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  1. My very first thought when I saw this tonight was that this is what happens when your AD refuses to fund the team's post season.  As a fan, I agree with most that the CIT and the CBI do not thrill me, but, I recall a post by Patch stating that the players wanted another game.  If the AD doesn't support the players, why should we expect David and Joe to pass on the opportunity to play at a higher level.

    My second thought was that Patsos will be rushing to sign a new contract knowing we enter the season with only Campbell & Clark as returning players

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  2. I feel bad that I will not attend tomorrow's women's game in person because I can watch the men's game on ESPN3 and then the earliest I'd get to SEFCU would be around the end of the 3rd Qtr. I really do not understand the AE's rationale in scheduling a member institution's mens and womens games at the same time in light of ESPN3 availability.

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  3. I hate to be at odds with many of my friends here, but, this deal was known from Day 1. It was a 3 year contract, first year a Siena home game, second year a UAlbany home game, third year a tournament game at TUC, not to be included in either team's season ticket package and to be Siena's home game within the three mid-major roundrobin which guaranteed each of the three one home game. Ours vs Bryant. Siena's vs us and Bryant's vs Siena.


    None of this is news. And, to be fair to Benson, as opposed to all prior years and contracts, he came away with a home game and another game in which our fans got equal access to seats, which was a major complaint at the time. Let's not revise history.

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    One of the auction items is for seats in the General Managers box at Yankee Stadium with Coach Patsos. I was thinking that would be a great gift for Bob87. Maybe if we all pooled our money we could pull it off. :D


    Seriously, though it's a great event and I'm sure there are better auction items.


    I would think that would probably be the cheapest auction item :)



    Bob, I got $3.84 and two pieces of pocket lint with your name on it.


    That will get Bob a boxseat at Guilderland Jr. Pop Warner next to Mark Singelais.

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