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  1. What were his injuries this year? He seemed to be a shell of the player he was when he joined the program (and we had huge expectations for him). He looked to be playing at about 50-60%. If he can get back to his capabilities, he could be a good role player at a nice program. I assumed he would depart. The guys that transferred in this past year may hopefully take a “wait and see” approach.
  2. Point taken - and I am not defending Benson (in fact I do think he should be on the hot seat). I don’t know enough about what the situation was between them to opine on that. I can understand that if Benson was predisposed to dump CB that the eventual decision would rub many the wrong way. I opined simply upon what I have seen over the past few years - and the quality of basketball that I have witnessed.
  3. We can agree to disagree - many of us believe the job performance was not up to par and the team was in steady decline and had become irrelevant - with no plan in place. Myself and many others have said the same thing - for months now. So I do believe a professional decision was made here. Is it possible that a personality clash with the AD expedited the decision, sure that is quite possible. But these types of changes are made all the time (and employees clash with their bosses all the time and eventually a move is made). Most coaches will tell you that their coaching style/effectiveness can
  4. CB was loyal to the school and the school was loyal to him - for 20 years they shared a mutually beneficial relationship. He made an adult decision on prior occasions to remain coaching in a comfortable environment where his family is from and where they wished to remain living. Yes, his loyalty probably cost him some money but it also made his family happy with their quality of life in a location that was preferable to them (these are decisions that many professionals run into). The school chose to move on after 20 years - right or wrong, they made a professional decision to go in a new direc
  5. Can someone provide a breakdown of the current roster in terms of year, eligibility, etc as well as recruit commitments for next year and/or the year after? And what were the Cam Healey injuries this year? He clearly was not the same player. If he can get healthy, it would be good to keep him but he also may be attractive to a higher level program as a role player.
  6. Nineteen years in one place as a head coach is almost unheard of these days. Coach Brown built a program from nothing into something and delivered some incredible memories along the way. He will be in the school’s HOF and probably down the road should be honored in the arena in some way. He was all class and ran a very clean program. This was also a very unique situation in that the coach was able to coach in what was basically his family’s hometown - so we benefited and his family’s quality of life benefited. I am sure every one of us on this board during CB’s tenure became proud to pound our
  7. Wow - talk about being thoroughly outcoached. Are you kidding me? A mediocre team losing to another mediocre team that was in foul trouble for 3/4 of the game. Great coaching by Hartford changing defenses all game to get through the foul issues. And we never made the necessary adjustments to take advantage of their problems. The announcers kept saying that Albany was a good defensive team - what team were they watching? Hartford shot 53% from the floor. UA could not get a stop and let a very mediocre team score 80 POINTS. Ho hum....Another year, another early exit. As I previously said,
  8. A one year contract is not realistic and is not going to happen. It offers no stability or consistency for the coach, the school, the players or recruits. My guess is CB gets a three year extension or we get a new coach. Given that an extension has not been given by now, and there has been no mention of contract negotiations (obviously they could be taking place without our knowledge), my guess is that a change may be coming. The school may also not be able to afford a pay increase for CB given the current climate. Change can be good and it might be time - for all concerned.
  9. I love everything CB has done - quality teams, quality men, true student-athletes and quality contributors to society. That said, the program is no longer relevant and I see no plan nor do I see (nor hear) fire in the belly of the coach. Sometimes change for all is just needed. We need to rebuild with a plan - and yes, there will likely be growing pains and we will need to be patient but this team has become unwatchable anyway. I would rather see five freshmen on the court applying full court pressure all game than watch this - we have no foundation to build upon, no stud recruits coming in,
  10. This looks like a 6th grade CYO team - 12 points thus far!!! As I mentioned in my last rant, this team is just not good and there is no future - it’s time for a change. Thank you Coach for building this program.
  11. I am a long time, avid supporter of this team, this coach, and this program.....so let me say what we are all hesitant to say: This team is bad and almost unwatchable; there are probably 3 decent Division One level players on the squad; the level of our talent has dropped off dramatically over the past few years and those players (other than Cam Healey) are grad transfers; there is no plan in place - the current team is just a mishmosh of players thrown together - as opposed to building off some young foundation; we have no real PG; we have absolutely NO inside game; we used to put some f
  12. Like many other teams, SB has an inside game; they have a number of people who can handle the ball and score; and I hate to state the obvious, but guys like Rizzuto are not Div. I players. We are not getting recruits that match other teams - that is pretty disappointing especially when the Stony Brook coach is very new.
  13. ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL - three losses in a row to 2-7 Siena, 4-6 St. Francis, and 2-8 Brooklyn.....
  14. My thoughts are not based only on this game but on this season so far...and also based on last season. Click makes great points about how Vermont is somehow able to recruit high level talent year after year despite antiquated facilities and the frozen tundra up there. Many of our guys are not competitive Div. I players. St. John’s had 11 blocks and 54 points in the paint - come on man, that’s pathetic. Our front court is fully replaceable and Clark is not a point guard (it’s painful to watch). All of this to me adds up to extremely poor recruiting (I don’t question CB’s ability to coach) - a
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