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  1. I am a long time, avid supporter of this team, this coach, and this program.....so let me say what we are all hesitant to say: This team is bad and almost unwatchable; there are probably 3 decent Division One level players on the squad; the level of our talent has dropped off dramatically over the past few years and those players (other than Cam Healey) are grad transfers; there is no plan in place - the current team is just a mishmosh of players thrown together - as opposed to building off some young foundation; we have no real PG; we have absolutely NO inside game; we used to put some f
  2. Like many other teams, SB has an inside game; they have a number of people who can handle the ball and score; and I hate to state the obvious, but guys like Rizzuto are not Div. I players. We are not getting recruits that match other teams - that is pretty disappointing especially when the Stony Brook coach is very new.
  3. ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL - three losses in a row to 2-7 Siena, 4-6 St. Francis, and 2-8 Brooklyn.....
  4. My thoughts are not based only on this game but on this season so far...and also based on last season. Click makes great points about how Vermont is somehow able to recruit high level talent year after year despite antiquated facilities and the frozen tundra up there. Many of our guys are not competitive Div. I players. St. John’s had 11 blocks and 54 points in the paint - come on man, that’s pathetic. Our front court is fully replaceable and Clark is not a point guard (it’s painful to watch). All of this to me adds up to extremely poor recruiting (I don’t question CB’s ability to coach) - a
  5. I hate to spell out the obvious, but this team is an absolute embarrassment (they went 10 minutes without even sniffing a basket). The lack of talent is patently obvious - we have one shooter, no point guard, and absolutely no inside game. Much like the women’s program (that lost to St. Francis and scored 41 points), this program has fallen off the landscape. We can bitch about a lot of things but the reality is that the talent is just not there. I hate to say it, because it’s sacrilege, but a change may be needed after 19 years.
  6. Pressure on Coach https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/03/30/with-these-stunning-departures-do-we-have-a-watch-for-ua-s-brown-too
  7. Look, we're all bitter about this but....the kid played his heart out while he was here, represented the school well on and off the court, did well academically and graduated early....so while we may not be happy about it, let's wish the kid well and move on. and Nichols did pretty much did the same..... Believe me, I think this sucks and puts us in a hole but remember that these are kids and perhaps we don't agree with the decision nor do we love the timing or the way this went down, but let's not hate on these kids for making a decision that they believe is in their best interests.
  8. But Joe is graduating with a degree from UAlbany.....so that makes him part of the Purple Fam, no?
  9. more info now available on Times Union.....
  10. an even bigger concern - do they know something we don't? is it possible Brown is on the move?? this all smells
  11. You guys can put whatever spin you want on this but it is crushing to the program....and sends a terrible message to potential targets. Not only did we lose our top four scorers from last year (and most importantly our two highest scorers), but we lost a guy in Cremo who was the epitome of the player you want on this team - a relentless worker and a guy who seemed to bleed purple. Devastating....
  12. I think there is something going on internally with this team - they are showing NO ENERGY and NO URGENCY. This is hard to watch
  13. what an absolute embarrassment on national tv looks like one team made a ton of changes based on the first game they played, and one team did not.
  14. getting beat to every loose ball - team as a whole looks like a deer in headlights what a disappointing performance
  15. time to change our face-ff strategy.....we are getting killed at the x...it looks like he is frozen out there
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