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  1. 1 hour ago, Eli said:

    How DARE you!

    You don't like to listen to me scream for a slant all game long? Or the lady to the right of us who has the mouth of 10 sailors? HOW DARE YOU!


    On a more serious note...I was out of town on business and just got my renewal letter. $310 for 2 seats and a few spelling mistakes (lol). I'm not sure I can stomach that. Not the quality of play we'll likely see on the field.

    I really have to figure out if losing great seats (with a great group of people in that area as you said) is the way to go or if I should fork over $310 even if I inevitably skip half the season...maybe I'll just renew one ticket...

    Decisions decisions...I will probably decide on June 17th lol.

    I find your screaming to be top notch entertainment, especially when you can't understand why the players cannot do things you see in the NFL.

    My renewal was $210 for one seat, and I think I am one row below yours.  Also, now that I reread it, it says it is a 2018 renewal.

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  2. 18 hours ago, MRSGDG said:

    The letters from from the athletic department to season ticket holders are always atrocious but the one that we got in the mail today has to be the worst one I've ever seen. It's so bad that it even has a crossed off word because they didn't even delete that it's. Half the sentences don't make sense either.

    It's so crazy how they could care less what is produced from their department.

    What got me was that the "seat obligation" on my invoice was double what appears on the ticket website.  The "seat obligation" plus shipping are actually greater than the cost of the seat.

    They need to explain the relationship between "seat obligation" and GDAC contribution.  If I pay the invoice now, does my "seat obligation" payment go towards my 2019-20 GDAC, which determines my parking passes?  BTW, my seat is on the second level in the section where Bob87, Eli and others sit; it's hard to believe it would be considered so desirable as to justify a "seat obligation" equal to the cost of the ticket.

    Don't get me wrong; I'm going to buy my ticket, mostly to support the program and because I enjoy the sociality of football season.  But, the package is simply a bad look and I fully understand how some would be totally turned off by it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, dslyank said:

    I am not sure exactly what Hill is saying here? Seems like he is criticizing Marr for benching Nanticoke and/or is he stating Nanticoke is going no matter what. Either way, unless I am miss interpreting Hill's comment he needs to go to BENCH too. I am having a hard time accepting the "fact" that Tehoka is a detriment to the team. If he is not helping the team or if the team is better without him, then he should sit period. If it goes deeper than that and he is a total distraction, than cut him loose now. Personally, IMHO Tehoka has to decide whether he wants to be a member of this TEAM or not and than act like it or more appropriately demonstrate that he does. And by demonstrate, I DO NOT mean he has to perform better. Maybe/Probably I am reading this whole affair wrong and am totally off base??? Don't really know what to think actually--should probably just like "state",  keep my mouth shut.

    Are you sure that Chancey Hill and Chaunce Hill are the same person?  I might be wrong, but don't think that is true.

  4. My simplistic view is that the problem is on the defensive end.  It has seemed to me that we give up layups at an alarming rate.

    My simple research of 4 or the last 5 games (the Maine site had their stats vs UML where their stats vs UA should have been).

    UNH shot 46.0% against us while they average 37.5% in league play

    UMBC shot 55.6% against us while they average 43.6% in league play

    Stony Brook shot 50.0% against us while they average 42.5% in league play

    UML shot 57.6% against us while they average 47.4% in league play.


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  5. I'm more than a little surprised that no one has commented on Coach Brown's media comment about Healy's defense.  From today's TU :

    Cameron Healy is the only one of the five freshmen in the playing rotation who is contributing consistently. He had 15 points and no turnovers but has been a defensive liability.

    “Coming out of a timeout,” Brown said, “we’ve got four freshmen looking at me, all doing this (nodding). We came out in what was supposed to be a 1-2-2 three-quarters-court pressure, and it looked like 1-2-1 and Cameron was getting a pretzel at the concession stand. I have no idea where he was or what he was doing.”


    I am not a fan of throwing your players under the bus publicly.  I didn't like when Coach Brown did it last year with David Nichols or in past years with other players.  It is more than a little Patsos-like.

    I'm sure at least some, if not most of you are going to say it is a motivational technique.  I don't know Cameron Healy, but, in general, I do not care for this.

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