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  1. Do we have a scholorship left? We gave 4 for incoming 2003-04 players and have signed 4 for the coming season. Do women have the 5/8 rule? Does the Scipione situation leave us another to give for the coming season? 2K3 - you're not actually suggesting that we recruit players based on articles in their hometown pennysavers, are you?
  2. This week's Capital District Business Review also has an article headlined "UAlbany plan calls for $100 million in athletic building projects" . The article re-hashes much of what has previously been posted. It says the master plan calls for a number of athletic construction projects over the next 10 to 15 years. AAD Rick Coe states in the article "the school hopes to have a football stadium completed by 2007 at a cost of between $20 million and $30 million"
  3. Lady DP - Allow me to make a helpful suggestion when creating such a poll. Dumb it down. If you made one of the choices "screaming Macarchucks" you would get many more participants; works every time; the question isn't even important.
  4. Per today's Gazette, we received a commitment from Nick Casale, a linebacker from LaSalle Institute in Troy, who lead his team in tackles with 88 last season.
  5. I had a few thoughts on the luncheon today. I hope those that can be viewed as critical will be thought of as constructive as well. 1. The logo. It was not explained whether this will replace the cartoonish dog logo , or be in addition. While I think the new logo is OK. I hope no significant expense was incurred in its design; it's really the logo of several years ago, with the "UAlbany" in a banner shape , instead of straight across the horizontal line of the "A". As I have indicated before, I did not like the cartoonish dog and was horrified when I heard how much money was spent in
  6. I assume they couldn't put seating on both sides because it would interfere with the needs of the Giants training camp.
  7. I just got home during Wyland's segment of tonight's news, and I may have heard this wrong, but did he report that we will play Villanova next season and were trying to schedule Miami?
  8. Kevin Rae was named the America East Player of the Week today and Merrick Thomson was named Rookie of the Week.
  9. Dane Pound - I didn't take a Big East team; I took Oklahoma St. I heard Coach Brown pick them on Wyland's show. How's that for loyalty?
  10. I think UB went from 5-23 last year to 17-12 this year.
  11. was named to the all tournament team for the America East Conference championship tournament. A well deserved honor in my opinion. Congrats.
  12. Yes, they said tonite's game would be on WCDB.
  13. Dane Pound - Your comments on Hutcheson's second half fouls mirrored the radio guys' comments. They also questioned a call just before Hutcheson got her 4th where a Hartford player (I think Messam) slapped both of Hutcheson's arms after a rebound and the call wound up being a jump ball. In Coach Patterson's comments on the radio post game, she praised Learn for elevating her game when Ayers and Hutcheson were out and also praised Schumacher saying that Hartford was pressuring her on the wing and Schumacher realized she could drive into the lane for shots and assists. She was the Lady Dane a
  14. Patch - I think it's my fault for not putting it in context. Coach Patterson was talking about what it took to keep fresh legs for three consecutive days and how her staff was working with the training staff to figure out ways to keep players from tiring over three days. Her comment didn't appear to me to be a slap at Schumacher or others; merely a conclusion that other teams vying for the championship are a few players deeper. But, it is fair to point out that except for the 5 starters and Schumacher, no one else gets double-digit minutes. Clark and Majors have improved over the season
  15. Danielle Hutcheson was named first team all conference today. No other Lady Dane won an honor. Coach Patterson said on Wyland's show last week that Maree Jones should be the defensive player of the year, but she didn't get the award. I was hoping Becky Ayers would be third team, but she wasn't. There is a good article in today's Gazette headlined "Confident Danes debut vs. Hawks" about the Lady Danes making their initial appearance in the conference tournament. Coach Patterson says her biggest concern is the bench. She says "that's the one thing we really don't have"
  16. click the laxpower link above, go to university men, then to Division 1 and look at the power ranking.
  17. Speaking of Wilson and Hughes, can someone in the know answer these questions? How is Wilson's rehab going? How long of a rehab is expected? What is the prognosis for a full recovery? Is Hughes enrolled at school this semester? Is he still on scholarship?
  18. Thinking about your expectations before the season started, what Great Dane most exceeded your expectations this past season?
  19. Jon Iati was named America East Rookie of the Year. The full story is on the AE website. No other Albany player was named to any award team. No Albany, UNH or UMBC player was chosen to any of the all-conference teams. Congrats to Jon Iati.
  20. Statefan next year you're going to have to come up with someone new during close games when I ask "who do you want shooting free throws? Next year I promise to agree with you - Becky Ayers
  21. Thanks for posting that link. The story is very well written and really captures her career. When I think of Sarah Sweetland, there are two stories that come to mind: 1. At one of the luncheons last year, Coach Patterson was making the point that the team is made to feel like family. The example she cited was that one of Sarah's long-time friends had died in the Providence night club fire. Coach Patterson told of how the teammates supported Sarah during her grief and closed ranks to help prevent those little things that a person normally deals with easily, but can be difficult when yo
  22. As a result of last night's games, the Lady Danes will wind up the regular season in 4th, 5th or 6th place and avoid the play-in round. If both the Lady Danes and Hartford win on Saturday or if both the Lady Danes and Vermont lose on Saturday, they finish 5th. If they win and Hartford loses (against Maine) they finish 4th and if they lose and Vermont wins, they finish 6th. If they finish 4th or 5th, they still play Hartford, at Hartford, the only difference being what color uniforms they wear and which bench they sit on. If the finish 6th, they will play Boston U.
  23. My predictions are the same as Patch's. I think Jon Iati will be Rookie of the Year. I don't think he'll make any all conference team. I think Levi Levine has a little better than a 50/50 chance to be third team all conference, but I wouldn't be surprised if he got snubbed.
  24. If the Maine women beat Stony Brook tonight, the Lady Danes will be assured of finishing no worse than in 6th place and avoiding the play in (or is the politically correct term "opening round"?) game. Quite an improvement for a team that finished dead last each of the previous two league seasons.
  25. Patch - I'm not disagreeing with you. As we've seen all season, with a roster as limited as our's, we need 4 or 5 key components to work in order to win, and if even one doesn't (whether it's Courtney accumulating fouls, Levi not shooting well, Iati not getting assists, Q not rebounding well, etc, etc.) we lose. I just thought the statistic on Iati's assist/turnover ratio was one that was statistically significantly different in our victories. As you state so often, next year will be quite a different story.
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