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  1. as always ahead of the TU. schedule released today. July 26(players report)- Aug 15(break camp) http://www.ualbanysports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=205436868&DB_OEM_ID=15800 That's not really fair - the TU story was up at 3:37 PM today
  2. Joe Resitarits named USILA honorable mention all america: http://insidelacrosse.com/news/2012/05/24/usila-announces-2012-division-i-all-americans
  3. Since it is getting late and you apparently put the hex on here, I'll try. Down 7-3 bottom of the 7th. We are the visitors. not looking good. Looks like I'll have to find alternate baseball for tomorrow. Could go to Fordham for a-10 tournament or Syracuse to boo John Lannan, the worst pitcher in pro ball. I vote for Syracuse
  4. http://maryland.247sports.com/Article/Albany-Guard-Logan-Aronhalt-Transfers-to-Maryland-74410 Also, from the B'more Sun: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/recruiting-blog/bal-logan-aronhalt-an-albany-transfer-commits-to-maryland-terps-20120520,0,7713055.story
  5. love this: AndrewSantillo strong words from UAlbany lacrosse coach Scott Marr, talking about respect and not playing second fiddle to Siena
  6. I would phrase it a little differently. This two year extension and the departures indicate to me that the next decision will be made by others. Certainly there will be a new University President by then and I would not be surprised to find out that there will be a new Athletic Director by then as well.
  7. Unfortunately, my bracket was like the Siena game. I jumped out to a big lead, others started to catch up, then I crashed & burned.
  8. He also reffed our home loss to Boston U and our victories vs FDU and at Binghamton.
  9. Thanks. I was real close to being in the Yahoo top 50 earlier in the day, which I wanted, if only to draw attention to my entry name from someone other than Bob87. I really need an Xavier comeback.
  10. As if there weren't enough reasons to love Coach Abe, check out the bottom of today's TU article: http://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Danes-impress-against-champ-3415816.php Three goals for the season. First Goal: Beat Siena. Bless you, Coach Abe for understanding.
  11. I was thinking about how similar this Championship was to the Mens 2006 Championship. In the 2006 men's AE tournament, they defeated seeds #8 (UMBC), #5 (UNH) and #6 (UVM). They never had to play any of the other three of the top four seeded teams. In the 2012 women's AE tournament, they defeated seeds #7 (UVM), #6 (BingU) and #5 (UMBC). They also did not have to play the other three of the top four seeded teams.
  12. so, we could play Raffa? Personally, I'd find that fascinating.
  13. Also, last night Coach Brown tweeted that he got the call he's been waiting for and this morning he tweeted that it's time for Coach O'Donnell to get back into scout mode.
  14. Ah, I can still remember the day we frustrated the heck out of Sorrentine & Coppenrath on BPG 2002: http://statsheet.com/mcb/games/2002/02/10/vermont-45-albany-61
  15. Coach Grimes played on Siena's NCAA team: http://www.ualbanysports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_LANG=C&SPID=8000&DB_OEM_ID=15800&SPSID=70298&ATCLID=204963401&Q_SEASON=2011
  16. Once the decision is made, it might as well be announced. In the post game show last night, Coach Brown said he'd be out of town recruiting this weekend. Obviously, recruits want to know that the coach recruiting them is secure in his job.
  17. Quick question - If Stony Brook beats Hartford tonight, are we officially locked into the 4/5 game?
  18. In all my years of watching UAlbany basketball, I can never remember being as unenthused for a home game as I am for tomorrow.
  19. Better to play a meaningful game. After watching the UVM-SBU game, my first question is: didn't Don Criqui and Mike Gminski used to do national games? and now they do AE games?
  20. Periodically, we have a discussion about NBA players that the Danes have played. Well, contrary to the Lakers last night, in Dec. 2006, the Danes held Jeremy Lin to 1 point: http://statsheet.com/mcb/games/2006/12/12/albany-79-harvard-76
  21. This is why you are our leader. Looking forward to a trip to Dayton on March 13 (but lets not resurrect the Lucky 13 shirts)
  22. Not to add fuel to the fire, but, leaving the building on Saturday, I said to my friend that I thought Black's two missed free throws in the beginning of the second half was the turning point of that game. I've already written four posts and wound up deleting each one before posting. So, I'm going to step back, ask some basic questions. I'm not very knowledgable in defensive gameplanning. There is one set we seem to run a lot where Metcalf comes out very high to hedge, the offensive big he has primary responsibility for rolls to the basket and Metcalf tries hard but rarely, if ever,
  23. Is Cathers eligible? I had read that he was acadeically ineligible, but also read on the laxpower forum that he played in the Towson scrimmage.
  24. Could someone enlighten me about the techincal to some member of our coaching staff last night?
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