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  1. This is a great question. All I can tell you is that when I arrived on campus in 1969, the rivalry was already very heated. I'm hoping OldTimer can shed better light as he indicated he played in the years before the nickname was changed from the Peds to the Great Danes. It would be terrific if one of the local newspaper sports reporters did in depth interviews with Doc and some oldtime Siena faithful and presented a balanced look at the issue in the weeks leading up to the game.
  2. Did you get this on-line or in the mail?
  3. Two questions: 1. How come the women's basketball roster is not posted while the men's roster wasposted at least two weeks ago? 2. Is there going to be any midnite madness type event this year?
  4. Robert Morris 28 - CCSU 14 Sacred Heart 68 - Siena 7 Stony Brook 21 - Georgetown 17 Monmouth 35 - Wagner 24
  5. My intention is to go, but to drive myself. It's a really easy drive. Bus trips tend to be more time consuming and expensive.
  6. Like the AE rep in the NCAA tourny, she was knocked out in the first round.
  7. Thanks for thinking of me. Don't think I don't check the Sagarin ratings every Sunday.
  8. Do you have any information or insight on the status of the discussions to extend the UAlbany - Siena basketball contract?
  9. I have noticed they are working on the baseball field. I assume that shortly Heritage Park will no longer be available. Does anyone know exactly what improvements are intended for the baseball field?
  10. I just noticed this post icon; is it the official Siena Sucks icon?
  11. I noticed that one of the posters on the Siena board, who seems to follow local high school athletics suggested that UAlbany had interest in LaSalle's point guard, Taquan Evans. I have seen him play probably half a dozen times over the past two years and he has improved dramatically. I thought he played particularly well in the sectionals (although I didn't see the championship game). I don't consider myself enough of a talent evaluator to know if he projects as a D-1 player. Does anyone have any insight on this?
  12. Thank you again for setting this up. It looks great. I hope you didn't spend your honeymoon working on it.
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