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  1. So....let me get this straight...Benson basically hired a guy who was about to be fired and everything here is supposed to rainbows and unicorns??? With all due respect in my mind there is more here than simple optics...Killings seems like a nice young man but his presentation at the presser was basically prototypical cookie cutter for a new coach....bottom line based on my discussions....the “New mentality” of many many season ticket holders and long term donors involves keeping money in thier pockets....Killings will likely be here no more than 2 years...Benson’s gotta go!!
  2. Haven’t posted in many moons...long time donor...way before there was a GDAC....and I dont want and won’t exchange banter over the efficacy of this move...in sum this move disappoints and disgusts me..it is an affront to a fine academic institution and a coach who embodied its ideals. Unless Benson goes and/ or Brown is restored my contributions to UAlbany Athletics are over and I have urged colleaques and friends to do likewise. This action should not stand and can not be tolerated by any right thinking individuals. That’s it.
  3. As many pointed out the officiating on Sunday was pretty bad from our perspective...at least two highly questionable (and I am being generous!) offensive foul calls that wiped out UA hoops. Seems like for big AE games we typically see people like Hughes, Laubenstein, Faia and Adams calling the games....after watching these characters for 10 years I feel I can authoritatively say that Hughes and Laubenstein are absolutely horrid and to make matters worse both appear to be egotistical to boot!!! The only time I enjoyed seeing Hughes on the sidelines was when he totally screwed Duke in their gam
  4. I am hopeful given Benson's background that marketing will be a focal point of his tenure because the potential fan base is very large when compared to Siena and ticket/concession prices at UA events are far more reasonable compared to an evening at the TU-C. Regarding TU reporting...I think its basically a result of lazy reporting...Wilkin could care less...and Singlelais strikes me as having anger issues with UA progam and fan base..a very strange malady for a sports writer...I don't think it has anything to do with Siena playing at the TU C...in fact its not going to surprise me terribly i
  5. I hope the Johnson performance vs Maine is a portend for him for rest of the season, we need more of that type of slashing to the hoop offense that's for certain. Did not get oppty to watch any of these 3 road games so my opines are based on what I heard and read...will leave dissection of coaching and strategy to others more knowledgeable...my concern however is, that year in year out we seem to have what to me seems like an overabundance of injury issues...and as far as I can tell few of these injuries result from in game action, so I wonder if there is an issue with either off season cond
  6. Happy to be back on the board and ecstatic over the whooping we put on Siena...2 in a row and 3 out of 4...and a couple of games that where a whistle or shot away from going UA's way between 06 and 09, do I detect a trend here, or at very least is it not fair to state that these programs are now at least at parity, and in fact from a performance and coaching continuity perspective is it not fair to say that UA is perhaps a notch better??? Loved how the Danes hung in and eventually our "BIG DOGS" took control...I was wondering about something though, did anyone else catch the wise-arss comment
  7. I concur with dslyank...I think that this is not a good decision for or by the youngster but we are not left bereft of talent either...while he was amazingly gifted, he also produced a great deal of turnovers and I do not honestly think, given the volume and nature of the to's that we'd have seen demonstrable improvement in his valuing of the basketball if he played another year...while we do lack a dominant guy down low the returnees are all strong and scoring is not gonna be a problem if Logan is back 100% as currently advertised.....so...sad to see Gerardo go and best wishes to him but Go D
  8. That's because Wilkin is too busy reading the Daily Racing Form and dreaming up stories about how exciting the horse racing at Saratoga will be this summer..he is Oscar Madison personified...I wish the TU would assign Mark Maquire full time to the Danes beat...the guy is smart and writes about things that real fans want to know about..all Wilkin does is parrot press releases and eat whatever comp food is put in front of him...
  9. What a wonderful ending to the home regular season...Iati was lights out...great to see Jayson G have such a stout effort as well...well coached and disciplined effort to tough this one out...particularly by Blake M and John Puk who did thier best to try to stay out of foul trouble...(poor Puk never catches any break with the officials...had at least one phantom foul call on him if not more...)....i could for life of me not understand Rider's game plan given our situation...would've seemed to me like it would be a no brainer...Rider had a much bigger team on the floor and we had only seven guy
  10. Nice job by all...I thought this was a must win for them and they came through now they need to hold service at home...I was in and out watching online so did not see early portions of second half but I felt like the Aronholt three that put them up 64-60 was huge...good discussion by all...hope for the best!
  11. Ok...my first post of the season...this game is a must win if U-A is to have any shot at all at finishing in the top 2 spots in the league. The Bingo game was frightening...hopefully just a case of the kids having a bad night combined with the subliminal impact of playing an 0-19 team. They obviously play well enough to win at home, some times extremely well, in fact. Road games are a vastly different story and the defense which is not terrific on most nights is generally prettty weak on the road particularly when playing teams at or below thier talent level. My sense is that the patience
  12. Nice win...its been a while since we've been up 25 on anyone!!! I hope the coaching staff is working with Blake on his FT's...it should be near number one on the to-dos/priority list...with his continuing improvement in mobility down low his FT opptys are just gonna keep growing...while it may be a mechanical issue...it could also be mental...I love this kid...chemistry between him and Will is reminiscent of the relationship CB had with Messrs Lillis and B. Wilson...did anyone catch the little interaction between CB and Blake at the start of the first to in the second half...CB did not like t
  13. Well..I have not posted in quite some time as there really was not a lot to say about what was going last year...all I can say about last night is this..as a long time UA fan and devotee...that gritty performance was on a par with that magic day in Burlington a few years back and that special night in Philly the year prior...what a terrific performance by our Danes...all the players and the coaching staff...everyone hung in and everyone hung on...Siena fans should be concerned about their future...youth, economics and demographics are all clearly on UA's side...with luck we can put together a
  14. As more of a listener than a poster on this forum I have always respected Dane 96's insight and once again he is totally and completely on point...Ambrose is probably a nice kid..but...quite simply he is not a very good D1 basketball player...he evidences zero court awareness and vision tonight he attempted to go to the hoop in a 1 on 5 situation...that is simply not acceptable from a D1 guard, or a jr hi guard for that matter!!!....and he absolutely does not have a team oriented bone in his body...Ms Orange Dane and myself, like others on this board continue to be amazed at fans calling for h
  15. I have been and continue to be a strong supporter and season ticket holder, the current situation is however becoming untenable for many, including myself, I would never call out players because I do not think that is fair to these young men. There is something going on here that is obviously not good and the responsibility for what happens rests with the coach...it is that simple...he gets paid to recruit, retain and coordinate these kids into a cohesive unit. Right now....there is no coordination and very little apparent cohesion. Maybe its because the players have insufficient grit and h
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