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  1. I believe the key statistic to predicting a Dane victory is Jon Iati's assit to turnover ratio. For all league games he had 48 assists and 52 turnovers, a ratio of 0.92. In the three victories, he had 15 assists and 3 turnovers, a ratio of 5.00; meaning that in the 15 losses, he had 33 assists and 49 turnovers, a ratio of 0.67. Coincidentally, the team's ratio is league games is also 0.67. Courtney Johnson, the other primary ball handler had a ratio for league games of 0.72, and a ratio in the 3 victories of 0.58. The one stat that is significantly different in the victories is Iati's ass
  2. I just caught the last minute or so of Wyland's show this morning. He said he was "efforting" Will Brown to be on tomorrow to talk about the AE tournament. If anyone finds out what time Coach will be on, please post it. I like Coach Brown but have no intention of listening to Wyland for two hours.
  3. I noticed that Duquesne is so pissed at Siena for dropping football and costing it a post season opportunity that it cancelled its basketball series with Siena.
  4. Dane Pound - I don't usually advocate this, but last night you should have simply turned off the radio and watch Keith Olberman's coverage of the blowing up of the Bartman baseball at Harry Caray's restaurant. Someone should contact those guys to see if they can help blow up the RACC floor.
  5. I can attest that the link was working this morning because the article made reference to a school named "Daniel Boone" and I've been humming the themesong from the Daniel Boone TV show , the one where Fess Parker played Daniel Boone, ever since.
  6. A couple of points: 1. The Lady Danes have signed a 6'4" recruit, Kirsten Peterson from Owego. I imagine that Owego is a fairly small school and by New York State HS classifications, plays in a fairly low classification league. However, she will not be expected to log many minutes next year and will be able to learn by practicing against Hutcheson daily. When Hutcheson came here, she was needed to play immediately. As we have seen by the improvement of many Lady Dane players, having the time to mature is valuable. 2. Before anyone gets too excited about a high school point guard
  7. Has the Great Dane luncheon format been abandoned? At the luncheon before the Siena game, it was stated that there would be two more, one prior to the beginning of conference play and one before the conference tournament, but I have heard or seen nothing since.
  8. I think today's Daily Gazette had more Great Dane athletic news than I've ever seen in one day's newspaper. In addition to the basketball page, there is another page including a long article "Great Danes pull together, retain America East title" with a picture of Coach Vives, and a smaller article about the baseball victory over Missouri, referred to (I'll quote for Dane 96's benefit) as "one of the biggest victories in program history" The basketball page is entitled "Great Danes gathering momentum down stretch" and refers to the recent successes of the Lady Danes. Coach Patterson cites
  9. DP - Thanks for posting this. I wonder what the mascot of the Boiling Springs Bubblers is. With the hole left when Sweetland graduates, Mikus will have an opportunity to earn minutes from the beginning.
  10. I would think Dani Hutcheson would be a strong candidate. 8 for 11 and 19 points vs. UMBC and 11 for 15 and 24 points last nite, both wins. I also think Jon Iati has a chance to be rookie of the week again
  11. I noticed Becky Ayers looking very uncomfortable on crutches after the game yesterday. She was also late out of the locker room in pre-game warmups and is playing in obvious pain. Someone reported on the board that she has plantar fasciatiis in the other foot and would be operated on after the season. Does anyone have any further insight? I thought the women played the best D-1 game I have seen them play yesterday. The game plan was excellant, and even tho it cost a number of fouls on Maree Jones, I thought Lyndsay Clark provided effective back-up minutes. My greatest concern for t
  12. If the RACC is full tomorrow, they ought to remove the "interim" tag from Charley's job title on Monday morning. Personally, I think he's doing a great job, and next year, with a more exciting and explosive team, and a local star, the sky's the limit. I was a big fan of the "top dog" tee shirts before the Siena game and the family four pack for less than the cost of a single Siena ticket promotion.
  13. A more detailed article along the same lines was written by Steve Amedio, the Siena beat reporter in the Gazette this past Friday. I was going to post a synopsis, but I figured everyone was sick and tired of the story. The Gazette article discussed EJ's desire to transfer to Siena, for which Dr. McElroy refused to give him a release.
  14. Dane Pound - Thanks, I owe you one. I voted for Macarchuck, but only cause Mike Deane wasn't eligible. I think the Chris Wyatt takedown poll will also have a run away winner.
  15. If anyone's interested, our program is getting bashed on the Siena board, being compared to their football team. Personally, I'm not offended and actually like it. I hate when we make nice and wish them good luck. I wish they would go 0-27 every season. I especially like their poster Indian Up North because he makes no bones about hating us and everyone associated with our school and feels about us exactly as I feel about Siena. Siena still sucks.
  16. I saw the following quote by Tom Brennan in today's Gazette article on the Vermont which didn't appear in the TU or Troy Record stories "I'm very impressed with Albany's coach. They played a terific game and they did what they had to do in order to have a chance of winning" On a separate thought, Brennan's antics last night seemed very Macarchuck-esque. They went 12 or 13 minutes into the second half without having a single foul called on them and he was still complaining. I know it's not very politically correct, but someone with more skills than I, should create a poll on who are t
  17. Today's Gazette Great Danes Page is headlined "Jordan plays waiting game" and is a pretty good read. It is obviously about Lucious Jordan and the frustration of not being able to play this year. Lucious talks about how helpless he feels and says that he works hard in practice because to him they are like games. He says that while he doesn't know if he is the reason, everyone is competative in practice. Here's the quote we all like to hear "I know this Albany program is going in the right direction and I know I made the right decision coming here. Next year, hopefully, if everything goe
  18. I guess this means the Siena hierarchy won't have to cover up any more barroom assaults by their basketball players on their football players.
  19. I thought I had read somewhere that the Sunday game was going to be televised on Channel 13 at noon, but I can't find the article. Can someone confirm this for me?
  20. On Saturday's Hoop Games show, there was a segment freaturing Charlie Voelker in which he said they expected a good crowd for the Vermont game on January 28 because the students would be back and because they were honoring Doc Sauers at a halftime presentation which included a banner paying tribute to Doc's 702 wins. This is the first and only time I've heard this. I would have thought there'd be more publicity. Did I hear this right?
  21. A friend of mine told me there was a story on Channel 6 on Friday night that Colonie High's offensive lineman, Sam Pagano had decided to play for UAlbany. I didn't see the story myself. The Times Union lists him as 6'3", 285 lbs. Did anone see this story?
  22. Ryan Anderson was named to the second team all state at offensive tackle - Class C. For those who don't follow such things, Class C is the next to smallest school category. AA being the largest schools, followed by A, B, C, and D.
  23. The 71-8 game was played at Bleeker Stadium.
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