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  1. Eli, I hope you and your family are now thriving in the Tampa area. Yes, the traffic situation here in South(east) Florida was something that was difficult to adapt to. Many people blame the New Yawkers for the problem. Others blame the Latin Americans. I've driven in both of those places, so I can believe it. I also blame the people who actually grew up here. In any case, each group has learned the bad habits of the other groups. I have seen people down here do things with their vehicles that stun me., literally stun me. My wife and I also live part of the year in the Finger Lakes area, and it is quite the reversal to compete for road space with Amish and Mennonite carriages. Towards the end of our stay up there whenever my wife sees me pull a boneheaded maneuver with our car, my wife remarks that I must be thinking of driving back in South(east) Florida! She's always right. In any case, I hope UAlbany does the right thing again and schedule some basketball games at USF and UCF. It's only a four-hour drive NORTH for us to get to USF. And, by the way, the best Cuban food in Florida is found right here in the South(east).

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  2. On 4/5/2021 at 4:33 AM, jimbo said:

    My first game was 1970. I remember names like Jack Jordan, Quatrocchi, Koln, Sheridan. One old memory...didn’t they have a freshman or JV team back then? I think I was at the gym waiting for the court to clear for an intramural game I was playing in. There was a Freshman or JV game going on and just before the game  ended, a UA kid dunked on a breakaway and got T’d up. For you youngsters, they outlawed dunking for a while. 

    Yes, they did have separate varsity and jv teams. Some of the best memories of my now long life included seeing LCC getting beat twice in basketball on the same night.

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  3. I am a man created in God's image, just like any other human, and we all deserve a certain amount of dignity, but we as a human race screwed up very early on. I don't think we have improved much. Twentieth century history demonstrates that. Just like everyone like you, I recoiled at the image of George Floyd unable to breathe and see him deprived of dignity and life.

    I have seen examples of police misconduct, so I am not blind to the problem, but the scrutiny under which they now have to function is unwarranted. Every time a policeman shoots an unarmed black man, he will automatically be deemed guilty by many people -- regardless of the circumstances, but let an unarmed white person be killed bay a policeman it will basically be ignored, which leads me to believe that the media play an outsized role in the turmoil going on today. As I intimated above, we humans all make mistakes, but policemen are not allowed to make any. They must justify 100% of their actions. In a recent year 8 unarmed (but mostly of them suspicious) black men were killed by policemen, regardless of race. In the same year 11 unarmed (but most of them suspicious) white men were killed by policemen, regardless of race. That's 19 people out of a total population of 330,000,000. If you accept the proposition that humans make mistakes, that's a pretty small number. I don't believe that more police training would substantially reduce that number. Would I like to be one of those 19 victims? No, but that's beside the point.

    I worked as a teacher for over 3 decades in a NYS public school. Most of the time I liked my job and my employer, but there were sometimes tough periods where teachers would be dissatisfied with various working conditions or compensation. We teachers conducted job actions. I was NEVER allowed to protest during the time I was supposed to be working for my employer nor on their property. So in that light I have to disagree with kneeling during game times or on their property. If I am going to a sports event for which I have paid a lot of money, then I don't want to see their display. I also feel pity for players that feel pressure from their more activist teammates to do the same, and, believe me, there is a lot of pressure today. If you as an activist want to really impress me, then do it on your own time outside the sports site. Then you will show me that you are really willing to demonstrate your passion for your cause with some self-sacrifice. 

    I sympathize with those here on the Board who have suffered under socialism/communism. Only you can really understand how oppressed it feels to operate under such a system, especially if you have the spirit of freedom and independence in your bones. I understand the need for government and shared services that they provide, but I become very wary when I see government becoming too active. When it is trying to force me how to think on various issues, then it has gone too far. I think of the story of Chinese peasants living under the emperors. When the government came to town, it wasn't thinking of some wonderful thing it was going to do for your life. It was looking for your money and your sons.

    Thanks for reading through this garble, and I appreciate different thought.

  4. 1 hour ago, jimbo said:

    I was a commuter. Started Fall 1970. Most everything was complete uptown except Indian quad tower. Some dummy had set fire to a lounge or two during protests. Registered for the draft at University College in October. Went to all of the Football games and most of the basketball games. Remember names like Jack Jordan, John Quattrochi whose sister turned out to be my daughter’s HS Spanish teacher), Sheridan, Werner Koln, etc. First day second semester in Jan 1971 it was -28, I think still an Albany record. You could go to the McDonalds in Westmere and get a full meal with change back on a dollar! Remember Platz or Platt’s Place on Wolf Rd? Holiday Sing? Ebbiie the Eep in the ASP? Telethon? Good times  



    Yes, I remember that morning when the temperature dipped to -28. It seemed almost like a relief because the wind had finally died down. During the previous ten days or so, the temperatures were "milder," but the wind chills were ridiculous. I heard readings of minus 70's. (The experts used a different scale back then.) I looked up the lowest temperature ever recorded in Albany a few years ago, and the -28 still stands. The unusual thing about that day is that the temperature rose to 22 that afternoon -- yes, a fifty degree difference. When I returned to my dorm in Dutch Quad later that afternoon, there were a number of students throwing frisbees in the quad in shorts!

  5. 5 hours ago, dslyank said:

    I enrolled in SUNYA fall 1967 just as the new campus was being built. I have a million stories but will just tell a couple for now. Lived in Brubacher Hall and in the winter of 68, riding the UA old green bus up to the new campus. Minus 20 something [actual not windchill--no bs] and the bus catches fire. Motor or something in the floor back of bus--no one wanted to evacuate too cold, we were all very happy to warm ourselves in the burning bus.

    In the fall of 1967 the Physical Education building was not fully completed. At that time Phys. Ed was a requirement. So we did calisthenics outside, led by some ancient instructor Spud or Bud (I'm sure others with a better memory than mine can tell you more about this character.) As the weather got colder we moved our exercises into the tunnels and also jogged for miles in the tunnels. I have never done a marathon in my life, but I'm sure my time in the tunnels would qualify me. Also in-spite of the warmth of the tunnels which were always steaming, Spud sadistically enjoyed taking us outside in our gym shorts an T's for "warm-up" exercises.

    Last story about being @ UA while under construction: There was a language requirement at that time. I was a four year Latin student in high school and did not want to try and fill this requirement with what would have been almost a graduate level course. While most of my friends were continuing French, Spanish, German, Italian which they began in high school, I enrolled in Russian I [basically equivalent to a freshman in high school course.] It was a 4 credit course (3 +1 credit lab.) The labs were suppose to be completed by the second semester; of course they were not. With barely being able to speak a word of Russian, I scored the top written score on the Russian final given the Spring  of 68. I could translate, conjugate and new vocabulary with the best of them. The final included an oral part, but because the labs were not finished until late 68; the oral part of the final was waved and I had the top written score.My instructor a young woman whom I had a mad crush on said my oral score on a pass/fail bases was definitely F. Received two semesters of 4 credits x 4.0 grade = 16 x 2 =32 QPA. 

    ps Had my ONLY 4.0 semester in 69 when finals were canceled due to the KENT State etc. Guarantee I would NOT have gotten a 4.0 if I had to take finals.

    I lived on the same corridor with dslyank freshman year at Brubacher. Yes, I remember the physical education requirement. As dslyank stated, the Phys Ed building was incomplete, so we couldn't do much of a physical nature; instead, we had phys ed lectures in a space below the main floor of the library. We also had to read a thick book for the course first semester. It was the only time I pulled an all-nighter for a course. I didn't do outstanding on that exam. Afterwards, though, I tried to live up to the maxim in the phys ed book to get enough sleep before important dates the next day.

    I also took Russian while at SUNYA, but I began my sophomore year. I am sorry that the university has suspended Russian language classes, but I understand. Although it was about 50 years ago that I took those classes, I still remember some of the language. It came in very handy for me last spring when I had an amazing encounter in Ukraine. I am thankful to SUNYA for providing me with that experience. Yes, many of my great memories of SUNYA revolve around athletics, but a lot of them are special for other reasons. I'm sure each of us could recite similar memories.

  6. Assuming that UA will lose to UVM on Tuesday, the regular season will end on a very disappointing slide. I just want this season to end mercifully early. I don't have much hope for much success in the tournament, even given Brown's usually good preparation for that special part of the season. To say that this season has been a great disappointment to me is a huge understatement. With increased player experience and a successful summer of play and team bonding in Canada, I was honestly expecting much more from this team; instead, I saw a drastic decline of play as the season progressed. I almost dread game day now. When I compare this year's team to the squads of our early Division I days, I am very pessimistic. Back then I was thrilled with being competitive even against very highly-ranked teams, such as UCLA and Duke. Now I don't hold much hope out for our prospects against mediocre teams. You can accuse me of being overly pessimistic in the short run, but I have been a UA basketball fan for 50 years, and I have a long-term perspective. I can't remember being so down our our future prospects. Yes, this year's team seems to be injury-prone, but it also seems like UA teams always have a high number of critical injuries. I sincerely hope I am very wrong about the near future, and this team rebounds.

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