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  1. Women beat SBU for the second time. No OT needed this time. Hope the men make it a clean sweep in basketball for the regular season tonight.
  2. Not really sure how that wasn't a charge. Not sure how he could have been more set. It was the lucky 3 at the end of the shot clock that ended the game. Poor call.
  3. Maybe the freed up space in the PE building will go for that cause.
  4. Does that UA actually had one more player on the court than UMBC in the first half? When was the last game when UA played more team members than the opponent?
  5. UA holds on to defeat UMBC women on the road 78-75.
  6. Another strange tidbit: UA has played as many players as UMBC at 8.
  7. Another oddity to the game. UA didn't go to the line in the first half. UMBC has had five chances by early in the second half.
  8. I don't get this team! Just one aspect: Who would ever think that UA would be shooting 4 for 8 from behind the arc while keeping UMBC scoreless from that range out of 9 attempts.
  9. Danes win 68-54. Second day this week where UA gets the sweep.
  10. Maine launching a furious comeback, however. It was down by 16, now the lead has shrunk to 10.
  11. Okay,, just got an update. Maine leads at the half 35-32.
  12. Anybody know what's happening in the women's game versus Maine? The live (?) statistics seem stuck at 3:16 left in the first half with the score knotted up at 30-30.
  13. I thought UA would come out soft against Maine after an expectedly tough game against SBU.
  14. The UA women prevail in OT, 72-68. Clean sweep of SBU tonight.
  15. For one of the poorest shot-blocking teams in the country, tonight's performance wasn't bad,
  16. I don't know where to post this observation, but maybe here is good because of the debate on why UA has lost two conference games. I see that West Virginia is now ranked #2 in the standings. I didn't think we played them that badly in the pre-season scrimmage.
  17. Suggested poll question: Against which opponent will UA score its first conference victory in 2018?
  18. The UA women beat New Hampshire this afternoon, 66-53.
  19. I can't believe that the same team that scored 68 points against Louisville managed only 61 versus UNH.
  20. Yes, while Eli is having a good time at the wedding, UA was wetting the bed.
  21. Wasn't Attia the player who tried to be excessively aggressive against UA in some game in recent years?
  22. last year we lost to Fordham in 2 OT on the road, this year we won at home in 1 OT. Still a good trend Thanks for the correction. Yes, let's hope the trend continues.
  23. I like the fact that UA beat 3 teams that they lost to last year. They beat Fordham both years, but it took an overtime last year at home to beat them while it was a clearer victory this year against Fordham on the road. Losses occurred both years to St. John's, but this year's game was far closer. The women beat St. Bonnie's this year for the first time in five outings. And this year the victory came on the road. Last year UA lost to Dartmouth in overtime, but this year UA handled Dartmouth more easily. I like the trends.
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