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  1. 15 hours ago, Dane Pound said:

    I was actually thinking this spring that this past year was probably one of the worst in recent memory. It's been a while since football, men's basketball and lacrosse all had losing records.  There were various reasons for all those things happening and I'm not necessarily blaming Benson.

    At the end of lacrosse season, I was also thinking about when the last time was that FB, MBB, WBB and MLAX (the 4 teams I follow most closely) all had losing records and I think it dated back to 2000-2001.  I really don't follow the FB personnel moves as closely as many on this forum do, but, for the other three, it seemed that much was dictated by transfers of David Nichols, Joe Cremo, Mackenzie Trpcic, Cece Mayo, Emma List and TD Ierlan, and the unexpected (at least to me) loss of Coach Mac.  I do not have a stong feeling regarding the AD,but, I'm not sure that any of this can be "blamed" on the AD

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  2. I fully realize that my views on the UAlbany - LCC mbb game are in the extreme minority of the posts on this forum and I'm not intending on debating with any of the high volume posters.  However, if the series is dead, I feel it should be stated and known before asking us to buy season tickets.  Much as some have stated an intention to reduce their football tickets for their grievances with the Head Coach, I am considering reducing my MBB tickets if it does not include tickets to a home game v LCC or the ability to obtain more or better tickets for a road game.

  3. 5 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Not sure exactly where to post this;  but whatever happened to AmericaEast TV being ON the ESPN family of networks??

    I know there was a blog thread going when it was announced that most/alot of AmEast was being moved from ESPN3/U to ESPN+. Anyhow, I ponied up my $4.99 per month and good% of AmEast games including today's semi-finals are and have not been on the espn family. Crucial games vs vt and brook were not on while minor games like hartford vs bingo were???????

    I do not follow the AmEast blog. Anyone who does; notice any conversation about this ESPN "breach" of contract?

    Are you complaining that the Conference is streaming games for free?

  4. I wasn't sure where to comment on this, but, since this string seems to be driven by athletic department foibles, let me share the lacrosse ticket situation.

    The tickets are perforated.  The longer top part is the traditional looking ticket with a player's image and a discount coupon for a local establishment on the back.  The stub lower part has the section/row/seat #.  For certain sections, there is access only to those holding a ticket to that section and as one enters, a staffer tears the ticket at the perforation and gives part back to the ticketholder and keeps part.  For the Maryland game, the staffers kept the lower part of the ticket; then when people went looking for their seat they found that the only place on the ticket which showed their seat location had been taken from them.  Much confusion ensued for those who did not otherwise know their seat location.  So, yesterday, the staffers were instructed to tear at the perforation and only give the ticket holder back the small stub that contained the section/row/seat #.  The lines were held up because people were complaining that they wanted to keep the upper part of the ticket to get the restaurant discount.

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