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  1. And Jon Morgan was waived by Detroit. But at least it is now, and not earlier -- maybe he has a chance for Lions taxi squad, or another team's.
  2. Maybe someone can contact the London bookies to see what the odds would be on how soon we will see "SUNY-Kalyeros University" . . .
  3. "... the team and Thompson to come back put up solid numbers again ..." Do you mean "come back" in the sense of "rebound," "come back from falling short, etc.", or do you mean in the sense of "return to UA"?
  4. My gosh, what a wonderful video, and now that we can see and hear from them directly (and hear a lot, too!), it makes me more proud of them and the team. I don't think any other D-1 lacrosse players could quite express themselves the way that the Thompsons can in talking about what the game means to them, and the rez, and to their heritage/culture -- well, maybe other Native American players if they feel the same way, but there wouldn't be 3 such good players on the same team, would there? . . .the "medicine game," playing for the Creator, etc. It was also nice to see to see the practices at a really good lacrosse stadium (hint, hint future recruits). I didn't know about this NCAA On Campus feature, but I like it and will look for it.
  5. Wow, I love the photos of the turf down, stripes marked, end zones, etc, looking like a real football place . . . when will August ever get here?! I'm ready for some serious college football. And I know it must be well known by now, but somewhere I have missed it -- is this a multi-purpose field --i.e., for soccer, too?
  6. TU story quotes Ngachie on this question about the other "big-time" schools . . . apparently, some of those schools got hesitant about his size (5-11), and I like what Ngachie had to say about that.
  7. About Ngachie . . . and I am an ardent supporter of UA football (and UA athletics overall), so I'm just asking out of curiosity, about Ngachie (this could apply to some others, too) . . . why do you think he would choose UA, given the list of offers has had? Move to CAA? a chance to play more immediately and perhaps get more recognition? the stadium? Believe me, I welcome them all . . . I'm just curious about what folks think.
  8. Interesting story in today's NYT about FCS football programs reaching for the big-time in FBS . . . and about how for most, the economics just don't work. Several FBS schools are mentioned -- the article focus on UMass a lot -- but neither UA or Stony Brook are mentioned, although other CAA schools are (granted, more established ones). I'm sure all those anti-athletics types -- especially a lot of the faculty members -- will forward the article on the the new UA president, Lee McE., and others. Here's the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/30/sports/ncaafootball/universities-chase-big-time-glory-in-fbs.html?hp
  9. Wyland appeared tongue tied and did not or could not or would not ask a follow question . . . gee, where is Mark McGuire when you need him?
  10. UAlbany beats all the others for studying criminal justice or business . . . for McKnight, the two possible majors mentioned might be worthwhile because as an English major, he will need a real job, maybe as a chef . . .
  11. Only Gametracker on NU site. Not much to see - down 12-3 with 4:13 left in the half. Albany goalie not playing for 'not meeting team standards'. Tough loss without our star goalie. Any word on why?? Dumbfounded that they would suspend her from such an important game. Without specific information, all we can do is speculate. So, in my speculation . . . and I really hope I am wrong about this, and if so, I will gladly admit it . . . but if the "team standards" have to do with academics, then it is INEXCUSABLE on the part of the coaching staff and the Athletic Department to let her situation get to this degree . . . sure, final grades were posted only last Tuesday, but failing/low grades are NOT a surprise, despite what students might argue. And as a first-year student playing in her first season at D-1 level, she should have been watched especially carefully, and every available means of help made available . . .and perhaps that was done, but was there ever a point where it seemed to be more important for her to keep playing regularly than address serious academic concerns, which should have been obvious from mid-semester on? It's great that she helped UA go undefeated, and exactly what did THAT mean? I repeat: this is only SPECULATION, and I hope I'm wrong.
  12. "Albany just makes one mistake after another and this assessment assumes they care and are trying. Maybe they don't care and are happy to be the laggard. Somebody has to be last. Why not us?" Certainly, this is part of it, but there is a whole quiver full of complications that help to add up to what frustrates and discourages so many of us . . . . . . a campus administrative and academic culture that seems to oriented to discouraguing creativity, risk, thinking-out-of-the-box (a MUST for any institution, group, etc. that wants to make significant changes); . . . an approach that seems to be based in using band-aids in heart surgery; a faculty and community (and maybe even alumni) who are EXTREMELY MISINFORMED about the role and costs of athletics on campus; . . . the UA place in the overall mind of SUNY Central/NYS Legislature/Executive Office, a place that is far removed from thinking about UB/SBU and, to an extent, BU (interesting that BU seems sort of "out of the loop" when compared to BU/SBU, but just keeps moving along with success and support (OK, apart from the embarrassment in Men's BB the last couple of years -- but all that seems to be going away, and BU has survived as an institution); . . . AND FINALLY: I'm not sure how many people really understand the devastating loss UA suffered with the death of Kermit Hall, in ALL aspects of UA. I am absolutely convinced that if Kermit Hall had been here for these past 5 years, we would be in far better shape in all regards. He had a vision, and he had the smarts and the leadership and the political saavy to get it done . . . alot of the vision involved shaking up the culture that I mentioned in the opening -- actually, not shaking it, but completely changing it, with the attitude -- "OK, if you don't like it, then leave." And we know he was a huge supporter of athletics at an institution -- he understood well what they could mean for a university. That loss (at such a young age, too!) then led to 3-4 years without any effective leadership, and finally choosing as president a CEO with absolutely no experience in working in academe and with academics/academic administrators. Devastating all around. I'm sorry to go on and on, but all of this touches a sore spot. You are exactly right -- BU/SBU are clearly separating themselves from everyone else (I think Bing is satisfied with being Bing -- they have their own strengths, their own culture, and never have to worry about getting students). We are in limbo, and staying there . . . neither a flagship U, nor a state college. Thanks for listening. Let's forget it all for two hours tonight, and get to 6-6! Go Great Danes!
  13. How does SU get this to happen -- they've played every game at home so far, then they will go to the Bahamas for two games, and then return to the Dome for three more games before they make their first road trip on January 4. I mean, is going to Syracuse/Carrier Dome THAT much of an attraction? After a 3-point win over Northeastern in the first game, they've been blasting everyone, including a 41-point win over UNH.
  14. No type is too small for the TU to get it wrong about UA . . . in the agate type under "Transactions" in today TU, the entry for UAlbany begins: "Mike Kelly named America East Conference men's basketball Defensive Player of the Week." Mike, of course, plays football, and earned that award in the NEC. Sometimes I have to wonder how much of this kind of nonsense is intentional, and how much of it is just sloppiness, laziness, ignorance, and we-don't-give-a-damn-anyway.
  15. The TU had an embarrassing bad day yesterday even by their standards. They send a reporter 3 hours to cover a community college. No reporter sent 2 hours to cover the areas university. The headline of the staff report makes no sense. "defense hangs onto lead" Did not UA extend the lead though out the second half. Every update I got UA had a bigger lead than the update before. Then there is a story on high school volleyball, yet no mention of the areas premier volleyball team clinching another NCAA bid, the 3rd in 4 years for the senior conference player of the year. So they can't even fall back on their lame excuse "no one cares about that sport" Is it any surprise they have to drop the price of the Sunday paper to 25 cents per week to get customers. Even at that price I am overpaying. Indefensible (the TU, not the post!) . . . but "indefensible" and "TU sports" is mostly a redundancy. We should all print this summary out -- it's a perfect example of what the TU does/does not do -- and bring it out whenever someone is lame enough to try to defend the sports section of covering local college sports, except for LCC. (For some unknown reason, I suddenly think about that great scene in Blazing Saddles when Cleavon Little first meets the townspeople and says, as he reaches toward his belt, "'Scuse me while I whip this out," at which point everyone gasps and alot of ladies faint. It was Harvey Korman's authorization for Cleavon to sheriff, of course. Sorry, I forget all the character names.)
  16. My thought exactly, coming out and saying you are building a 13mil stadium while eliminating programs would be a dumb move. Wait 'till some of this stuff settles down, and just start doing your thing without much fanfare. I used to bitch about them not announcing anything, now I'm OK with it. It's a toxic environment, if Phase 1 is funded, no sense in making a bunch of hoopla about it. I don't mean to come off as the cynic, because I fully support the need for/benefit of a new stadium (for UA and the region), but I think it is naive to believe that if we remain quiet about this . . . progress, or development, or certainty, or whatever it is . . . until most students and the rebelling faculty here now have dispersed,then the project will not generate alot of flack. There are calls on campus now for eliminating football, or down-grading it to D-2 or D-3 status. The rant to "cut athletics, save money" (by diverting whatever state money the AthDept gets into the purely academic stream, leaving the AthDept to raise it on its own)has become more serious and persistent in the past month or so, and it is not going away, regardless of the time of the year. Some people are very serious about it, now more than in the past two decades that I am aware of. It's the same fallacy that politicans, CEOs, sports figures, celebrities, and others constantly fall victim to -- if we just don't let the press or others know about it, then no one will find out. The media and AthDept opponents, as well as irate faculty, make it their business now to find out anything they can use. I admit that, obviously, this particular moment in time is not the best for throwing the stadium into the pot of discussion. The only point is that we should be prepared for tremendous criticism, deliberate distortion (called "disinformation" in the espionage world), and self-righteous outrage by those who will oppose it. Someone . . .the UA president, the Athletic Director, big donors . . . someone is going to have to explain, and then defend, how the stadium would not undermine the rest of UA academic mission. The criticism about the stadium and the "waste" and "irrelevancy" and "wrong priorities," etc., will be very selective -- no one, for example, has yet to question why the rest of UA sees little if any $$ from the hundreds of millions that Nanotech brings in. I certainly might be wrong about that, and in fact, I would like to be proven wrong, but I don't recall ever seeing any figures of what Nanotech contributes to the overall UA.
  17. My thought exactly, coming out and saying you are building a 13mil stadium while eliminating programs would be a dumb move. Wait 'till some of this stuff settles down, and just start doing your thing without much fanfare. I used to bitch about them not announcing anything, now I'm OK with it. It's a toxic environment, if Phase 1 is funded, no sense in making a bunch of hoopla about it.
  18. Actually, I would have thought 4:00 in order to give the players an extra 3 hours rest (if needed) -- but on the other hand, the crowd at 4:00 would probably be a lot smaller than at 7:00. Either way, I'll be there.
  19. Well, now I'm totally confused. The UMBC and Bing sites say they play at 4:00. The SB site says they play us at 7:00. The AE site says the SB-UA game is at 7:00. And our own UA site says we play SB at 4:00. Someone someplace needs to get the facts in order. I have a feeling the UA game is at 7:00, but still, the UA site says 4:00, so . . . . ?????????
  20. UA simply MUST win both games this weekend -- if loathsome BU wins both and we lose one, then the tiebreaker for hosting the tournament would go to Bing, because they needed only 3 games to beat us, but we needed 5 to beat them . . . Go Great Danes VB!!
  21. BTW . . . last NCAA rankings I saw had UA at 58th . . . out of 330 teams D-1 teams. Wow. Maybe some of those profs who want D-3 sports (yes, some have put that idea out there) should wander over for a game . . . on second thought, nah, they'd just complain about all the expenses involved in uniforms and equipment.
  22. UMBC lost today, but loathsome Bing won. So, if Bing wins twice next weekend, then Great Danes will need to win twice to win regular season and have tourney here. If Bing wins twice, but we lose one, then each will have 3 losses, with 1 against each other . . .and does someone know how such a tie is decided in terms of where the tourney would be? Please don't say it's a coin toss!
  23. Forgot to add: Rider is 16-3, has won 12 straight. Plays in Northeast Conference, beat Monmouth 1-0 in championship.
  24. Albany needs to win a play-in game . . . 1 p.m. Tuesday, at home, vs. Rider. Winner goes into regular NCAA tourney.
  25. This is what I expected: http://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/Level-the-playing-field-cut-UAlbany-sports-792637.php I understand from some at UA that while there are always those on campus who, without really knowing the facts, grumble about athletics depriving the chemistry department of beakers and deep sinks and such. But now, as I understand it, it is no longer just the elitists grumbling over their green tea, but is much more serious agitation, and is focused on pushing hard for serious cuts to athletics, or whatever "downsizing" means. Frankly, I'm nervous about it. And I stand corrected on the TU waiting until the 12th for the BB story (I was only half serious anyway -- but, half serious is still pretty serious). And I'm glad it was Mark McGuire, far and away the best that the TU has in sports. I thought it was a well written, interesting story with new information and some positive support. I loved the part about this year's team losing a pick-up game to last year's squad, but beating them when it really counts.
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