of all the running schemes that MSU runs? It really seems from the stats that the passing game is not that good but that may just be because the running game seems so good or as you said in your post, MSU doesn't need to pass in the second half when up big and the run is working. Our defense is not great against the run so this may be a tough situation for UA. The UA coaches need to somehow figure out how to slow down the run (probably not going to stop it) and force your QB into passing situations, let Mencer and the other boys up front attack the QB and try and force some turnovers. I said it an earlier post that if we can win the turnover battle I think we have a shot to win the game. That will be hard to do from the stats I've seen but I think it's probably the best if not the only path to victory. Another question, I've read a bunch of posts on your forum and your posts here. What are MSUs weakness? From the posts I've read, they have all been about all the great things MSU does (don't take that the wrong way) but I want to hear what you, the fans who have watched most if not all the games, think are the biggest weaknesses. Is it the passing game? Is it pass defense? Is it special teams? Secondary? WRs? QB? Every team has them. Last point, I enjoyed your coaches press conference. He seems like a real football guy and was impressed by the jersey numbers and stats he was pulling out. I know he had notes he was looking at but seemed he had most of it on the tip of his tongue and not just reading off the paper. Impressive. He did however build up UA a lot more than deserved. And someone's comment about the armory ad was more about how it would never be on anything in NY. I think it was just a comment on the differences in culture between the states and not a shot at anyone. Thanks for joining and looking forward to a fun week of build up and hopefully a hard fought game on Saturday.
  15. Looks like the team will practice inside tomorrow. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-football-challenged-by-snowstorm-14875543.php
  16. They said on their site that their coach would make us sound like the Patriots in his press conference and boy were they right. WE ARE THE GREATEST TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! hahahahaaaa... Some of what he said was right on. Our two wideouts are excellent and JU is playing with a lot of confidence and has cut down on the stupid throws. Mofor is a bowling ball who can run people over. Some of the other stuff was just fluff to talk up the opponent so maybe his team doesn't take us lightly. Who knows why he does it.
  17. It does look pretty even but out of all the stats I posted, these are the ones that stand out to me. Again, this is all from stats and some highlights I've watched and I'm not a scout or analyst so I may be way off. It seems their offensive and defensive lines are both excellent. They've only allowed 13 sacks and have 6th best rushing offense in FCS but are 105th in passing offense. Looks like we might have to stack the box and hope our DBs can hold their coverage well. On the other side of the ball their run defense is really good (17th in FCS) and they can get to the QB (19th in sacks in FCS) but their pass defense is mediocre (85th in FCS in passing yards allowed). So I think if we can be really aggressive in run defense and slow that down a bit while on offense getting some rushing yards and being very aggressive in the passing game we will have a shot. As I said earlier I think we have to win the turnover battle. Cause some fumbles, grab an INT, make some special teams plays. Again, take this for what it is. Stats can obviously be misleading and gameplan/gameday adjustments will make a difference but most of the time the stats say who you are.
  18. I think if we are going to pull off an upset creating turnovers is going to play a key role. We have forced 27 turnovers this season in 13 games. That is pretty damn good and if you look at the games we've won turnovers have played a big part. Even in the Central Mich game, we were in the game because of the turnovers we forced (Forced 3, gave up 1) and some nice passes by Undercuffler. At Monmouth, we lost and forced 2 but had 5 turnovers. At Richmond lost the game and the turnover battle 2-0. Against Maine we lost the game and lost the turnover battle 3-1. I won't go into the wins but we forced 6 turnovers in our 4 losses so that leaves 21 turnovers in 9 wins. MSU is a tough team from what I've read and from the stats. They are tough against the run and can pressure the QB a good bit. I know they say their secondary is bigger and faster than what we've seen but I'm confident Green and Reeves have shown they can get open against anyone (see Central Michigan game). My biggest worry is they contain Mofor and are able to get good pressure on Undercuffler to throw off the passing game. This is where the turnovers are going to be big. They have only turned the ball over 9 times the whole season. Only 4 INTs but they had 131 less passing attempts than UA this season and ranked 81st in FCS in passing.
  19. That's pretty funny. I guess SOS means nothing and watching one game tells you everything you need to know about a team. No need to compare SOS or stats. I think it will be closer than they think but I'm also not confident we can beat them.
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