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  1. Hurray! The curse is broken. Hopefully, the last weekend will have good weather, and the team will be healthy.
  2. I was just going to make a bland reply to the order of having a lock on the Commissioner's Cup again, but your suggestion is far superior. College classes have ended, but how many Dane teams are still active?
  3. A few years ago when I frequented the LCC board in anticipation with the UA game, I remember reading Glen's posts. I don't know what that guy is on, but it's not healthy. And speaking of "being on something," after the last few years of miserable seasons, I wonder how much "weeding out" the LCC fanbase will experience this year in terms of season ticket sales.
  4. The loss yesterday at Yale was certainly disheartening, without the injury to Connor even more so. I rank this loss for 2017-18 up there with the men's basketball loss to Stony Brook with the greatest disappointments of this year's athletic schedule. I look back about ten - twelve years to the time when UA won its first Commissioner's Cup. How thrilled I was, and then I feel spoiled now. Times have changed.
  5. I hope next season will be better, just like everyone else on this board. I'm wondering why Nichols' s year wasn't so good. Maybe he had other priorities this year. He's an excellent student. Did putting more effort into his studies lesson his output on the court? He lost his sister last year. Did this loss change his perspective on life? Who knows? Maybe he just needs more consistent support from others on the court. I'm also thinking the Aussies learned some valuable lessons in their redshirt year. I've always admired the effort that most of them put out in past years, and I'm hoping next year will be no exception. They had to see the downturn in this year's season and wonder how they can contribute to a turnaround. They had to be so impressed how a lowly AE team in the form of an UMBC became the national darlings. I expect big things from them in 2018-19.
  6. With the recent success of UMBC at UVM and against UVa, I wonder how many teammates are thinking of saying, "This could have been us."
  7. Thanks, UAalum, I just confirmed the number of UA fouls on the athletic site. Your number makes a lot more sense. And I just got new glasses.
  8. And to think we had a long thread about the "terrible" AE!
  9. If I remember correctly, UA had a 12-point lead against UConn with 11+ minutes to go. UConn didn't take a final lead until 5-6 minutes to go.
  10. In the women's game tonight I noticed that Penn committed twice as many fouls as UA (18-9), but Penn shot more than twice as many fouls as UA (31-14) despite UA's slightly better foul shooting percentage (77-79%). Did anyone watch the game who can explain this anomaly to me?
  11. UA Athletics announced that Connor Fields was named the National Player of the Week by the Baltimore Sun. This newspaper is the same periodical that printed an article after the Maryland game by the Maryland coach who said his team was effective at containing Fields on Saturday. I think I know which of the two articles carries the greater credibility.
  12. Do you mean UCF isn't going to the NCAA's?!
  13. The viewpoint from Baltimore, MD. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/lacrosse-blog/bs-sp-albany-mens-lacrosse-defeats-maryland-20180310-story.html
  14. I'm relieved the team won't be playing post-season this year. Yes, I understand the now broken string of post-season appearances and the desire for some players to continue the season, but one factor decides this question for me. Last year's team had disappointment but fire at the end of the championship game. This team had no fire and was a big disappointment. I just don't see this team putting forth the necessary effort to challenge their opponent in any remaining game.
  15. Lol, I would go to practice as well. In fact, I'd LOVE to be able to attend a practice. A lot of schools hold a midnight madness event for the first practice of the year. I'd go. I coach coach my son's team. I'd love to see what drills they run in practice. Bring my kids to a real practice and see how much running they do. See the drills. Watch them spend time working on set offenses or defenses. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during a video breakdown session. Ahh, being an addicted fan. Decades ago I had the opportunity to spend the day or at least a practice with Doc Sauers while we were still Division III. I respected him so much. I told my wife at the instant that I would have preferred watching a Dane practice than going to the White House. My wife knew me well enough then not to challenge my statement. I turned down the opportunity, but I too wanted to be the "fly on the wall."
  16. I hope UA cleans out its lockers tonight and doesn't consider any other post-season possibility.
  17. From starting out with the best out-of-conference record to going down in the first round at home to a team UA beat twice this season, this year has been the one of the most disappointing seasons I have ever seen at UA, and I've seen a LOT of them.
  18. UA beat UVM tonight by 18. Is this the only UVM team to go down today?
  19. Sorry, Dane. I just have to hold out hope, no matter how small it is.
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