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  1. I didn't clarify -- one of those times when I was thinking more than i wrote -- I was thinking, "the SU alums and fans probably would not approve" unless they're willing to admit UA is not a D-3 anymore . . . but on the other hand -- did Stony Brook play the Orange recently? Or am I thinking about the Seawolves game against Army?
  2. I wonder who it might be in '17? It would seem necessary to play an FBS team each year to get up to competitive (well, at least somewhat competitive) strength . . . comes to mind: Syracuse (probably never), BC, another MAC team, an ACC team . . .
  3. Thanks for the explanation, Patch, because I was also wondering if coaching staffs use some sort of formula like "we have to make 12 offers to land 2-3 guys" ... Offering must mean that WB and staff would take any of them, so the "first come, first served" makes sense
  4. To clarify -- these are offers made, right? Not just guys we are interested in ...
  5. Last year, on Nov. 14-16, UK held its Cawood Ledford Tournament with Grand Canyon (84-45) and Buffalo (71-52), so maybe UA is part of that for 2015 (along with NJIT?). It was the 3rd and 4th games for UK -- they had unleased a couple of ugly beatdowns before that to Pikeville and Georgetown (of Kentucky, not DC).
  6. I agree -- get another big payday/ big name game, for all sorts of positive reasons ... the experience of playing at the top level, large arena/rabid fans, future recruiting, media coverage ... And if UA gets to the NCAA tourney again next year, doesn't strength of schedule come into play when determining seed number? It's amazing how little I care anymore about playing LCC.
  7. Is there a rule that a player desiring an intra-conference transfer must get permission from the current school (even with sitting out the year at the new school, unless he was a RS). If so, then that would mean WB would have given the permission, and if it's okay with WB, then it's okay with me (not that it matters!).
  8. I must have missed this news somewhere along the way -- I just looked at the men's T/F roster and noticed that high-jumper Alex Bowen was not listed ... Did he leave the team, and if so, when and why?
  9. Wait, is it NDSU or UND? If UND, once again I reacted too fast and got the wrong school -- I give up! Even if it us UND, the NDSU-UA stats are interesting, with or without Baker.
  10. I always like to look for coincidences and ironies and it seems Baker should recognize the Bison 14-15 season ... They went 24-10 (we were 24-9), they won the conf title by 1 point (57-56 over So Dak St), they lost by 10 to Gonzaga in first round (we lost by 9 to OU) ... For Baker, it is probably more important that their leading scorer was a senior (18.9 per). The only other double-figure average was 11.6 (Rs Fr). I give Baker best wishes.
  11. Today, T-Useless had a few lines, bottom P2, about WGolf going to Utah, but never said why ... Either they couldn't bring themselves to say UA won the MAAC, or it was just lazy reporting. Either is believable.
  12. Exactly right! . . . UA Lady Danes golfers win the MAAC title -- man, that must be like broken glass in the shoe for LCC. UA won by 11 over LCC (by 19 over 3rd-place Fairfield). And UA's Annie Lee won the individual title, by 3 and by 4 over two LCC players.
  13. 10-stroke lead over LCC and 18 over Quinnipiac thru "15-18" ... I assume that means 4 players each from UA, LCC, and Quinn are still on the course on holes 15-18 ... All the others are finished. Hang on Lady Danes!!
  14. Rats. Now UA women are only 6 strokes ahead of 2nd place LCC going into tomorrow's final round. Go Lady Danes!
  15. Nice to see that the women's golf team is on first place with a 13-stroke lead over Fairfield and Dayton after first round of MAAC championship on Disney course in Florida. LCC is in 5th place. Play ends Sunday. Link is in the UA Athletics Website preview story about the team and tournament.
  16. Somewhat off topic but still . . . I was watching the WLAX play Syracuse on Sunday, and I noticed two things that I don't remember from seeing in MLAX games, so if anyone has an explanation I would appreciate it . . . (1) why is the face-off done with the players holding their sticks about chest-level high (and I never could see where the ref actually puts the ball), and (2) each time a player scored (for either UA or SU), she would immediately drop her stick and walk or run away, and it seemed to be not a "tradition" or "thing to do," but it seemed part of the game, a requirement . . . could that be?
  17. Geez, I read it too quickly ... I should never read and then type after a 15-hour overnight shift at Albany Med and no sleep today. I wondered why Baker would go the D-II route etc. I apologize for the sloppiness, but at least it leaves us still very curious about where Baker will land.
  18. SVSU is a Div II school, about 10+ hours from Minneapolis. He will play a lot, and get a chance to score a lot.
  19. 'Cuse played Wagner in 2013 and has Rhode Island on the schedule for this year. I wonder what it would take to get in the SU scheduling mix?
  20. The HC press release headline news is that they will play Syracuse in 2019. Apparently there is a long rivalry, but they haven't played since 1973. Good for HC.
  21. I can imagine Patsos agreeing to, "Anywhere but UAlbany and the rest of the MAAC." The TU reports that Ogunyemi chose between Siena and James Madison, so maybe he's willing to go out of the area anyway.
  22. A Official attend 1574 ... Richardson with 28, Tate 18, Carter16. For Hartford two with 22 -- Mayza (3) and Moore (31) ... More stats at the UA Live Stats link ...
  23. Yes, home-home or cancel ... Amazing how much interest I have lost in just a couple of years regarding I have this game ... I would much rather see a true home game with the best opponent we can land ... or maybe a regional TV game at some high-profile team ...LLC is just not that important (even though they are national,leaders in ... Tech fouls )...
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