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  1. I expect to see a really good TU story, maybe even 10-12 paragraphs, on Friday, November 12, for the first game.
  2. Makes sense, the differences and being able to mix them. And, of course, it should be "LCC" not the other. Worked all night, still up.
  3. I agree on all said about this being a really good interpretation of what has happened . . . it makes alot of sense. The point about the effect on Ambrose's game is especially right on the mark. A change of subject, because I need a clarification and I can't find the original source: either here or in another forum (maybe the Purple and Gold email newsletter?) something was said about UA having two scrimmages -- one with Columbia, another with a Pat League team -- but that the NCAA had strict rules about this, that it had to be closed, no media, no fans, etc. So, the NCAA must treat a "scrimmage" in a different way than an "exhibition," is that right? How else could LCC get to host a Div II team, at TUC, charging $10 a ticket, etc.? My alma mater in Texas does the same thing -- beats up on some lower opponent in an exhibition, in the arena, charging folks, etc. And would UA ever consider holding an "exhibition," if this is what is permissible? Of course, the Adelphi game will give LLC a chance to have a blow-out (maybe!), and thus start the talk about where the puppies are going to be seeded in the NCAA tourney come March.
  4. to clarify -- the number of words in a story are more important than the number of lines, but the best way to get a close estimate to the word count is to do the process that i described . . .
  5. Early season statistics . . . from TU coverage, that is. Two long Siena stories (Singelais, McGuire column) start on P1 of sports and jump to inside. Two large photos. A 3rd story, at the top of the page, about Fran at Iowa. That story has just about the same number of words as the UA story at the bottom of the page (I did an estimate by counting words in 10 sentences, dividing that by 10, and then counting the lines . . . that makes up for the Fran story being set in a wider margin). The Fran photo is slightly larger that the Arnonhalt photo. The UA story focuses on one player (granted, the Singelais story did also, but at much greater length). The UA story seems to be an afterthought, sort of "Oh yeah, we should include something about UA too." I assume this will be the way coverage goes for the season.
  6. Wow!!!!! 23-20. Again, just based on hearing the game, the Great Danes seemed to be playing with alot of determination. Take that, Yale, and go whine about it.
  7. Is is it just me, or are Rodger and the other guy saying, quite alot, that Dane receivers are open -- a couple of times, with nothing between them and the end zone -- and DiLella can't get it to them . . . short-hops, overthrows, floats it for an easy knock-away . . . that sort of thing? Certainly, it seems to have been that way on the games I've seen (thanks to ChannelSurfing) ... OK, OK, I spoke too soon, given that DiLella just threw a TD pass. But still . . .
  8. Is is it just me, or are Rodger and the other guy saying, quite alot, that Dane receivers are open -- a couple of times, with nothing between them and the end zone -- and DiLella can't get it to them . . . short-hops, overthrows, floats it for an easy knock-away . . . that sort of thing? Certainly, it seems to have been that way on the games I've seen (thanks to ChannelSurfing) ...
  9. A gorgeous Fall Saturday . . . crisp, sunny, beautiful sky, colors beginning to turn . . . wouldn't it be great to have a HOME football game on a day like this -- or even in SEPTEMBER . . . just one game, even?
  10. Wow. Informative, interesting, lots of good quotes. Maybe another local sports section, say, somewhere near Wolf Road, should study this as an example of what a sports section that considers itself truly local can do with ANY worthwhile story, regardless of what college is involved, even if it doesn't come from . . . well, you know, "them."
  11. CORRECTION . . .obviously, I meant "September 13 . . .
  12. I was just curious about the "College Sports" blog at the Siena PR Satellite office (otherwise known as the TU), and read through the first two screens of blogs dating back to October 13. The count for topics: Siena basketball -- 11 UAlbany BB - 2 (or really, 1, since 1 was about the "America East prospectus") UAlbany HOF -- 1 Jimmer Fredette in Glens Falls to play Vermont -- 1 Former Bing player in jail in Wherever-istan -- 1 ALL were written by . . . wait for it . . . Mark S. What a bad joke that section is.
  13. BTW -- Bryan Fitzgerald graduated from UAlbany recently, and majored in journalism there.
  14. "With him covering UA sports, we might as well be the Kabul Great Danes." In this case, wouldn't we be the Kabul Afghan Hounds? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) It would be nice for Fitzgerald continue, but I doubt that the TU will do that since he is, well, good.
  15. That's what you end up with with a diet consistently mostly of BBQ and chicken fried steak (breaded veal cutlet, smothered in an inch of thick white gravy, with 1/2 the plate being french fries), followed by pecan pie or peach cobbler (with ice cream) and 4-5 big glasses of sweet iced tea. Ymmmmmm. Only about 2000 calories and 500 grams of fat.
  16. Hey! Native Texan that I am, I can't let the Father of Texas be called "Steve." Seriously, as a digression, how about this for a "6 degrees of separation" thing . . . my brother down in Texas was the principal for when Steven Austin (real name then: Steve Williams:) was in high school, in Edna, Texas (the Wikipedia entry is wrong). Remembers him as, well, just a standout HS jock in a small town, not troublemaker or anything like that. Then Steve Williams went to play, eventually, at my hometown college (and alma mater for one degree), University of North Texas (then called North Texas State Univ.). Finished his eligibility, quit school, and went off to do . . . something, I don't remember what. Back to Great Danes football. I think they have a chance, but alot of things have to fall right. I have no hesitancy in pulling for UA in this one!!
  17. It’s hard to tell much from A&M’s romp over SFA, and SFA’s national rankings of 10, 12, and 13 seem right this early on with not much to go on. TAMU piled up 539 yards, and held SFA to 31 net rushing yards but 235 passing – Jeremy Moses is setting all kinds of passing records at SFA and for the Southland Conference, and he has some receivers to throw to, no doubt. But even top 10-15 FCS teams should be able to get more than 31 yards rushing against a middle-of-pack Big 12 team, so who knows. On Saturday, SFA could be either really determined to get things rolling at the expense of what they are considering a walkover opponent (result: blow-out), or they be figuring to coast while waiting to take on a legitimate ranked FCS team the next week (result: upset, or near-upset, or at least a respectable loss to a team playing regularly a step or two above us . . .for now!) I mean, no loss is “respectable,” but I think SFA will be the best team we play in the regular season. Interesting trivia we can’t forget playing someone like SFA: almost all of their players are Texas-bred, and so SFA is drawing from 1,200+ public schools and another 200+ privates in Texas, almost all of them playing 10-game schedules (state champions play 15-16 games). (A saying: “The only place you can be rabid without getting shot by animal control is in Texas, where you can be rabid about high school football.” Two weekends ago, the two arch rival high schools in Austin opened the season before 30,000+.) Add in 6 junior colleges feeding FBS/FCS regularly. A lot of guys on SFA and the like could be 3rd- or 4th teamers at UT, A&M, Tech, TCU, Houston, etc., or maybe even higher except for size or speed, but want the chance to play more regularly. BUT: it’s still 11 on 11 on the field, and while I’m not sure how much we really know based on the Maine game, I have no doubt that Ford/coaches will have us ready to play, and a lot of the players already have been in the same kind of atmosphere (at Ga Southern). I think the keys will be (a) limiting Moses and his receivers to 250 yards or under, ( finding our own consistency in passing/running with someone – not just Smith, but someone else – have a breakout game, and © hanging in close well into the 3rd quarter, for shock value if nothing else. If we’re 20+ points down in the 3rd, it’s going to be difficult to overtake the Lumberjacks. But with a lot of things falling right – A LOT – they can be had, in a squeaker. If nothing else, it will be good for our guys to get into that kind of atmosphere (for football, I mean) – the weather will probably be hot and humid, as SFA is in deep East Texas, piney woods and red dirt roads and that sort of thing, where sometimes the air is so thick mosquitoes can walk from one person to the next.
  18. Dave Casale is not listed on any CFL roster today. More on coleman: http://uofalbany.blogspot.com/2010/07/ualbany-grad-andre-coleman-joins.html Don't forget Casale: http://uofalbany.blogspot.com/2010/04/former-university-of-albany-fcs_29.html
  19. VB and most other transfers do not have to sit out one year, as long as they meet 4 criteria, which they normally do. This is from the NCAA rule book on transfers: "The most common transfer exception is the One-Time Transfer Exception. To be eligible to use this exception: (a) a student-athlete must be transferring to another four-year institution to participate in sports other than Division I basketball, Division I men's ice hockey and Division I football (unless the student-athlete is transferring from Division I-A to Division I-AA); ( the student-athlete's first transfer from one four-year college to another four-year college; © the student-athlete must have been eligible academically had he or she remained at their previous institution; and (d) the student-athlete must obtain a written release from the current institution stating that they have no objection to the student-athlete's use of the exception." I believe the AEC has its own rule that transfers WITHIN the conference have to sit a year, unless a member drops the sport. I would imagine that Amanda meets all 4 criteria, assuming UA gave the waiver. The "interim" issue is unsettling, and cannot be good for team morale. Why has there been no word this long after the season? The new one begins in just over 3 1/2 months.
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