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  1. DaneFan2K3 - (1) I was not making fun of you (2) I did not count the fans in attendance and (3) I used the number 200 in my post because I was too lazy to go to the box score and read the exact number. I actually think 275 is pretty accurate. There were probably 50 or so CSU fans as they had a senior from New Hartford who had a lot of people cheering for her in introductions. Does anyone know exactly how many season ticket holders we have? I am certain that unused season tickets were not counted in the 275 figure. The reasons I disagreed with you on the attendance at the Army gam
  2. Alicia Learn also had 7 blocks on Saturday. On one possession in the first half, she blocked a shot, the ball was recovered by a CSU player, who passed it to the player she was guarding and she blocked a second shot on the same possession. All 200 of us in attendance were very excited.
  3. It has been reported that the Pepsi Arena in conjunction with Siena and the MAAC are putting together another proposal to host the NCAA men's basketball tournament . Now, I know all the answers to this question, but I'll pose it anyway. Why can't UAlbany get some participation in this? Last year, the Siena season ticket holders got priority in the ticket lottery for the NCAA regional, and pretty much every UAlbany fan I know got shut out. Yes, they deserve something for the level of financial support they provide for the Pepsi Arena; I wouldn't dispute that. But, our season ticket holders
  4. I think I remember the subect coming up at one of last year's luncheons and it being stated that a bid proposal to host the 2005 AE tournament was in the works. Originally there was some thought about seeking the 2004 tournament, but I understood that was vetoed by the league office as they did not want to compete with the MAAC. My concern is that if Binghamton gets the 2005 tournament to show off their new facility, we may be blocked in 2006 again by the MAAC conflict. By 2007, Jordan, Zoellner and Levine will have graduated. The RACC would be an excellant venue for the AE tournament,
  5. The Daily Gazette generally has a page on UAlbany hoop and Siena hoop on Tuesdays. If you only buy the Gazette one day a week, generally Tuesdays are the days to invest 50 cents. Today's UAlbany column is about Charlie Voelker making a difference at UAlbany and his experience in marketing Capital District athletic events. It indicates that unlike previous years when they distributed student tickets (at no cost) on a as requested per game basis; this year they have distributed them on a season ticket basis and already more than 1000 students have requested the season tickets. He also descri
  6. I would think that Jon Iati has a pretty good shot at America East Rookie of the week. Any thoughts?
  7. If this sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about, it's because I don't. I've never been to a high school girl's lacrosse game and have only attended about 10 minutes of a UAlbany women's game once. Today's Gazette has an article that Katie DeJoseph of Scotia-Glenville HS will be coming to UAlbany on a partial scholarship. She was the second leading scorer on her team last year. The leading scorer was current UAlbany freshman, Krissy Rajczak. Scotia Glenville was undefeated in the Capital District Women's Lacrosse League (CDWLL) and was a first team CDWLL all-star as a Junior an
  8. How about free beer in the courtesy room for life?
  9. Is anything being done to promote the home opener tomorrow against Army? Any publicity in the dorms or on the podium? I did hear them say on Tuesday's radio broadcast that it is CSEA mousepad night and that the first 1000 people will get free Great Dane mousepads. Somehow, I can't see too many people changing their Friday night routine for a free mousepad; but I was not a Marketing major. I'm just concerned that with the game on TimeWarner (as is tonite's Siena-Marist game), the RACC will look awful without a decent crowd, and I am hoping someone will surprise me and tell me that there
  10. My assumption all along is that Schumacher will not start when Hutchison returns. If I never see the necessity of playing three guards at a time, either men's or women's, it'll be OK with me.
  11. The Gazette article was pretty similar to the Times Union article; however the Gazette article also indicated that Dr. Max Alley, an othorpedic surgeon, provided a medical opinion that Jamar could not do further damage to his knee by playing. By the way, I was happy to hear Charlie Voelker back on the radio.
  12. In Monday's TU article, Mark Singelais had a "note"at the end confirming that Scipione had quit the team and indicated he had spoken with her mother who said she liked Albany, but wanted to be closer to home, that she was transferring to Penn St., but not to play basketball. The article referred to her as a scholarship player. In today's TU, on the corrections page, it says the article Monday was wrong when it referred to her as a scholarship player and that she was a walk-on. Is this true? I seem to remember a press release last year announcing that she had signed a national LOI. Does th
  13. check out Pomeroy's site and click "RPI rating". Under this model, the America East is the 8th rated conference; UAlbany has a 94 rating and Siena has a 145 rating. By the way, I noticed that Siena's attendance for their home game last night, against an A-10 team was a little less than half of what the attendance was Friday night. No rivalry, huh?
  14. Allow me to add my best wishes to everyone for a Happy Thanksgiving and again to thank you, Dane Pound, for all of your efforts in creating and maintaining this board.
  15. I hate to be negative, but if there was a good answer here, I'm guessing we would have heard it from some of our "insiders". It seems that Hughes has been away for around two weeks now, and basketball aside, how successful academically can one be under these conditions?
  16. Well, "from a distance" does accurately describe our seats on Friday.
  17. I was pretty angry when I read Ettkin's column on Saturday morning, but, I decided to keep my mouth shut for a couple of days to see if it was just being pissed off about losing to Siena, or something deeper. I am still angry. As is pointed out by AlbanyObserver above, Ettkin has only been in town a couple of months; has never seen a previous Albany - Siena game (either in the past two years or in the 60s and 70s) and due to a non-competative stretch of ten minutes or so, comes to the conlusion that there is no real rivalry. My fear is that he was attempting to justify a Siena desire to di
  18. A friend of mine, seeing Todd Martin for the first time on Friday night (as opposed to a veteran like me who has seen him twice) thought he physically resembled former Syracuse player, Leo Rautins. Anyone else see that?
  19. Olddog71, Were you at the'72 game when the brawl in the stands broke out and the last minute plus was never played? If so, do you have the game article on it?
  20. This was the first time I had seen the RACC lit in this manner. I had no problem with it. Being somewhat superstitious, if they can play every game like they played the second half this afternoon, let the lighting stay this way. In my opinion, this was the best half of D1 women's basketball ever played by a UAlbany team at the RACC
  21. actually it was Mike Supronowicz, who is now a prominent estate lawyer in Schenectady. He, Gary Trevett, and Eddie Johnson were 3 freshman guards on that team. It was the first year that freshman could play varsity. Eddie Johnson played for two years , then transferred to U Buffalo, to play at a higher level. Dave Supronowicz was Mike's older brother. They both played high school at Linton (now Schenectady High). I think Dave played collegiately in the Big 10; I think I remember at Michigan St., but I could be mistaken.
  22. Absolutely great coverage by the Times Union and Mark Singelais. As Patch wrote yesterday on another topic; we complain when we don't like the coverage, today we compliment the Times Union.
  23. This was the Byron Miller - Reggie Smith - Harry Johnson team, no?
  24. To combat this commercial, the UAlbany athletic dept has made purple t shirts for the game which say UA Top Dog in Town and depict a large Great Dane dunking a basketball over a wimpering St. Bernard. They gave out 10 of these shirts at the luncheon and are giving them to all UA students attending the game or selling them to non students for $10. Glad to have you on board
  25. My understanding is that Siena is the home team tomorrow and that tomorrow is the third year of the three year contract, but the contract gives Siena an option for a 4th year, which, with any decent attendance they will have to exercise. Great avatar by the way.
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