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  1. "...safe and exciting return to competition for our fall sports during the spring.' Does this include football?
  2. I know it's a bit of trivia but I like these coincidental things . . . such as Karl Mofor's brother Mike-Ryan (I think 1 year older) is the workhorse starting RB for the unbeaten Salisbury State (D-3) Sea Gulls who pounded Union College yesterday 62-41 . . . had 144 yards on 20 carries and 3 TDs . . . I'd love to see Karl and Mike-Ryan as kids playing tag in the yard.
  3. Regarding the FB program, I get nervous whenever anyone says we should win again this week . . .too many disappointments along the way. Something will have to give: especially in rushing yardage -- Monmouth kept Lafayette to -12 yards rushing (while gaining 223 themselves), but MU also gave up 256 passing (and got 194 themselves). (Apparently, UA and MU match evenly in home opener attendance, though.) Street & Smith's picked MU to win the Big South.
  4. In my lame defense -- I did make a "D" in the only serious math course I had to take decades ago, and that was pretty much a gift from a sympathetic prof. I'm just happy that they won a league championship (even the MAAC) and are on to the NCAA's.
  5. If I read all the stats correctly, the UAlbany women's golf team won the MAAC championship down in Florida -- 27 strokes ahead of Dayton and Quinnipiac, and 40 strokes ahead of Siena in 4th.
  6. About Alex James . . . just to clarify: can FCS players transfer to other FCS schools without having to sit out a year?
  7. Yes indeed . . . the bosun's whistle is blowing . . . all hands on deck!
  8. I'm proud of the way the new coach and the team have persevered after that 1-9 start. And doing so with 4-5 players short of a full time, is that right? Shows they have brought into the system. Promising years ahead for both women and men.
  9. Meanwhile, BC is 6-0, with a win at Houston, 26-point win over Holy Cross.
  10. Sorry to go off subject but I'm curious about this . . . didn't Trpcic (sp?) transfer to UC-Davis? If so, do D-1 women have to sit out a year? I ask because I looked at the UC-Davis women's team stats, and she doesn't appear anywhere in them.
  11. Now it's -7, with Maine getting the ball again in good field position. Embarrassing.
  12. UA looks like the No. 12 team in CAA. Hard to determine watching on the screen, but it looks like the Danes have almost no fire lit.
  13. Dev Holmes is the CAA football ROW this week . . . it would be nice to get another big game from him (and VT throwing to him) because it seems this is not the URI of past years. This could be a tough game.
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