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  1. Does all this mean that Will actually "looked into / applied" for Rutgers, or just was on their short-list for RU to take a more in-depth look? I mean, is WB actively looking at other jobs, as far as anyone knows?
  2. Another addition to the great night along with our blowout and UNH losing -- Fairfield beat LCC.
  3. Is Hughes among that group you refer to? Unbelievable, if so. But maybe all these refs get annoyed that they have to call AE games and not always ACC, etc., and they take it out on the players and the coaches. (BTW, I had to grin when Will go so upset after one of the -- many -- calls that he walked all the way to the end of the bench, went around to the back, walked almost to the scorer's table, and stood by the gatorade (or water) container and watched for a few seconds. I seriously thought he was going to go sit in the stands.)
  4. "Non-conference RPI determines the regular season champ, #1 seed and home court advantage. Great system!" . . . Why in the world would they use this system -- letting something totally unconnected to the AE (or any conference) weigh so heavily? I guess I'm an idealist and would like to see such things determined by what actually happens on the court between live players and coaches. This could lead to several levels of "if this . . . then this" that might come down to . . . oh, I don't know . . . number of turnovers or number of airballs or something (smile). I don't know why I'm reacting so strongly against, but it just doesn't seem right to have all 3 of those things decided in this way. Has it been like this for years??
  5. So, what determines tournament home court advantage if both UA and Maine win out, and each have 1 loss, which is to the other? I thought I had heard something recently about UA already securing home court, but I don't see how that could be, with the "each lost to the other" fact. Of course, each team will have to win out, regardless, for it to be a question.
  6. I am still worried about this game. I guess I have not been playing close attention, with all of the build-up last week to Vermont and needing to win to make second-place more likely etc . . and now I see that, actually, UNH is 7-3, which means if we lose, we would be 9-3 and UNH 8-3, therefore 1/2 game behind for second-place. For some reason, I thought the Wildcats had lost more. They are always well-prepared against UA, and certainly have the incentive, given the 4-losses-by-10-points thing! On the other hand -- and let's pretend Maine never happened -- our guys always seem to do what they have to do (sometimes, it's "only what they have to do" but that's another matter). GO DANES!!
  7. That is, Wincowski "set" all kinds of records . . .
  8. I'm assuming there will be quite a few folks behind the UMBC bench to see the freshman from Lake George, Wincowski -- averaging 1.3 points in 13 minutes a game. He sat all kinds of small-school records in the area last year. Yes, we should win, but I always worry about us shutting down a prolific scorer, especially from the outside.
  9. It was nice to see the line about UA continuing to dominate local college athletics . . .
  10. No points but 10 assists for Singletary ... I would be surprised if he goes scoreless again but I think it says something worthwhile about him that to do that = 0 points, 10 A's ... I continue to like Big Rich's hustle and am glad he has next season here too -- will be interesting to see how he improves and what impact that could have ... Cremo, geez, what can you say? Last year he was playing the likes of Gloversville et al (no insult meant to them!)
  11. Nice TU story on Travis Charles and I look forward to seeing him in person . . . but once again, the story is NOT a true advance -- nothing about our opponent, beating George Mason and scoring alot (though losing) against Cornell . . . and this stat that makes me really worried: Coglate has hit 17 orf 46 3-pointers, a .370 shooting percentage, making 8.5 a game which means 25.5 points a game. UA? 2-27, .074 shooting percentage, making 1 a game, which means, well, 3 points a game. This is my memory too -- "Colgate always tries to go haywire from beyond the arc" -- and if we give up 25+ points on 3-pointers and don't come close to matching that, it's big, big trouble. They take twice as many 3-pointers as we do, and hit 8 times what we hit. Our guards finally getting in a groove would help a lot. Ironically, given what we had been expecting, our inside play seems to be carrying us.
  12. As a vet and ardent Great Dane fan, I am very pleased about what the FB team/ath dept is doing about the names, etc. And I liked reading all the details in today's story. But what a lame actual "game day" story -- not a single word about NH and our chances, last week's win, Sussman's status (at least Coach on radio provided that info), the staff's thoughts going into the last two games (given all that has happened this year, all the young players, eye), and more. It seems FB gets one story a week -- today's is a legitimate story in itself, but it would be nice to have had other stories about the football side if things. The beat reporter should be able to offer 3-4,stories a week. Thank goodness LLC doesn't still have a D-3 FB team, or we might get relegated to the scoreboard page. End of rant.
  13. MSoc play at home on Wednesday for the title, and VB still has a shot!
  14. Is Gontarek gone for good? Are these the options: 1. suspended for rest of season, stays in school, goes through Spring practice, show up in Fall for seasond and see what happens 2. suspended rest of season, leaves UA (if he hasn't already left), looks for another FCS school (who would take him??) 3. D-2, D-3 4. Jr.Coll., tries to start over after 1 year there
  15. Names: if for football only, then "TD" . . . if for football and all other sports: Champ. If you want to reference the Scandanavian legacy, then famous Viking warriors were Rollo, Canute, and (thank you, Google Search), the "last great" warrior, Harald Hardrada (okay, the last one is just funny, not a real suggestion). And if you want to have a UA identity (such as "Reveille" for Texas A&M), then Tower I (Bell Tower I and Tower Pool I don't quite make it).
  16. Ah, your message stirs up good memories for me. Several years ago, when I was still on the UA faculty, I stopped by U Gym to see a match -- I think I had seen a few on TV during tourney time, but really knew little about it. I was hooked immediately by the players' athleticism, the pace of the match, the excitement of close games . . . and it was UA, and I was one of a small % of faculty who strongly supported athletics, all of the teams. The exact facts fail me, but I think this was the 2nd year for a great coach, Kelly Sheffield, and the team the year before had won something like 4 matches. Kelly was a great coach, extremely oriented to appreciating fans, very insightful about marketing -- and a star recruiter. Before he left a few years later, UA had won several AE titles (and thus gone to the NCAAs), and in his last year was ranked somewhere around the Top 40-50 out of 300+ schools playing. He went to Dayton, did wonderful at that program (more NCAAs), then went to Wisconsin -- and two years ago, his Badgers played for the national championship. Wow, what thrilling matches there were in U Gym. I still drop by for a couple during the season . . . and I appreciate the admin's patience, because I think M.J. (Kelly's assistant) has the team going in a promising direction. If you've never been, I encourage you to go . . . as I said, the athleticism of the players is something to behold, and the excitement can get really intense as that ball is being batted back and forth.
  17. Can anyone suggest what bars/grills in Latham or Guilderland probably will carry the ESPN3 cast of UA-UB?
  18. Definitely an ESPN glitch -- still shows "null," so to heck with that . . . I'll just go to the official team pages from now on. One question: he's listed as "6-4, 265" . . . did he play at that size here?
  19. I looked at the Charger team site under "NFL" on the ESPN page . . . I thought that would link to the official Chargers team page, but maybe not. Or maybe, there was just a one-time glitch. Now that I think of it, a few weeks ago, I looked at the SD team page, and it did say "Albany," which made me very proud. I'm think it was something to do with the ESPN listing . . . thanks for raising the question.
  20. Is Parker still active with the Chargers? I assume he is, because he is still listed on the roster (#80) but not on the depth chart. SD Yesterday waived another TE (good news!) but then took one from waivers (uh-oh). Weird thing about Parker's listing on the roster -- under college info, his is given as "null." What the ..?
  21. If everything goes well, come March selection time, will the Oneonta game work against us?
  22. Wow, what a thrill that would be ... To go to West Point to watch the Great Danes -- that is quite an experience, attending a game there ... Only one thing better ... Going to Annapolis to see UA -(GO)NAVY!
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