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  1. 4 hours ago, nysteve661 said:

    Have to agree.  Some of us on BPF are older, some are younger.  Nothing would make me prouder of UA than a national championship in my lifetime.  Could be any sport, could be mens or womens, just give me one before I leave this earth.  But I am realistic that in most sports, it is impossible to compete nationally.  Our Bball teams will never win a title.   Win a 1st round game,  sure, but not defeat a run of blue bloods on way to a title.  T & F teams are great, but their times don't compare to SEC teams.  Soccer teams have had some success but would need alot of help to get to championship game (UMBC does have a final 4).  Baseball and softball can't compete with bigger Power 6 schools in better weather areas.  Look at softball last week, 4-0, and 16-0 defeats.  Field hockey has some success and can get back to final 4 but losing Battaglia will set them back awhile.  Football could get there.  Our usual good running game and stout defense is only missing a solid QB most years from getting a playoff spot, then it's a relativily small playoff run to get to the big game.  Women's Lax is good but step behind SB

    So that leaves our lax boys as the obvious favorite to get UA that title in the near future and this year is it due to the senior leadership.  Think we will be good next year but 2nd tier with loss of Fields, Mcclancy, Rehs, JD, etc.  Marr will reload but how long will he coach, 5 more? 10 more?  Come on boys!!  Get UA that title this weekend. 


    "Field hockey has some success and can get back to final 4 but losing Battaglia will set them back awhile."

    Battaglino was women's lax coach, not FH.

  2. On 5/16/2018 at 6:40 PM, Dane96 said:

    Please. This is nothing.  The football stadium at Jax is a joke and they have zero facilities for Lax.  So they are getting offices and lockerrooms?  Not earth shattering.  

    Doesnt move the needle at all and we are not getting a box arena.  

    We need SEFCU renovated and an indoor practice facility, followed by the end zone facility for Football, which clears a ton of space to add sq footage for sports like lax.

    Kids will come to Albany for the tuition, Scott Marr, the style of play, playing in a stadium...and (can’t believe we can say this) playing in front of some of the best and largest fan bases in the nation. Not because of a lax only field house

    IMHO we will need something like this in the future.  Just another thing to take the pressure off the coaches' need to find those overlooked diamonds from around the country.  When lax expands significantly out west (and it will) they will also have the facilities to go along with those new programs.  It will be much more difficult to find those kids from Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Cali.  IMO you can't discount the effect on recruiting a lax facility would have. Imagine walking a recruit into a building with a giant UAlbany logo on the floor with the Teewarraton Trophy (& hopefully National Championship trophy)  prominently displayed, a wall covered with a blown up picture of Casey Stadium from the UNC game,  a display case full of conference championship trophies, and listing of conference/nation awards & record holders.  Yes, kids will come for coach Marr (I wish I could go back in time and play for him), the style of play, etc., but i'm afraid that it will not be enough in the future with the rapid expanse of the sport.

    By "arena" I meant a large room to put up some dasher boards and maybe a few seats.  Not a full blown SEFCU type arena nor a lax only field house.

    It is my understanding the SEFCU reno will happen in the near future and obviously a field house is a much higher priority.   Maybe the PE reno with more room for lax will negate the need for a lax facility. Put some dasher boards over the filled in pool.  I know the surrounding lax communities would definitely use (rent) it.

  3. New Jacksonville University Lacrosse Facility

    We NEED this!  With big schools starting lacrosse programs (Utah, future PAC10 schools ?) and many programs with new or newer lacrosse facilities (Michigan, USMA, Hopkins, etc) we something to compliment Casey Stadium and our great coaching staff. 

    I'd make it a little larger and include indoor box lacrosse "arena", maybe depending on location also include room for FH.


    Incorporate into a field house facility with football offices/locker rooms behind the visitors bleachers at Casey.

  4. Bracketology: Cornell Can Solidify Standing with Win Over Syracuse


    A few reminders on piecing together the bracket. …

    * The committee seeds the top eight teams and then assigns the unseeded teams based on geography in an attempt to limit air travel while trying to maintain bracket integrity.

    * Conference matchups are to be avoided in the first round.

    * If applicable, quarterfinal host schools are funneled into their own site. Hofstra and Navy are this year’s quarterfinal hosts.

    * Of the nine automatic qualifiers, the two with the weakest resumes are assigned to the preliminary round game the Wednesday before the first round. At-large teams are not selected for play-in games.

    Hempstead, N.Y.

    (1) AMERICA EAST/Albany vs. NORTHEAST/Bryant-METRO ATLANTIC/Quinnipiac
    (8) Notre Dame vs. Denver

    Annapolis, Md.

    (5) IVY/Yale vs. Rutgers
    (4) Johns Hopkins vs. Bucknell

    Hempstead, N.Y.

    (3) Syracuse vs. COLONIAL/UMass
    (6) Duke vs. PATRIOT/Loyola

    Annapolis, Md.

    (7) Villanova vs. Cornell
    (2) BIG TEN/Maryland vs. SOUTHERN/Jacksonville

    Last four in: Villanova, Cornell, Rutgers, Bucknell
    First four out: Virginia, North Carolina, Penn State, Navy

    Multi-bid conferences: Atlantic Coast (3), Big Ten (3), Big East (2), Ivy (2) Patriot (2)

    Moving in: Bucknell, Jacksonville, Quinnipiac
    Moving out: Canisius, Furman, Penn

  5. 31 minutes ago, kikuria said:

    I assume that you know that D3 has the same Title IX requirements for proportionality, right?   Siena's solution to their Title IX issue was to cut football and focus on basketball.  When we were D3 the school cut the wrestling team (among others) to do the same thing. 

    D1 requires a minimum number of sports on both the men's and women's side so the AD already has his back up against a wall. There's not a lot of ways to fix that problem that doesn't include adding another sizable women's sport.  As much as they seem to be trying to avoid that.  

    Nothing to do with Title IX. Siena Basketball program(s) a disaster, and many programs non-competitive (see dropping of Field Hockey).

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