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  1. Congrats on the win. That should spice up the game for next year. Ambrose and Aronholt were fatastic.
  2. Waaaaaaah. soup, I gotta be honest, you are posting like a moron, he was a freshmen that had zero experience last year having played almost sparingly leading up to that game. Comeon man, you are usually better then this. Dane Pound deleted my photo - hence the waaaah. It rivaled the Great Dane twigging the St. Bernard a couple of years ago - not sure why it would be taken down.
  3. UAlbany puts more in their pocket tonight than Siena does.
  4. Siena needs to not lose Aronholt on the perimeter. Ambrose is a grenade missing its pin. Mike Black can't soil himself like he did last year.
  5. Mark Minch, wing/PF, out of Ohio. Looks like a nice pickup. Congrats. http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/67888/mark-minch
  6. If he went in for a layup and blew it you'd all be killing him for not dunking it. UAlbany happens. Move on.
  7. It won't be a "large rebuilding year". Rossiter will be the preseason MAAC Player of the Year next year - he's a guy that should average 16 and 12 next year without blinking. Clarence Jackson, the guy that torched you guys the other night, will also be a preseason First Team All-MAAC pick. How many teams with two First Team All-Conference players are "rebuilding"? Siena has some enormous gaps to fill next year, but they'll have two stars, other guys with tons of experience and some talented freshman that will have to contribute, especially Basabe. And throw in the Seton Hall transfe
  8. Wow. You're better off focusing on the problems of UAlbany than you are giving yourself an ulcer about what is going on in downtown Albany. Start your own newspaper. Brown's recruiting has been all over the map. He does not seem to have established a pipeline from any particular area in the northeast, or anywhere else. He has completely botched his recruiting the last couple of years and never took advantage of the NCAA Tournament appearance success. Now he has 77 players on his roster, players have been run off left and right, he won't talk to his beat writer, he's staring
  9. Wow. You're better off focusing on the problems of UAlbany than you are giving yourself an ulcer about what is going on in downtown Albany. Start your own newspaper.
  10. Really Soup, he started recruiting from the Midwest, that was the problem. Every hear of Brian Lillis, Brent Wilson or Jason Siggers. What part of the northeast are these key players from the ncaa teams from. You are entitled to your opinion for whatever it is worth. But it is mostly Siena fans that see this as a Will Brown issue rather than a Singelais issue. That in it self should tell you something. My memory isn't perfect, but I know I complained about the TU coverage and Singelais coverage for a lot more than 2 years. There has been enough road games that I have attended that he wasn
  11. Do you forget about the coverage when Lanier was on the bench? It was the same type of coverage Albany received - underachieving teams, hard time scoring points, runninng players off left and right. You have a short memory. Here is the problem - Brown was coming off Jamar's senior year and back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances - with exceptional coverage from every media outlet in the Capital District. Now, Siena has gone out of the stratosphere - back-to-back NCAA wins, preseason Top 25 in every publication imaginable, exceptional recruiting classes, wins over top teams etc etc. I
  12. Some of you guys are not being 100% honest with yourself if you think this is 100% the Times Union's fault. Seriously.
  13. He also said the basketball team finished 2nd. Not sure what the big deal is. There is blame, I assume, on both sides of this. It was funny to me to see the two blog entries today - they were both, for the most part, daggers.
  14. I've known about this for quite sometime, and I think I may have even mentioned it to bosiydid through some IMs at one point. Brown has a problem with Singelais - he doesn't like the articles he's written in the past (up and down play, player turnover, the Raffa situation etc) and thinks Singelais is a thorn in his side. This is nothing new, been going on for almost two years - Brown rarely returns inquiry calls from the T-U and generally ignores requests. I think your coach needs to go wipe his Siena - he made the bed.
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