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  1. You may be thinking of Sausville's predecessor at Schenectady High, Gary DiNola, who was an assistant to Doc for several years. Your bringing up Mont Pleasant reminds me that one year (i'd guess in the mid 70s) Siena used the Mont Pleasant field to host the Albany - Siena football game. I can't remember who won, but I remember it being a warm September Saturday afternoon where there were probably more drunk fans than sober ones.
  2. What a shock to find out that the Siena posters are CBA grads; never would have guessed it. Are you saying that Mark Sausville is a UAlbany grad? I'm not sure about that. And now for my sucking up to Lady DP - she doesn't look old enough to have gone to Linton before the nerger.
  3. While I have always gone to the Big Purple Growl games, I have never gone to the Ferocious Feast. I was just wondering how many of you have gone to the feast and what your thoughts on it were.
  4. hopefully, their streak will end this week.
  5. Ryan Anderson of Watervliet High announced he was going to continue his football career at UAlbany. He is 6'2", 285 pound and played both lines in high school, but projects an an offensive tackle in college. He has been at summer camps with UAlbany offensive line coach Rossomando the past two years. He was first team Capital Conference, second team Gazette all-area and played in the Section II Senior Bowl. He was a team captain and has 1150 SATs.
  6. The Gazette game day story is headlined "Knotts a bright spot for Danes". It is an interesting read for a casual fan, but does not contain anything that most of us who follow the team closely don't already know. It details his high school career, his troubles adjusting to college ball, his slow start this season and his improvement over the last three games.
  7. Wasn't Ottumwa, Iowa the hometown of Cpl. Radar O'Reilly on MASH?
  8. First, the other stuff. I'm no LSU fan, but it was pretty cool to see tens of thousands of people wearing purple and gold cheering their team on. Next, the Siena Board. With the way our season is going, it is my only source of amusement, although I do think there are a lot of similarities between the seasons their Michael Haddix and our Levi Levine are having. Both seem to be the focal point of opponent's game plans, and both have become frustrated with double and triple teams and at times have tried to do too much themselves (not without good reason) I don't think I'm one of those p
  9. This type of outreach is very noble on many fronts. It is not the first time a UAlbany men's team has done this. I recall seeing a segment on Wyland's Saturday afternoon show three years ago when Joe Vukovic, Antoine Johnson and a third player who I can't seem to recall right now participated in a similar program. Kudos to all who arranged and participated.
  10. When I got home from yesterday's game, I watched the end of the Stony Brook - Maine game on FSNY. There is a rathar well done AE hoop commercial which includes footage of Jamar making a steal and converting an uncontested shot.
  11. I noticed that for the first time, Iati wasn't wearing a tee-shirt under his uniform. Does this mean he can play without the shoulder harness?
  12. There is also a game day story on the front page of the Gazette Sports section by Bob Weiner, headlined "Great Danes must be physical" It is mostly similar to the Times Union story, although does not mention the Jamal Hughes situation and has a little more of a UMBC scouting report. There is also an article in the Gazette by Steve Amedio, the Siena beat reporter entitled "Last 12 months left memories" in which he outlines his version of the top 10 local college basketball stories. #1 is Syracuse winning the regional at the Pepsi. #5 is "Incoming local talent", in which he talks about Siena
  13. This has been my question all along re: Jamal Hughes. How can he even have grades other than incomplete? Didn't he miss 6 to 8 weeks of classes including finals?
  14. Albany Observer - I don't think raising the question of the floor is out of line at all. I know the teams often practice in the old gym and since both Jamar's and Janis' injuries were at practice, can anyone tell me where the team was practicing when these injuries occurred?
  15. Interesting stat. Last nite Hutch took 13 shots and scored 6 points. Becky Ayers took 14 shots and scored 24 points. I guess Hutch was rewarded by the home town sportswriters for her effort against the hometown team, but generally all tournament honors go to those who play good in the championship game.
  16. I generally agree with everyone's analysis of last night's game. However, to get back to one of Patch's points regarding plays out of time outs, yes the final play of regulation got Levi a clean three look, but still, a three was not necessary at that time. I agree it was the best opportunity available. My bigger concern was that out of two previous time outs, we got no shot, once a shot clock violation. In contrast, out of a time out, Lehigh gots an alley-oop play, their nicest play of the night. Not a big deal, and not intending to start an argument, just an observation. On another
  17. I noticed the return of the metal detectors last night. It just seems funny to me that there were thousands of people at the malls last night, where you can walk in carrying anything, yet someone thinks that 484 basketball fans represents a credible terrorist target.
  18. I hope we can get the Billy Fuccillo Auto Group to be a sponser. That way the tournament will be HUGE
  19. I thought the "Burma Shave" style signs taped to the pillars outside the RACC were excellant and I'll bet had something to do with catching the attention of new board members. I really look forward to hearing the opinions of the newest members on everything from game planning and analysis to marketing and promos.
  20. Isn't the date fast approaching by which medical redshirts must be declared? Is there any speculation that Lady Dane freshman, Lyndsay Clark, who has not been in uniform yet will be redshirted? Just curious.
  21. UAalum72 - I think your second post is correct. As I recall, Steve Mulderry wore uniform 00. This picture looks like Dave Welchons, who was an APA brother and class of '73, to me. Also, it looks like you, a little to the left of Welchons' wrist.
  22. Two other methods of generating publicity were used by the Private Pound. One was a link on the Alumni Association website. This turned objectionable to the Alumni Association when they got complaints regarding the vulgarity; but this board is much more respectful, and with a new Executive Director at the Alumni Association (who was at the last luncheon), maybe it's time to try again. If you's prefer, I'll be glad to make the contact. The other was a simple banner at the RACC and on the fence for football with just the www address. People will be curious and it's easy to remember.
  23. I thought I read somewhere that McDaniel was going to go to the same prep/military school that James Thomas had, which I think was Hargrove.
  24. The Danes page of today's Gazette feature article is "Versatile Levine draws yet another assignment" The article has probably nothing new to regular readers of this board, it tells how Levi ran and lifted with football players over the summer to become quicker, and how, not only has he had to change positions, but with Jamar's injury, has had to become the floor leader and go to scorer. The smaller articles were (1) that Jamar chose the surgical method he chose because it has a better success rate than the procedure that would put screws in his knee. He should be able to go home the same da
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