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  1. Desko probably waited to see Tehoka status, figures he'll be gone by 2020 if he's on the Oakes plan.
  2. so, no Syracuse home game, huh? who could have seen that coming?
  3. They had 31 turnovers; blew a 13 point lead in the 4th qtr and missed 5 of 6 free throws in the last minute of regulation with the lead.
  4. I hope no one is counting on WBB to add points here.
  5. Today's TU pre-game story included a picture of Xavier Cochran from a "recent" practice.
  6. Hopefully, GWU has learned its lesson and will take out its anger on its next opponent
  7. On the Comcast HS Game of the Week broadcast last night, it was mentioned (multiple times) that the Burnt Hills QB, LaPietro, will be playing lax at UAlbany next year.
  8. Not if you tailgate from 4-7 PM (OK, not to flaunt the Benson rules 4-6:45 PM)
  9. I may not be as all in on this topic as some, but, I did remove my football "greatness lives here" poster from my office door.
  10. Seems like odd scheduling to play Oneonta on 11/19 and Holy Cross on 11/20 - any insight? Also, appears that men and women are both home on 11/14?
  11. and now, the new recruit , Tayler Williams (not to be confused with De'jah Williams) has been deleted from the roster.
  12. Looks like first 2019 recruit: Taniya Hanner Retweeted RoselleCatholicGBB‏ @RCGrlsBasketbll Sep 9 More CONGRATS to @t_hanner32 on her commitment to U Albany @UAlbanyWBB We are so proud of you!
  13. Cece Mayo is now on the roster of Northwest Florida State College: http://www.nwfraiders.com/sports/wbkb/2018-19/roster
  14. The new women's roster and staff is now up on the website. Cece Mayo is not on the roster. There appear to be two new recruits brought in by the new staff.
  15. Yes, but they deleted Trpcic and List several weeks ago, while keeping the three who graduated on and deleted Mayo within the last 24 hours. Seems strange?
  16. I noticed that Cece Mayo is no longer listed on the roster. Anyone who can fill me in?
  17. Benson may be popular today with the outspoken message boarders, but, what I have heard from virtually everyone in the business community and the non-UA non-Siena sports community is that Benson has not only lost the most anticipated game of the year, but, even worse has gotten destroyed in the public relations war.
  18. https://www.collegecrosse.com/2018/6/25/17500552/siena-saints-liam-gleason-next-college-mens-lacrosse-head-coach-maac-albany-great-danes-america-east
  19. It sounds like Liam to LCC. If so, anyone have a thought on whether John Svec would return as D-Co-ord?
  20. This is what I saw: Rockies Basketball‏ @rockiesbsktbl May 3 More @Emma_List32 5'10", guard, has permission from @UAlbanyWBB to speak with all except All America East schools and Boston College. Don't miss this one!
  21. Again, I will point out that I'm no twitter genius, but, the first tweet I saw that List had gotten a release was on May 3. The first tweet I saw that Trpcic had gotten a release was on May 5. The announcement of Coach Mullin's hiring was on May 14. Let's not impugn these two student athletes without knowing the facts. I see that some feel it is inappropriate to dwell on those student athletes who have decided to transfer. For me, the 3 teams I follow most are MBB, WBB and MLAX. This is the most unusual post-seasons I can ever remember at UAlbany with the 2 best MBB players transferr
  22. I am curious as to where you see the youngest Eccles fitting in?
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