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  1. Sorry I did not clarify -- I need just one ticket, and row X is fine.
  2. Wow, that's very nice of you. Can you try for section 150, row V or higher?
  3. The main page link now shows a "Sold Out" button. Could that be true?!!
  4. About Herrion -- my question is: how does he get 6 guys from Texas to come to NH to,play? Three of them are Smith, Armstrong, and Dion. After the game in the handshake line he talked for probably a minute with Hooley, followed by a good hug ... Sam was next and Herrion did the same thing, though not for as long. Maybe he's a decent guy.
  5. Geez I hope their offices are at opposite ends of the building. I have questions about how well they get along, but to be so public ...
  6. For what it's worth . . . we have 10 AE games left . . . 6 at home. Three of the away games are Maine, Binghamton, and UMBC (the 4th is at Vermont). Not assuming any guaranteed wins, of course . . . and yes, we have 11 games left, but one is the away game at NJIT
  7. At what point does the Franciscan president and the Franciscan brothers begin to wonder whether this is the right person they want representing their college? Or is that too naive -- maybe in athletics at any D-1 place, it's W's and L's and conf championships and NCAA appearances?
  8. "Post graduate"? Is he a HS senior, or a graduating college senior with 1 year of eligibility left?
  9. Oops! I wrote too soon, before reading Clickclack's very helpful and informative post. But still I wonder just how SEFCU could be renovated (with that price tag!) to add seats for basketball.
  10. I forget when exactly SEFCU was built . . .but I wonder if there were any "future growth" contingency plans included? I'm trying to picture SEFCU in my mind now and I can't see where there could be seats added.
  11. Didn't Colgate drill 3s all night long last year at SEFCU? We lost 60-69, that much I know. And my fading memory keeps seeing maroon jerseys. Payback time?
  12. Correction: VB beats UMBC, 3-0 (not Binghamton)
  13. Today belongs to UA women sports! Field Hockey in the FINAL FOUR! BB beats Big Ten Penn State! And . . . VB blanked Binghamton 3-0
  14. Does anyone know why it takes so long to get the recap story and stats up at the UAlbany site? It's after 10 and there is nothing, and this is common. The full rec/stats (with tons of quotes and a variety of details) has been online at the Colgate site since shortly after 9.
  15. Thanks for the clarification, and I have to read more carefully, but the casual visitor --and we need all the folks we can get into the seats, hardcore fans and casual -- sees "football" and "October 11" in large letters and so that must be the "next game"
  16. In the category of "Who's in charge?", two notes: (1) re DaneZone yesterday, from DanesRGood: " I opened a ticket and got a response back. Basically, they didn't even know the game wasn't being broadcast. Should be fixed shortly. " (2) I wonder why on the main page of UA today, the first thing you see is a big purple game announcement (good) about the Richmond game on October 11 (bad): "UAlbany Football vs. Richmond Saturday October 11 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m." (2 hours?). Would you think that NEXT WEEK's home game would be there now? Maybe the person in charge of the site thought "JMU" was garbled text.
  17. Does this have the risk of being a "trap" game? (I didn't bother looking for a trap-door image, but you get the point . . .)
  18. Live video feed from JMU now on . . . for free . . . (UA up 1-0 with about 12 to go before halftime) . . . the announcers seem decent. http://portal.stretchinternet.com/jmu/portal.htm?eventId=165413&streamType=video
  19. Some stats: CCSU 273 yds passing (22-29 com/att), 192 yds rushing , scored from 1 with :36 left, 8000+ attendance. Just over 2 hours from UA .
  20. Cen Conn St beat #7 Towson 31-27 -- big first win for Rossamundo. And big worry for us next weekend.
  21. "...there's really been nothing in the media..candidates, search status, etc...." a "status story" is newsworthy, too -- , a story saying "there is no news on the search right now" or "UA officials are not releasing any information right now" . . . or "UA officials expect to be able to release new information in a few days/weeks" . . . my guess is that the TU has not asked . . . waiting for UA to take the initiative and offer something to say via press conference or handout or arranged interview . . .
  22. @CBS6 twitter (Doug and Kelly) reports that Rashad Barksdale will be inducted into the Hudson High HOF . . .I think this weekend, because, if I understand the tweet correctly (not a guarantee), the 11 p.m. Saturday CBS 6 newscast will have a story (or has it already run?). I had lost track with his career after the NFL -- he went to Calgary, but then had an active career in the Arena FL with Kansas City Command, Tampa Bay Storm, and "came out of retirement" to play in 2014 for the Cleveland Gladiators . . . 224 tackles, 5 interceptions in his career. Will remain very proud of him as UAlbany's "first,' and a good representative for us. (He's on Wikipedia.)
  23. Thank you for clarifying this! No wonder the numbers didn't make sense . . . I only glanced at this -- from another fan board, for another school -- and the person who posted it there also assumed incorrectly it had something to do with more than just championships . . . so, I apologize to BPF board members for the misleading approach! Still, it's better to be 113th than 292nd, even for such a narrow context. Thanks again, UAalum72 . . .
  24. Definitely something to be proud of. After the College World Series is over -- the last NCAA sports event of the academic year -- the Learfield Sports Directors Division 1 Final Standings are compiled, ranking athletic programs by success. It's not perfect, but it is something take seriously. Each school can offer 10 men's and 10 women's sports for consideration. This year's winner is Stanford (which is usually at or near the top of any kind of rankings of athletics success). The rankings list 292 Division 1 programs. In those rankings, UAlbany finished . . . 113th! That's in the top 37%. The highest ranked non-BCS school is . . . Denver (?), at 43rd.. You can look at several categories of rankings here: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/nacda/sports/directorscup/auto_pdf/2013-14/misc_non_event/june26stand.pdf But you will notice in the rankings by conference that actually New Hampshire is first, ahead of UA . . . and I can't figure out why. The numbers shown don't help. Maybe their CAA football was considered, although NH remains placed in the AE group?? Still, I'll take it, 113th out of 292. Another aspect of McElroy's notable service here.
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